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7 Key Points On Multiple Location SEO

Are you willing to attract new customers then you might have heard about SEO? Today SEO is everywhere, attached to almost every type of business. Around 50% people look at their mobile in search of near location. Yes, 50% have you realized the importance of location in SEO. Though the location part of SEO makes the task even more challenging. Lets you have a single location to optimize, SEO can do for you with an ease. The criticality of SEO increases with the increase in the number of locations. So, let me make you all familiar with few points that can make your business found effortlessly irrespective of the number of locations: 1. Create Location Specific Pages: Do you belong to a website having a single page containing data about your all the locations? Yes! Oh! Then I am really sorry to let you know you have messed up, like totally! It is always recommended to have different pages for every location, filled with unique contents except the NAPs (business name, address, phone number) Optimization of the content, meta description and title tags as per local business schema can also give a great ranking to the multiple location pages and thus be making optimization straightforward. Last but the most important one is the submission of this new location pages sitemap to the Google Crawler. This will make your business visible on the search engine. Ready for the next one, here we go! 2. Optimization of Google My Business Listing: Now that’s really important! Getting listed to Google My Business can help you with individual business locations. Though while doing this you have to follow certain guidelines: Accurate hour listing Listing of verified location Responding to the reviews Photos 3. Consistency: Consistency can be your ranking key when it comes to multi-location ranking. While adding the different location you must use a consistent name. Like “Restaurant” should be like “Restaurant at Ohio” At the time of category listing, do not forget to get your business listed under at least one consistent category so that it becomes easy to access. Ok, now if you have a business distributed across number locations also serving the different purpose then this rule should have to be a bit different for you. 4. Citations management: Citations actually play a very efficient role in multiple local SEO. Here multi-location SEO includes on page optimization and the management of your business’s mentions. Google checks on your NAPs (Name, Address and Phone number) across the web and ranks your business, irrespective of the attached link. The inconsistent listing can mess your SEO. To avoid this you have to be very careful with the NAPs of your business locations. For worthy citations, you can even go with some citation tools or you can contact Mind Mingles a Local SEO company that can provide the customers with most affordable local SEO pricing. This local SEO Company can provide your business listing with a perfect fix on search engines like Google, Bing, Yelp and more in a reasonable local SEO pricing. 5. Link building to your every single location pages: You might have heard about the backlinks and its role in SEO. However, with multiple locations things become a bit complex as here you have to work on your every location page to get good ranking. To make your task a bit easier let me introduce you with some of the astonishing strategies for link building: Link building to your every single location pages: You might have heard about the backlinks and its role in SEO. However, by means of multiple locations, things become a bit complex as here you have to work on your every location page to get good ranking. Participation and sponsorship: you can increase your participation in charities and can also sponsor some even that can help in bringing your business name up via backlinks from news updates and event website. 6. Content Marketing: Creating valuable contents thorough interesting blog hosting can also help you with many links and thus can even improve your marketing. Here you can take the advantage of email marketing, social media marketing and sometimes even paid ads to show off your content. Content marketing directly implies SEO, so to get more links it is important for you to have more content pages. Event Hosting: Hosting an even is a striking way of building links through a buzz creation. 7. Managing and responding the reviews: I have found many businesses overlooking the reviews they get. This can even put your page ranking in a big mess. Managing the reviews of your customers can even bring closer to your success. How? Oh! That’s pretty easy! I found many businesses focusing on making their reviews positive instead of making the reviews location-centric. This mistake can take all the pleasure of your local SEO. Positive reviews are the key to success but the triumph becomes double when you make it location specific. Remember Google show your reviews and ratings on the main Search page with your listings. If you do not bother to make reviews and ratings convening trust me you will lose your prospective customers. While appreciating positive reviews keep in mind that your feedback should always be location specific as this will help Google to trace you when in need. It is always good to ask your customers for some reviews and add that page on your location pages. With a customer writing reviews, the change of negative reviews also increase. Here you will have to resolve the issues related to the negative reviews and should try to make that customer happy. You can even go with QR Codes, where your every location should have a different QR. this will provide you with location-specific reviews. With So many tasks to perform local SEO seems very crucial. However, if you have an ideal Local SEO company Mind Mingles, working with full dedication you can catch the success in a timely manner and through affordable local