You need to check the success of your SEO activities against some metrics otherwise you cannot determine whether and how much your SEO is successful? One of those metrics is user behavior which is very important for you to assess. The SEO Packages which you consider to buy must deliver you results against some important metrics and one has to be user behavior coming in your favor over time. So, you should buy SEO services that cover this from SEO Company India. What does user behavior study tell you? Well, it tells you how a user interacts with your web page. You need to study it because it gives you better understanding of how many people are interacting with your site, which are the pages that are bringing them to your website in the first place, and which pages they stay with or engage with for longer period of time. Once you know this you can alter your web pages as per their behavior pattern. Apart from helping you by giving you great user insight, user behavior metrics is also very important and plays a big part in how Google ranks your web page in the SERPs. So, it puts an impact on your rankings in terms of relevance. Why relevance is important because Google has now started to put more emphasis into relevancy rankings. This means that Google now considers the relevance of a page when it decides the ranking of a page. So, whichever SEO package you buy you need to focus on user behavior metrics for sure. People use Google for best browsing experience and your job is also to let your user have best user experience so that when they come to your page they stay there. So, you need to understand and find the most relevant results which match a given user’s search query.How this fact is determined that relevancy relies heavily on user behavior. So, if one particular page in your website is continuously more clicked by users and it sees more engagement times than your competitor’s pages, then this is an indicator to Google that users visiting the page are getting what they want on your webpage. So, this results in Google bumping your page up in the results because it is clear to Google now that users are finding the page more relevant than other pages through their user behavior.This is clear indication and not just speculation. Now SEO Services that you bought should be able to demystify the Google algorithm which involves hard work to understand how user behavior plays an important part in ranking. Your SEO Company India should deliver you best user behavior metrics results. So,which user behavior metrics impact most? Well, below is the list of that: 1. Click through rate: CTR is used to measure number of people clicking a link out of the total number of people who saw the link. So, it is like clicks/impressions to measure CTR. This is very important with Google. Once you find your CTR you can also improve it through focusing on optimization, looking at SERP features, title tag and description. You should know that higher rankings have always higher CTRs. 2. Time spent on page: This is important. This is average amount of time a user spends on a particular page. What this tells you is significant. This tells you the insights into your page, and whether visiting your page is finding your page and content relevant or not. If you come to know that user is spending low time on page then it is a signal that page on the content is not matching what user is looking for and it is not in alignment with searcher’s query. You can use Google analytics tool to find it. Your SEO services provider should do this for you. 3. Bounce rate: Bounce rate is somewhat similar to time spent but bounce rate specifically measures the percentage of users who are coming to your website but they leave your website without visiting other pages there. So, this tells you that how much interest and relevancy your web page is able to generate among users. The SEO package that you buy must do well against this metric to improve bounce rate so that people stay on as many pages possible on your website. You can improve bounce rate by making your content skimmable, keeping page speed high, staying on topic and making your pages mobile friendly. So, you can see that what it takes to improve user behavior metrics as they impact your website ranking higher if done well. Your SEO Company India you are working with need to tell you about this and continuously work on this so that your pages are always doing well on Google searches and they fit user’s requirements. This is achievable if your SEO services provider focuses on all the points mentioned above and sends your reports on regular basis on these metrics. How they are reading the user behavior and how they are altering things in your website to improve user time and relevancy on your website.