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These 3 Logo Design Trends Are Expected to Dominate in 2019

Logo design is a very artistic and scientific job. A logo cannot be designed just like that. But the coolest part about it is that there are many new things that keep coming in design and that is why sometimes partial and sometimes fully new changes can be seen in designs. Design trend is similar to fashion trend because like fashion keeps changing, design also keeps changing. One has to be in sync with the latest trend especially if you are a designer yourself because customers will always ask for the latest trend that is going around. So, it is better when you offer Custom Logo Design Services then you always keep yourself abreast with the latest design trend. You are working as a professional logo design company so you understand that taste keeps changing not just of clients but also of people in general. This is the way life operates. And it is only in your favor that you keep changing your way of designing logo as well else you will soon lose your clients and work. Yes, trend keep changing and you need to keep yourself updated about it. You may also be one brings in a new trend. This will be superb. Because you or your agency also work on bringing new things that is appealing and innovative. This gives you an edge over your competitors. You want to stay ahead of your competitors so that you get the best work from your clients and they stick with you forever. This is not as easy as it sounds but you need to be at the best of your game else new designers will replace you soon. This is true like any other creative field like acting, directing, and photography and so on. Let us see 3 logo design trends that are expected to dominate in 2019. 1. Use of bright colors Yes, you heard it right. Gone are the days when simple was acceptable. Now bright is cool and new simple. With young generation being more colorful, it has also translated into logo design work. Bright colors are in trend for sure in graphic design works and it is not new. In fact it has been here on top for the last few years. And there is no reason why it should not be not just in trend but on top of the trend even in 2019 when it comes to logo designing. So, you should be ready to use bright colors as you would see that some of the most tending logos of 2019 will be super combinations of bright colors making a strong statement. So, why should you be behind? When you offer custom logo design services in 2019 keep this in mind that you will create some very bright colored logos which should be one of the best designed logos. Colorful 3D logos will also be in trend instead of flat logos. 2. Using gradients Some of the coolest brands like Instagram used gradients in its logo sometime back. Then it was seen as surprise but since then it has been in trend. As a professional logo design company you would already know this and you will see in 2019 also the use of gradients in logo design. Gradients are already proven and accepted design trend and again there is no reason why it will not be in trend in 2019. So, as a professional agency or individual you also need to be aware of this fact and if you can best utilize gradients in logo designing for your clients then it would be best for you and your client both. 3. Metallic logo designs Again metallic looks are also not new trend in logo designs. But you should not be surprised if you see that in 2019 metallic logo designs push the bar even further. They will actually be on the pedestal. You also know that metallic designs are no more limited or exclusive to jewelry brands only. If you thought so then think again. Second myth is that metallic logo designs are for high-class but this is changing quite fast and as custom logo design services provideryou need to know that metallic logo designs are and will be in trend across the logo design spectrum for all class as they offer powerful quality. With shiny metal effect even a simple design stands out. This is what your customers want from you. So, you have to adapt to this trend in 2019 for logo designing. So, you saw 3 trends that are expected to dominate in 2019. However there are more which as professional logo design company you need to know and you might already be using it. But it is just that you need to communicate it to your clients also who might still not be fully aware of the current trend in logo design. If you tell them why these trends will make their logo stand out from the rest, they will buy your point and will go ahead with cool, colorful and shiny logo designs for their own brands.