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How to Capitalize Customer Reviews for Businesses?

No one can be a better brand ambassador than your happy customers. So if your customers are sharing their positive feedback, experience stories, and love for your brand, then you should use it to your advantage. One of the best ways to use customer testimonials is to integrate them into your marketing platforms to promote your brand and create a reliable brand image. Some marketing touchpoints where you can use customer reviews on website homepage, product page, landing pages, paid ads, blogs, pricing pages, emails, pitch decks, social media, etc. The reviews and testimonials will also tell you about what your users think about your brand. This will help you understand their needs better. Let’s discuss in detail how customer reviews can help your business. How to use Customer Reviews in Business Marketing and Growth? Add Customer Reviews on Website Website is an important part of communicating with your customers because it’s one of the brand’s footprints which is considered a credible source of information. But the website visitors need some content that they can rely on, and your well-written marketing content is not always enough to assure the audience. Here your loyal customers come as your saviors. Their testimonials and reviews will help you win the trust of your website visitors. You can add customer reviews on websites on various points, like the homepage, sidebar, pricing pages. You can also create a separate page to show all the testimonials and reviews in one space. Add Customer Reviews to Your Landing Pages Landing pages are designed with the motive of bringing conversions that triggers action. But without showing social proof, your visitors can lead midway. They may be impressed with your copy, but they need social proof to make that purchase from you. If you add a few reliable customer reviews (especially from renowned brands or video testimonials), then your conversion rate will be much higher. Present Customer Reviews on E-Commerce Product Pages Product pages on the website are a good place to add customer reviews. It will help your customers about the relevance, use, and quality of the product through customer reviews. Your audience will be more assured in buying your product after seeing reviews and testimonials. Add Customer Reviews in Emails Whether you are sending promotional emails or informational newsletters, adding one of a few customer reviews will be good. It will remind your audience of the brand’s credibility and influence them to take action and buy your product or sign up for your event. Share Customer Reviews on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are where people talk openly about their experiences with a product or service or brand in general. These are great places to source user-generated content and reviews for your business. But even more so, these platforms are great places to build a connection with your audience by researching their UGC and reviews. Your users feel valued as you take their experiences into account, and your audience can believe that your brand is legit and is offering good things which they must try. Share Customer Reviews in Your Pitch Deck While going through the pitch decks, the readers look for support information that helps them trust your offer. Adding some reviews will be proof that your product or services are reliable. It also supports your claims and business solutions. Use in Paid Ads When you run paid advertisements and campaigns across digital platforms, the main objective is to get more visitors, engagement, and sales. But your audience will only interact with it when they get something valuable and most importantly, when they can trust your offer and brand. To build this trust and increase your conversions, you should show customer reviews. Find the unmet needs of your customers Average rating or poor reviews is a great way to understand where your product/service lacks and what are the customer expectations that it does not meet. Then you can work on fulfilling the needs of your customers. You can create and offer a better product or service. Understand your Audience You can use the analytics of the customer reviews widget to understand the performance of your website/email and how adding the customer reviews is helping you. When you add the customer reviews with a widget tool, it shows you a specific analysis. So you can understand how your audience is interacting with the customer reviews that you have shared across the platforms. Let’s Wrap Up The audience today looks for a valuable offer and a reason to trust. 52% of the customers don’t use a business’ offerings if they have a less than a 4-star rating. By showing customer reviews in your marketing channels, you can gain their trust and present a reputable brand image. Now, focus on collecting user reviews and any content that shows their experience with your product or service. Then plan in which marketing channels you will use customer reviews. Get started today.