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Stay Ahead Of The Game With These Digital Marketing Trends

Marketing is an essential component of any business or promotion. Even if you have developed a great product unless its market presence has not been worked on, it will not produce end-results for the company in terms of revenue, profits, and a solid customer base. So it is imperative that you bring yourself up-to-speed with the marketing strategies, that just like technology, keep changing at a faster pace. Of course, this is the era of ‘Digital Marketing’ and with the start of a new decade, the trends have changed considerably. Here are some that you need to watch out for and implement in your own customized strategies for effective and successful Digital Marketing Company. Digital Marketing trends Since what you are currently reading is content, let’s break the news for the first trend that will continue to dominate the digital marketing landscape will throughout 2020. Content Marketing Google’s algorithms still value good written content. So it is safe to say that Content Marketing Services isn’t fading away as some predicted, not for Google or for consumers. Content defines your brand or business and creates a uniqueness among the many similar products available. More so, it supports your website’s SEO. Speaking of SEO, Google places well-researched, unique, and updated articles on a better rank. According to Point Visible, nearly 88% of the B2B marketers agreed on getting their businesses acknowledged and well-received by the consumers with the help of content. Again, just like other marketing realms, content needs strategizing as well. Otherwise, you are just shooting aimlessly, hoping it will land on the target. There are 11 steps to take if you are serious about driving positive results from content marketing for your business. Have clear goals and aims. Identify your KPIs. Be knowledgeable about your targeted audience. Assess your current online presence in terms of content. Know the best channels for your upcoming content. Decide content strategy: Content type, length, and more. Allocate tasks and resources. Have a content calendar in place for smooth and consistent operations. Finally, create content. Distribute on to the channels (5) and market it. Keep track of its progress. These stages of content creation and marketing will surely place you and the brand associated with you on the right track. Voice Search Popularity Via Oberlo Relevance is definitely the key to today’s digital marketing realm. With voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google giving a touch-less experience to device usages, it is only convenient for consumers to have access to shopping via voice commands, as well. Not to mention, with AI integrated into these technologies, the seamless and almost customized experience consumers get is addictive. Not convinced yet? ComScore predicted that nearly 50% of the searches will be voice searches in 2020; which has arrived. Not only this, voice shopping is expected to hike from $2billion to $40 billion this year, as reported by OC&C Strategy Consultants. In addition, 55% of the households will own a smart speaker device(s) this year. 2020 has clearly changed the Digital Marketing ball game altogether, hasn’t it. AI (Artificial Intelligence)- A revolution in the works. AI has been discussed and infused with every aspect that is being discussed. It is, after all, the future of all technologies and ecosystems. It has become an integral part of many mobile application development companies projects as well; companies like Uber are already relying on cutting edge AI features. Similarly, it is a given that AI will and is dictating the digital marketing behavior. Since it can already examine consumer behavior, search patterns, and also assess the data from social media platforms. This provides enough information for the businesses to maximize their next strategy and create a more personalized digital campaign, in tune with the consumer behavior report provided by AI. With this said, omnichannel marketing is up next for 2020 digital marketing trends. Omni-channel Marketing Via Moosend A brand being accessible through multiple channels is what Omni channel marketing is all about. Your brand in no longer confined to a single platform, but in fact, consumers can interact with your brand across various famous channels. For better understanding, take Instagram for an example. Users can click on a photo to directly add that product or item onto their cart from the respective brand’s site. This is one way of Omni channel marketing. The same can be said about Facebook ads, that lead you to the landing page of the product advertised, so on and so forth. Another thing to take into serious consideration is making sure your brand or company is keeping the communication and messages seamless and consistent across all platforms that you are using; following a unified strategy. Statistics provided by ClickZ suggest that theOmni channel approach yields an 18.95% engagement rate, a 250% higher purchase frequency, and a 90% higher customer retention rate. Messaging Apps for Personalized Communication Via BrickRoadMedia Personalization in digital marketing is the new norm. Consumers are more likely to interact with a brand when given preferential treatment. Also, they want quick access to brands and anticipate immediate catering. One way to successfully achieve that, is communicating through messaging apps. They are becoming more popular by the day. Consider it a variation of email marketing where you can utilize your existing skills of generating engagement through email, and redirect it to messaging channel. It’s easier than email marketing, to be precise. Market through mobile app; get up-close and personal. Build an interactive Chabot, if needed, which can carry the basic conversations. You can also give the potential lead an option to request a session with an actual customer service representative. The possibilities are endless, and results are solid. So ditch email marketing and move on ahead with a personalized messaging app. Interactive Content Via Mar Tech Advisor Nothing compares to content that consumers can engage with – social media plays a great role in digital marketing and you can pivot all your interactive content to these platforms and drive high customer engagement rate. What comes under