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5 Effective PPC Marketing Tips Law Firms Can Take Advantage Of

If you are running your law firm long enough, you might be aware of how fierce the competition in this industry is. No matter what practice you specialize in, lawyers find it more challenging to attract new clients. Not to mention that you need to maintain your accounts.  Pay-per-click or PPC marketing helps you promote your law firm to the right people. These are people who need legal services. Moreover, PPC allows you to run targeted ads. This means that your ads will only appear to those who need it. If you want your law firm to grow and get more leads, you need to focus your PPC efforts. In this post, we will discuss the five practical PPC marketing tips that your firm can take advantage of: Do A Competitive Analysis Because the legal industry is a competitive niche, you have to make sure that your firm stands out. This is where competitive research comes in. The competitive analysis gives you an idea of what other law firms are doing. It can be the types of legal services they offer or the types of clients they serve. Doing so allows you to accomplish the following: Know what PPC tactic works Know how you can get ahead of the competition Know your unique selling proposition Luckily, you do not have to do your competitive research alone. You can hire a PPC agency that can do the analysis, complete with recommendations on how you should run your ads. Check Your GEO-Targeting Because PPC can be expensive, an excellent idea to lower down the costs is to limit your ad reach. After all, it is less likely that you will serve a client from the other side of the country. Thus, if you own a law firm in San Diego, California, you might run a PPC ad that targets people living in San Diego and nearby areas. Why do we need to run geo-targeted PPC ads? For one, it allows you to control your ad spend. That’s because your ads appear to a specific set of audience. Second, it ensures that you reach people with the intent of hiring your services. When someone types in “law firms in San Diego” on Google, there is a big chance that he needs legal services from someone nearby. Hence, you are more likely to convert him through your PPC ads. Focusing your efforts within a limited geographical area is an effective way to manage your marketing budget. Not to mention that it allows you to get the most bang for your buck. Match Your Keyword With User Intent Your PPC ad performance will rely on your targeted keywords. That’s because a keyword reflects user intent. Using our previous example, “law firms in San Diego” could mean any of the following: Someone is creating a list of law firms in San Diego Someone who lives in San Diego needs a lawyer That said, you will need to create content that caters to both. This is to maximize the money you spend to rank for that keyword. The cool thing about this is that you get to discover content marketing opportunities as well. That’s because you can create an ad that redirects to a directory of San Diego-based law firms. And another PPC ad can redirect to your Contact Us page. This also means that you should check whether your ads are targeting irrelevant ads. Otherwise, you will be spending money on keywords that do not generate a return on investment Your ads are less likely to appear on irrelevant keywords, either. So, why bother? Hence, you need to align your ads to relevant target keywords. This includes your ad copy and landing pages. Keep in mind that you need to create ads that are most likely to appear for keywords that are relevant to your law firm. This includes your target client’s legal needs and current emotional state.  Optimize Your Landing Page Your landing page is an essential part of your PPC campaign. It plays a crucial role because this contains relevant calls to action that will help convert site visitors into clients. Hence, you must maximize it. A well-optimized landing page would give you the following benefits: Decreased PPC costs Improved ad placements on search results Increased client leads Here’s how you can optimize your landing page: It should be relevant to your ads. If you are promoting corporate legal services via PPC, then the people who will click those ads should land on the Corporate Legal Services page. Use one landing page per ad. This enables you to track better which of your ads are performing well. Use the proper call-to-action (CTA). CTAs inform your leads of what to do next. Would you like them to book a consultation with you? If yes, you will need to prompt them with the right CTA. Enable Click-To-Call Many people nowadays conduct Google searches on their mobile phones. Thus, you need to ensure that your ads allow people to click on the mobile number to make a call. Doing so reduces the friction a person needs to do to contact you. Another thing, it allows you to measure how many of your phone calls were due to your PPC ads. Mind you; even Google has launched call-only campaigns. This means that your ads will feature your phone number, which you can connect with your phone support. This tactic is excellent for law firms that provide personal injury legal services. When someone has an accident or is lying on a hospital bed, they might need to be in touch with a lawyer immediately. This is where call-only ad campaigns could come in handy. But you have to ensure that your phones are capable of answering calls 24/7 before opting for these campaigns. If you want to attract more clients for your law firm, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing allows you the quick win that you need. Sure, running an online ad can mean that you will need to shell