Why Does SEO Take So Long?

Well, everyone wants quick result in life. But it is not possible always. If you thought that because technology is fast so everything would be done within a blink of eyelid then that is not the case. Especially it is true in case of SEO. SEO does take time.  Generally the process would start like this. You will do your research, then you will look into a few different SEO companies, and then you will choose or find a company providing best SEO service out of those which had the experience and expertise to bring your website right to the top of the search engine rankings and then you would sit back and wait for results to come in with the rewards of higher traffic levels. You think you have got the best SEO Company India working for you. Now the first month goes by, and you find that nothing has changed. Now you immediately call and start hounding your SEO manager, asking the answer for the question that what exactly is  your fund being invested into, why your website is not getting better rankings, and, at the very least why they are not able to achieve some more deliverables.This is because you thought and you had experience that regular marketing has the potential to produce results in a month as well. Here you need to know that traditional marketing sometimes will bring success, so you push it further, or it will clearly not be accepted by the audience and thus you can change tactics. This is simple with traditional marketing. So you start thinking why not this is possible with the best SEO Packages? What is wrong there? So, you need to understand one thing which every SEO services company will also tell you that SEO takes time. Now you would ask why? Well, to start with time goes into research your market and industry. Then again it takes time to perform the required analysis. And again time is taken to produce quality content.And this is only one part of the story. Google also takes time to recognize your website and after that it takes time to assign the authority to your website that your website deserves. Google also takes time for to see that changes have been made, and then a comparison of the quality of your website and your content with to every other website in the same space is done which takes time. Time is also taken by users to change their behavior. Users will take time to discover all those things that have changed on your site. In spite of all of this, SEO Company India will be able to tell you stories about their existing or old clients for which quite after three, two, or even a single month results did not actually happen as per their expectations and they required to justify the costs. So the question still is that why does SEO take so long, and why still so many companies have unrealistic expectations from the SEO Services providersor from the SEO process. Well, let us see why does SEO take so long? Here are some points: 1. Historical data shows this: It always took some time to produce results for SEO. No matter which SEO Package you buy, it will take 3-4 month up to 7-8 months to show results in rankings and traffic. 2. There are different variables which require time: For success of SEO there are different variables like keywords, content to those keywords, age of your domain and website, present design of your website, average time a user stays on your website and so on. On these variables it takes time to work and bring best result against all of these. It takes time to develop them in the first place as well. 3. Creating and maintaining quality: Yes, quality takes time. The best SEO Service providing company will tell you that you cannot compromise on quality in order to get quick result because otherwise results will not be sustainable. 4. To meet Google’s standard always: Google keeps coming up with new rules, standards and changes. So, you also need to keep yourself updated always so that your website gets preference from Google over the rest in the same category. Thus you see that one may feel that why SEO takes long time but you need to understand that its worth spending time on quality so that once your SEO Company India starts producing result for your website there is no looking back. There are many SEO services providers in the market who promise you quick results and they fake their practice to do so. Initially you may be happy that you are getting good results so quickly but as they say sound foundation is required to build strong building, similarly hard work is required to produce correct and sustaining results for your website. Once you understand this fact you will not be worried too much. However you should keep checking results against set parameters so that nothing goes wrong without coming into your notice.