10 Top Classified Submission Sites For Ad Posting

The Internet has given way for people to offer a variety of services and products based on their needs. One thing that they adapted from traditional uses and made it more modern is classified ads. Nowadays, instead of posting on the newspaper, many more people are looking for classified submission sites to post their ads. Not only is it more convenient, but you can also reach more people that way. With that said, if this is something that you need, here are the top classified submission sites for ad posting that you should consider. 1. eBay eBay may be an American company, but it’s a classified ad service on the Internet that operates in 30+ countries. It’s one of the top free classified ads sites in India as well. Since they serve a global audience, you’ll be able to sell or post your ads anywhere. Plus, if you sell items there, you’ll benefit from the SEO that the website has. Since eBay’s branding is famous, people are more likely to trust classified ads posted. eBay is the best website or classified listings ads site for people who aim to sell something. 2. Yakaz Many people have found stable jobs online by consulting a variety of classified listings. It might seem weird at first, but it’s a great way to find a job in places that you wouldn’t have known had an opening. One such website is Yakaz. Yakaz started as a site that collected and combined the classified ad listings from other classified ad listing sites like Craigslist. However, nowadays, they’ve changed their mode of operations and focused more on job openings from all over the world. If you’re looking for a job and want to apply to different companies in specific countries, try out Yakaz and see if there are openings available. 3. Craigslist When you think of classified submission sites, one of the first sites you will think of would be Craigslist. After all, Craigslist is one of the most popular places to post classified ads worldwide, including India. Since it’s so popular, you might have better luck getting more people to notice your ads here. It also helps that the site has various categories available that you can choose from to advertise your services. You’ll surely be able to find one that falls under whatever it is you’re offering. Before you post your ad on Craigslist, though, make sure that you read through their rules. They have specific rules on whether or not posting an ad is free or not. Depending on what you’re advertising, you might need to pay a fee before you’re able to post. 4. Quikr One of the best sites to post free classified ads in India is Quikr. It serves as the first choice as an online classified ads platform for many people from India. They pride themselves as a company that wishes to empower people in the country to network and connect with independent buyers and sellers on the Internet. Quikr has a lot of categories to choose from as a potential buyer. They also offer the option to post a free ad on their site. If you aim to target the Indian audience or locals, Quikr should be the first place you go to for your classified ad needs. 5. Oodle Oodle is another online classifieds ad listing site that is available for people all over the world. You’ll find the most recent listings posted there at the front and center of the site. However, there’s also a prominent search bar available so that you can look for what you need as soon as possible. Much like other listings, their primary categories are vehicles, rentals and real estate, jobs, and pets. However, there are also a few different categories available in the marketplace. You can buy, sell, and trade in their friendly and local marketplace anytime. 6. Gumtree If eBay is the number one classified ads listing site in all of America, there is a UK alternative. That UK alternative for eBay is Gumtree. Although we say it’s the UK alternative, it’s still a different thing altogether. Aside from the UK, Gumtree also services plenty of people who are living in Australia. Community users on Gumtree can post an unlimited number of ad listings on the site. However, once you operate as a business or under a commercial capacity, there may be a few different rules you should take note of before posting. Gumtree is still a very active classified ads listing site, so you’re going to get a lot of traffic from here. 7. Classified Ads Classified Ads is another free site that allows you to post ad listings. It has a simple interface that anyone can easily understand. You pick from the nine categories available on the homepage to find whatever you’re looking for or use the search bar. Below these nine categories is a button that leads you to the process of creating your free ad on the site. It’s fast, simple, and straightforward. 8. Adpost Another free classified websites list for ad posting that operates a little like Craigslist is Adpost. It also has a simple interface so you can check out the categories available on their website. However, the sections or categories they feature would be the Vehicles, Home & Office, Employment, and Pets categories. One of the reasons why Adpost is an excellent site for posting your classified ads is its broad reach. It has an international network, so you’re able to reach an audience outside of your country. If you want to post free classified ads in India online, Adpost is one of the better choices. 10. Locanto Locanto believes that local solutions are the best solutions to your problems. They started the Locanto Classifieds and expanded to be able to reach 60+ countries all over the world. They have an option where you can post either locally or on a nationwide basis. You can quickly post a free ad on the