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Let’s you thought to buy something from a website, did you get it in a single touch?

No! That’s an obvious answer.

It takes around 6 to 8 touches before you buy anything from a website. This happens with almost everyone as you have to be sure with the buying stuff and its information, before actually owning it.

If someone buys even a single product from your website it becomes your customer. And once anyone entries in your customer zone here begin your responsibility of keeping your customer happy with your services. It is found that once someone buys anything from a website, they are more likely to prefer the same website for next purchase.

So it is always advisable to perform any marketing activity keeping in mind the upcoming journey of your buyers.

The Display Remarketing Campaign:

If you are the one actually thinking about your customers than display remarketing campaigns is just your thing.

I personally like display remarketing as people normally take time for selecting the product and this lands your product directly in the mind of the customers.

Display remarketing campaign has many advantages like they have high ROI, they are affordable to run and they are perfect for the business who gives importance to the customers.

Most of the PPC marketers set the regular 30 days remarketing campaign for a single audience as the returns in remarking are very high and so they let it run and forget about it. This is the massive mistake I have found many marketers doing with their AdWords accounts and hence losses a big opportunity.

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If you think about those 6 to 8 points I have mentioned earlier, your customer buying one your remarketing campaign will be one among those touch points. These touch points holds the power of customer conversion.

Now did you get the importance of this touch point and why you need to make it impactful and relevant to your product? Below is the list of 5 very important displays remarketing campaign strategy you should implement right away:


Display Remarketing Strategies

1. Sequential Display Remarketing Campaign:

Before getting started you should know about the time lag between your customer’s first interaction and their conversion.

Let’s you are selling a branded product and that too at a cheaper price then the time lag will be 0 to 1 day.

And if you are selling something new in the market or something complex then it can reach up to 30+ days.

Where you can get time lag: go to Google analytics, in the conversion headline, you will have “Multi-Channel Funnels” drop-down list, from the list select “Time lag”.

This will let you realize the time taken by your customer from interaction to conversion.

If you have a complex product then you should form a sequenced display remarketing campaign taking users towards the research journey. Switching up to the creativity you can give your customers sequential messages helping them land to the right decision.

You can also take the help of bidding strategy which includes free delivery offers, new customer offers and more.

  • Creating audience and respective campaigns:

Campaign 1: targeting audience 1: 0-7 days since first interaction

Campaign 2: targeting audience 2: 8-14 days since first interaction

Campaign 3: targeting audience 3: 15-30 days since first interaction

2. Segmenting Your Remarketing Audience:

If you are treating your every traffic the same way then you are making a big mistake! You should segment your customer depending upon the time they spend on your website. Some of my personal favorite segments are:

  • Number of visits
  • Time on site
  • Certain goal completion
  • Demographics
  • Visiting specific pages

By segmentation, you can target high-value customers and for this all you have to do is,

Google analytics->Admin-> Audience Definitions-> Audiences-> New Audience-> Create New

Here you can target the audience by keeping an eye on their activities and create campaigns.

One done with building audience, name it and move on to the next step where you will have to select the destination for your audience.

Select AdWords from the drop-down list and your new audience will be waiting there for you.

3. Content Remarketing:

Most of us spend handsome money on content creation then way not make it worthwhile by adding some remarketing to it. Here you just have to judge the audience and retreat them with your content.

  • Create a remarketing content for the audience reading blogs and articles on your site.
  • Create creative messages for audience spending some time on your website.
  • Create a content that can attract your audience like if you are a shopping website then tell them about the latest offers.

4. Customer Oriented Remarketing Campaign:

You might ask me why we should spend money on our existing customers instead of attracting the new ones.

Your old customers are your existing bases, and it cost around 5 times less amount in maintaining them as compared to marketing for new customers.

Stats say you get your 80% of new revenue from your 20% existing bases.

What you can do to maintain your bases:

  • Highlight no extra cost features.
  • Promote free delivery.
  • Invite for the free webinar.
  • Cross-sell by telling them about your other services.

5. Champion based on where the customer came from:

Most of the traffic falls under:

  • Organic
  • Paid
  • Direct
  • Referral

To create the new audience, all you have to do is log in your “Google Analytics Account”.

Go to “Admin” section

Followed by “Audience Definition”

Select “+ New Audience”

And finally “Create New”

By clicking “Apply” you will be able to see the size of your audience.

Some Final Advice:

If you want the best results with an improved number of audiences you should have a PPC marketing agency check their pay per click packages.

Mind Mingles providing PPC management services, with enhanced remarketing strategies, that are smart enough to attract a healthy traffic.

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