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10 Effective SEO Techniques To Drive Organic Traffic In 2021

10 Effective SEO Techniques To Drive Organic Traffic In 2021

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Search engine optimization is an essential digital marketing strategy that every website owner should follow. However, as the new decade has started, we will see various changes in SEO. In fact, SEO strategies are changing every day.

If you are someone who’s struggling with your website’s search engine optimization, you need to implement some effective SEO techniques. In this article, we are covering ten effective SEO techniques to drive organic traffic to your website in 2021.

Focus on User Experience

User experience is something that helps a lot with ranking. In simple words, if your visitors are spending a lot of time on your website, it has a better chance to rank higher on search engines. On the other side, if visitors leave your website soon, it can increase the bounce rate and will affect the website’s ranking.

Google has a machine learning system called RankBrain that helps with detecting the performance of your website and visitors. If it finds out that your users are leaving soon, your website will start losing ranking.

Rank for Featured Snippets

The featured snippet is an amazing strategy to rank your website on search engines. You will see a featured snippet below ads and above the ranked results. These featured snippets are typically an image, table, and video which make the search result attractive.  

Well, you don’t have to put an extra effort to rank a featured snippet of your website. Just make sure you are using the right keywords while publishing an article. Also, you have to put well-optimized images and videos to rank higher. 

SEO Services

Increase Website Speed

Another effective SEO technique you should follow in 2021 to drive more SEO traffic is the website’s speed. Most visitors leave a website if it takes time to load. So, it could affect your SEO badly.

Increasing your website’s speed is very easy though. You can talk to your hosting provider to improve the speed of your website. However, you also need to follow some tips such as using optimized images or using a lightweight theme. 

Earn Authority Backlinks

When it comes to off-page SEO, link building is the most powerful strategy. Link building not only helps your website to get higher domain authority but also helps with ranking higher on search engines. 

However, it does not mean you are asking everyone for backlinks. Google prefers quality backlinks rather than quantity of backlinks. There are many ways you can get backlinks from other websites including guest posting, collaborating, and more. However, you can also hire an SEO expert who can help you with link building.

Improve Your Organic CTR Using PPC Testing

Click-through rate or CTR is a very essential factor for a website. So, improving your organic CTR is also essential which could be affected by title tag and meta description. In that case, you have to test if these factors are causing any issues or not.

You can improve your website’s CTR by using PPC testing. However, make sure you are not affecting the CTR. Plus, you can also hire an SEO expert who can resolve technical aspects. 

Steal Your Competitor’s Broken Backlinks

Well, you are struggling with link building, there is another SEO technique that can help you by driving organic traffic. Many website owners implement this strategy to improve ranking. You have to find your competitor’s broken backlinks and use them. 

You need to find these types of backlinks by analyzing. Then, reach out to those website owners and offer them the same type of content and replacement of broken backlinks.

Write Longer Content

No matter what website you are running, content plays the key role to rank a website higher on search engines. So, a website with well-optimized SEO and bad content could not perform well. Plus, writing longer content is also essential for improving user experience and more.

Make sure you are writing longer content that is at least 700 words long. Also, you have to be careful about placing keywords. The longer and detailed content you are writing, the better your website has the chance to rank higher. 

Optimize For Image Search

Image optimization is another effective SEO technique that everyone should apply to their websites. People love image search and you can eventually drive more traffic from it. Many websites drive a large number of visitors from Google’s image search.

To optimize your website for image search, make sure you are choosing optimizable image files for your articles. Plus, make sure you are putting featured images on each article. Plus, adding alt text on each image is also an essential SEO strategy you should follow.

Optimize For Voice Search

Just like image search, voice search is also getting popular nowadays. So, if you are optimizing your website for voice search, it can perform well on search engines. To optimize your website for voice search, you can publish articles that are more sound like questions.

That means you can use a question as a heading, so when someone is asking Google a question, it can show your article. Moreover, you can also add FAQs sections on each article to help people with voice search.

Focus On Mobile-First Indexing

We know the use of mobile devices has expanded in the past decades. Most people like to browse a website from their mobile devices rather than computers. So, making your website mobile-friendly is a very essential SEO factor.

To make a website responsive for all devices, you don’t have to put in extra effort. There are many themes available that can help your website for being responsive. Moreover, you can hire a web designer who can help you by making a responsive website.


SEO plays a crucial role to rank any website on search engines. Finally, you have learned ten effective SEO techniques that can be very helpful for your website to rank on search engines. If you want to get more information regarding SEO techniques, make sure to start your research.


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