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Social Media Content: 8 Creative Content Ideas to Liven Up Your Social Media Feed

It is not all the time you are creative and have ideas of what social media content to produce. More so if you only have limited time to come up with a content idea.  However, you know that posting valuable content regularly is one of the best ways to establish your social media presence. If you are running out of what to post on social media, we have listed eight content ideas that you can use. 1. Digital videos Last year, videos drove approximately 82% of web traffic. Meaning, you are missing out on your reach and engagement if you are not sharing videos on social media platforms.  There are also plenty of options to choose from: Stories (Both on Facebook and Instagram) IGTV Snapchat YouTube TikTok Live videos In-feed videos You can publish videos on any of your social media platforms. However, on Facebook and Twitter, you should upload the videos directly on the platform. Doing so means that your content will likely appear on your followers’ feed. If you wanted to reach out to a younger audience, you could try TikTok as well.  2. Occasional contest Running an occasional contest on social media is also a great way to generate engagement from your followers.  According to Tailwind data, 91% of posts on Instagram with over 1,000 likes and comments are usually related to a contest.  Moreover, accounts that regularly run contests grow 70% faster than those that do not. To run a successful game, you need a combination of the following:  A prize to giveaway: The reward should be somewhat related to your brand. Unrelated items can attract those who are just seeking freebies, which will not translate into a long-term following.  Terms and conditions: Terms and conditions are also essential for your contest. This makes your contest look legit and not a scam.  Point of contact: Make sure that you leave an email so that people can get in touch with you with whatever questions and concerns they might have.  A creative way to enter: Whether it is via a hashtag or user-generated content, asking your followers to publish something about your brand is a great way to encourage entries. After all, the purpose of your giveaway is for your followers to post something about your brand and not give away freebies.  3. User-generated content User-generated content, or UGC for short, is one great way you can fill your feed with content from your community. Moreover, it’s a surefire way to attract more followers, boost conversions, and generate sales.  That’s because your audience can serve as a valuable resource when it comes to finding great content. Findings show that 90% of customers rely on UGC when it comes to influencing their purchasing decisions.  However, don’t just publish any UGC that you’re tagged in.    You can develop a branded hashtag and then repost content from followers who have used that particular hashtag. You might also consider working for a reputable company that provides excellent social media services.  4. Stories Stories are made up of photos and videos that can last up to 24 hours before completely disappearing. They’re available on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.  Stories keep your followers in the loop about announcements, events, and offers. It also gives them a behind-the-scenes look at your business. The fear of missing out can also be a powerful motivator for Stories.  Fortunately, Stories are easy to create on your social media app. Producing high-quality content is not necessarily needed, therefore, making it a lot easier to create.  5. Blog post If you publish blog posts, then you can refer your audience by sharing direct links whenever you can.  If you’re on Instagram, you can publish an aesthetically pleasing graphic related to your brand content. If you want to share it in your IG stories and have 10K and over followers, you can use the platform’s Swipe Up feature.  LinkedIn and Facebook can also be perfect platforms for sharing this type of content. More so, if you have articles that are 1500 words or more long. You can either publish the entire piece, a link, or a short snippet.  Twitter can also be a great platform. However, due to its limited character count, you can only include a small link or quote. But still, you can use it to drive traffic to your site.  6. Live videos Another way you can boost your organic reach and engagement is through live videos.  Live videos are often ranked higher on the newsfeed of Facebook as compared to non-live content. That’s because users tend to spend twice the average time on live videos.  Live videos do not necessarily have to be rehearsed or scripted. But you may do so if you are camera-conscious. This includes practicing your angles and picking what filter to use.  7. Interview You can even invite a colleague, an industry expert, or one of your loyal viewers to do a live interview.  Similarly, you may also want to include your audience in your actual content. This is to establish solid connections and take the producer-consumer relationship to a more personal level.  It’s also an excellent way to get feedback, market your brand as something approachable and familiar to consumers.  If you’re starting, and you think that live streaming is a giant leap, then you might want to pre-record the video before publishing it.  8. Behind the scenes Social media channels are also a great way to publish photos and videos that show some behind-the-scenes look from your company.  It gives your followers a sneak peek about the daily process of your brand.  It will always be interesting how the products you sell are packaged for shipping or how certain events are prepared.  Over to You If you are tired of publishing the same old content on social media, why not give these creative content ideas a shot? If your creative juices are not flowing at the moment, the content ideas listed above can help you get