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Top Tips To Improve Your PPC Lead Quality

Lead quality refers to how many leads you can turn into paying customers. For example, your campaign A can generate 1,000 leads, and you can turn 900 of them into paying customers. It means your campaign A has 90% lead quality. On the other hand, your campaign B also generated 1,000 leads but only turned 500 into customers. This means your campaign B has 50% lead quality. As far as the comparison goes, your PPC campaign A has better lead quality. This leads us to the question: How can you improve your PPC campaign’s lead quality? Keep on reading to know. Know Your Audience Understanding your audience makes your campaigns more tailored and targeted. This is one of the best practices in kicking off your advertising strategy and enhance your PPC lead quality. In the same way, you should analyze your keywords and see how users are finding your site. You can track how visitors come across your website using Google Analytics. Doing so provides you with great insight, allowing you to have a high brand search online, but also for great keyword opportunities. Keep Your Ad Copy Fresh Your ad copy plays an essential role in your ads and can make (or break) your overall ad quality. So, ensure that you regularly test it. If you have ads running for a month, try to switch it up at least two or three times to keep it fresh. Chances are, you’ll be competing with other businesses. That’s why you need to be unique to stand out. Try to think back to the times wherein you wanted to buy something. Chances are, you didn’t click or purchase the first product that you saw. You’ve probably done your research, asked your friends for recommendations, and compared prices. By keeping your customers’ journey in mind, you can utilize your ad copy to reflect on that. What’s your unique selling proposition? Perhaps you’re accredited in your niche, you’ve won various awards, or associated with something similar. Highlighting these things allows you to stand out from the rest of the competition. Pre-Qualify Leads Pre-qualifying your leads using your PPC ads is an excellent way to improve your campaign. Although these might come off as a bit scary, you want as many users as possible to see and click your ad. But when it comes to generating high-quality PPC leads, this is the opposite. Ideally, you’ll want a particular, targeted audience to see your ads. Otherwise, you’ll be spending your ad budget on irrelevant clicks, and users might have a wrong impression of your site. So, get rid of this irrelevant traffic to improve your overall PPC lead quality. From the get-go, set out how your business, product, or service can help. This is a sure-fire indicator to users of what you’ll exactly do or who you’ll support. Although the conversion rate for form submissions and phone calls can drop, your lead-to-customer quality will improve in the long run. Don’t Turn Off Low CTR Keywords Although you might be tempted to get rid of keywords with a low CTR, this isn’t always necessary. For instance, your keyword “PPC packages India” converts about 200 people into phone calls and submissions. Then, you have another keyword that converts about 1,000 people. You might think that the keyword that converted 1,000 people is always better from these data, but this isn’t still the case. These stats will only indicate a keyword’s potential. The most important thing you need to check is the number of sales that the particular keyword generated. Using a marketing attribution tool like Ruler Analytics, you get to pinpoint a specific keyword’s performance. And this can be useful in converting prospects into paying customers. Once you know which keywords are performing well, you can turn off those that don’t result in sales. Test Your Ad Creative Ideally, set a specific budget each month for testing. Although you can’t go crazy on ad campaign testing, you don’t want to affect your primary ads’ performance, so stick to testing out your ad copy and keywords. Go for automated bidding if you’re feeling adventurous. However, this needs a little bit of patience. That’s because Google AdWords takes a day or two to review your ad copy and creatives. Meanwhile, Google’s machine learning allows you to unlock new data and insights that could help optimize your PPC campaign. Also, keep in mind that automated bidding works well once Google will determine what makes a high-quality lead. Test Everything Like we mentioned before, optimization works differently for every campaign. Thus, any reputable marketing company that provides PPC services in India will recommend running a test campaign first. Test various keyword combinations, landing pages, different colors. Test out anything and everything. That way, you will know what campaign works best for you. And the best way to find your best setup is to test out every component of your campaign. After you’ve tested these aspects of your PPC campaign, you’ll have a good idea of which leads are the best. Because this is unique, the best way to find out is through testing. You can test out a single component, optimize it, and then move on to the next. Most marketers call this split or A/B testing. You’ll be testing this side by side, one piece at a time. Cast a Broader Net Long-tail keywords are great tools that you can use to target your PPC ads. These allow you to find niches wherein you’ll have fewer competitors and garner more leads. Now, this might come across as counter-intuitive, don’t use long keywords, at least at first. Many people often make the mistake of filling their campaigns with these. That’s because you could be forgoing a couple of high-performing long-tail keyword alternatives. It’s best to start broad. Then from this point, start narrowing down your keywords. You’ll come across other long-tail keywords that let you generate high-quality leads. Mind you; these long-tail keywords can be keywords you haven’t thought of before.