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Choosing The Best Office Solution For Your Startup

Startup companies need to be very careful with their resources, and classic office spaces are known to be among the biggest resource drains. Office landlords usually require 3-5 year lease periods and personal guarantees, which isn’t favorable for small startups looking to avoid extra liabilities during their initial growth. That’s why it’s very useful to think outside the box while searching for an office that fits all the requirements of a small startup company. There are plenty of creative solutions for this problem that provide the same or sometimes even better conditions than regular offices. Here are some of the most creative ideas that can help startups save their money and run their business more effectively. Home Offices Most small companies start their business from their owner’s home, which can be quite practical in the beginning. It’s easy to register a company at your own address, plus you don’t need to pay the rent or worry about lease contracts. On the other hand, there are plenty of drawbacks you need to consider when working from home . You can be easily distracted by your roomies or family members, or find yourself going to the fridge every 15 minutes, which can result in gaining a lot of weight. It’s also hard to work from home when the company has more than three employees. That’s why most entrepreneurs decide to move their offices out of their homes once their company starts growing. Co-Working Spaces And Other Alternative Solutions Co-working spaces are great for freelancers and small startups that don’t have a home office. These places enable you to share experiences with experts from different industries and can also host small teams of up to five people. Co-working places can sometimes be quite costly, though, so there are people who decide to use free venues for work instead. Some spaces you can use as an alternative office include coffee shops with WiFi (also known as “coffices”), libraries, or student dorms. If you’re one of the free-loaders, don’t forget to look into those affordable WiFi internet packages that enable you to work wherever you are, from a bench in a park to a fancy mall or even a bus or a train. Depending on where their Digital Marketing Company are based, entrepreneurs can also find plenty of free office spaces organized by the local government or chambers of commerce. They open free co-working spaces in order to boost entrepreneurship in municipalities. Similar institutions are opened all over the world, to check them out as soon as possible. Office Sharing Another approach to the office space problem is contacting other companies and cutting renting costs. With so many startups everywhere around you, this is now easier than ever. If you have a problem finding your office partners, you can always turn to websites that offer matchmaking services between companies that need space, and local renters. With websites like these, you can also contact other renters and make an agreement about communal use of certain office facilities. This will give you all the advantages that come with co-working, with experts from different industries present in the same building. You lease the space directly from the owners, which is much less expensive than paying a co-working space desk. The only thing you need to do is move your office furniture and other essentials in your new space, and you’ll be ready to work. In order to do that quickly and easily, you might consider exploring those practical trailer hire options that will allow you to do this on your own, without wasting any time or additional money. Shipping Container Offices Shipping container structures have been one of the hottest trends in the office construction industry in the last few years. Shipping containers come at a very reasonable price and they can be easily turned into homes, offices, or any other useful and comfortable space. An important thing when exploring this idea is contacting a reliable contractor who can turn a simple container into a great office space. If your startup grows quickly you can always upgrade your building by adding one more level to it. And if you decide to sell it eventually, shipping containers are surprisingly popular these days, and you won’t have to wait long before finding a buyer. Finally, these structures are easy to brand, plus they are sustainable and eco-friendly, which means they’ll earn you some extra points with the eco-friendly crowd. Although startup culture is growing, there still are more than 95% of small companies that fail in the first several years of their existence. With this in mind, it’s hard to invest big money into office space, at least before you secure future profits. Luckily, these alternative offices give entrepreneurs a chance to work their way up to the top without worrying about lease contracts, stubborn landlords, and high rents.