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What Is Content Marketing In 2021?

If you are interested in content marketing, you’ve come to the right place. It is a marketing technique based on the creation of different content (ideally educational) around a brand. There is a clear condition, and that is that this content is not an advertising aspect and that with it, you must think that you will create your own audiences. This last point is very important. The success of a good content marketing strategy should help you as a company or brand to achieve your own audiences. For this, ideally, the content should be an asset to your brand or company. If you place it outside (social networks, YouTube, among others), keep in mind that the audiences will not be yours. A simple way to explain the previous paragraph is that content marketing aims to help brands to become a medium.  The big difference with branded content is that content marketing lives in assets or properties of the brand, while branded content lives in third-party media that are not owned by the brand. In branded content, brands leverage the audiences that the media have. In content marketing, brands build relevant audiences for them. It is also important to differentiate with storytelling, where brands seek through content that audiences fall in love with them. A video with storytelling techniques has a very important emotional component. To make a video like this, you can try FlexClip online video maker. It can save you much time with stunning pre-made templates and copyright-free resources. The correct execution of a video content marketing . strategy has multiple benefits compared to brand positioning. What Are The Main Benefits Of Content Marketing? Increase the organic reach of a brand. Improves the interaction of the brand with the target audience or well-called buyer persona. Increase conversion rates. A page with content can have six times more conversions than one without. Lowers the cost of traffic coming to the brand’s website. The cost of traffic to a website can be up to 99% cheaper than with paid campaigns. If you want to delve into this topic, I recommend that you analyze the following text that tells you about the differences between SEM vs SEO. Improve brand SEO. It helps to improve the organic positioning of a brand. Improve the quality of leads. Content is the backbone of any inbound marketing strategy. It is essential for automation platforms Supports social channels with valuable content. As we mentioned, the most important thing in content marketing for a brand is the possibility of creating its own audiences. What Is Content Marketing? “A digital marketing technique that consists of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience, with the aim of driving profitable action from customers.” This definition comes from the Content Marketing Institute, which is one of the most important entities in the field. The Key Elements To Understand What Content Marketing is: Content marketing is a marketing technique: To understand what content marketing is, you must start from the fact that it is a technique that has the ultimate objective of increasing the web positioning of a brand. Additionally, it is essential to generate traffic and increase the conversion results of brands on their web pages. The ultimate goal for a brand should be to build its own audiences so as not to depend on the media when you want to communicate something. Creation Of The Pieces: The content must be original and must be built by us as a brand. It should not be copied from anywhere. Although it may be inspired by other texts, and as we will see later in some examples, this is known as content curation. Content Distribution: As important as creating original, unique, and different content is how we distribute and disseminate it. We should use all the resources available to the brand to be able to impact the highest possible percentage of our audience. It is not enough to have the highest quality content, a planned, effective, and practical distribution is also essential. When the content distribution is carried out, it should ideally be done through native advertising, social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, among others), influencers, or paid platforms. The purpose of content distribution is to reach users who do not know you but not through advertising pieces but through content. If you want to understand the concept, read the following text that explains what content distribution is. Content Marketing Is Valuable For A Brand: The content we create must be perceived as valuable. Keep in mind that the public wants to consume quality content. Remember that the competition is fierce, and there is always someone with more resources trying to reach the same people. If what we offer them as a brand does not provide them with differential value, they will not consume it. The great advantage when developing a content marketing strategy is that each piece you make will become a true digital asset for the brand. If you can make SEO work, you will never stop receiving organic traffic. If you understand the concept well, the cost of that traffic tends to $ 0, while if you depend on advertising, you will never stop paying to achieve it. Content Marketing Is Relevant: All the content generated by our brand must be appropriate and timely to what the public is demanding. Do not forget that you must define very well the objectives (which will help you define the formats) and the buyer person (which will help you with the themes). That is why the concept of keyword analysis is important. Never generate content by intuition. That is a fatal mistake. Validate if there is potential in the generation of content based on the number of people searching in search engines on a certain topic. As we mentioned, with keyword analysis, you can determine the reach potential that a piece of content will have when you develop it. Always do it from data, and