How to Win with Voice Search SEO?

Why should you win with voice search SEO in the first place is the question. Well, whether people ask Siri, Google or Alexa you would want your website to come on top as a search result. So, you need to go for voice search SEO. Google is telling you that out of all the searches 20% are voice searches. This 20% is huge number. And this percentage will grow for sure in coming time. So, you have no choice but to be ready to go for voice search optimization from the best agency so that your website ranks higher in voice searches also. What is voice search marketing? Well, you don’t need to think of it as a big jargon. In fact voice search SEO is quite easy to understand. When a person uses voice command on internet to search for something instead of typing text then it is called voice search. You might know this already. You might have already used it yourself when you performed a voice search sometime saying “Hey Siri, which is latest movie released in town? However, despite you knowing about it, you may not be completely clear about voice search SEO and how it works. Well, it can be put into simple words like below: A user starts a voice search process by pressing a button or saying to the device’s voice assistant with a pre-programmed voice commands like “Hey Siri”, “OK Google”, “Alexa,”, “Hey Cortana”. Then user asks a question from the device or gives a command, like, “When does ABC movie is releasing?” or “what is the release date of ABC movie”? The voice search system after your command or query will translate these units of sound into text by using at least 1 of 4 methodsand after that it initiates that search similar to a text search. So, this is how voice search works. Now the question may be how to win with voice search SEO? Well, you can follow below tips for your voice search optimization strategy: 1. You need to use micro data: Earlier it was crucial for you to addmicrodata like location, phone number, pricing, menus, and operating hours for search engines, but now adding these micro data is even more crucial with voice search and SEO. Using microdata helps big times for popular and all search engines to understand what is there on any given web page which is the key for Voice Search.How do digital assistants on your device find this information from your site? Well, this happens when you add an organized and easily readable sitemap. You should include all this information in the web pages labeled on your site map so that search engines know exactly where they can find your microdata. In order to test your microdata you can test it with Google’s handy Structured Data Testing Too 2. Talk as your customers do: Keywords are not everything anymore. You cannot just be bothered about algorithms and robots. Now it is actually about how people talk in general life. This means natural language people use. For example one says, “where to buy pizza near me” and likewise. So, you need to understand that the trend is shifting now. No more short and stiff keywords only. Now it has to be more human, more specific, and longer-tail search terms. In simple language people are using phrases and longtail keywords now and this is the way to go from here on. You need to keep this in mind when you are creating content for your web pages so that you put appropriate keywords on your website pages. You need to be mindful now than before to be genuine and specific in using keywords. 3. Ask questions which your customers would ask: Again, it comes to keeping language natural in your web page for best voice search SEO You cannot just worry enough to just figure out what keywords you are targeting and match them up with their longer-tail counterparts but you also need to ensure and know that what are the kinds of questionsthose keywords will be hidden in also.What are those questions which your customers will ask to find you on internet? For best voice search optimization this is what you need to figure out, and after that you need to include such phrases and key words and questions into your website content. You can use your (FAQ pages for this as they serve great purpose for this. You need to figure out what questions your target customers are asking? and for this you can start with a tool called Answer the Public, where you can simply type in short and simple keywords and then you will get back data on how those terms fit in with search queries around the web. So, you need to be updated to be able to get the maximum result for your voice search SEO. The agency offering your voice search optimization services will tell you about this and then you can sit with them and include appropriate search terms in your web page content.