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9 Reasons Why Web Designers Should Know Seo

9 Reasons Why Web Designers Should Know Seo

Website design isn’t just about to feel; it’s about how a webpage is assembled in the engine. Design decisions can have a major effect – positive or negative – on a site’s SEO. Thusly, this can influence the site’s execution over its whole lifetime.

In case you’re an expert website specialist, it’s essential to know a couple SEO nuts and bolts – a little information goes far to building destinations that contact their target group. Understanding these 9 reasons why you should know will enable you to configuration sites that function admirably, notwithstanding looking extraordinary.

1. Site Structure

Each site ought to be planned with an unmistakable, consistent structure at the top of the priority list. The landing page should express the 10,000-foot view motivation behind the site – its purpose behind existing – and subtleties ought to be separated into subpages.

It’s fine to have a few ‘layers’ of subpages on your site, however, don’t dive excessively deep or Google may experience difficulty slithering every one of them.

2. URL Structure

URLs influence a site’s SEO, so it’s essential to pick great ones ideal from the begin. Shorter is better since shorter URLs are more important than longer ones

3. Site Route

Notwithstanding being very much organized, your sites ought to be simple for guests (and Google) to explore. A site menu should be found conspicuously at the highest point of the page or along the sidebar.

4. Portable Well-Disposed Plan

The time of versatile is here, and responsive website design isn’t discretionary any longer. For a site to give great UX and rank well, it needs to alter for happy with the survey on a little screen. In the event that you haven’t as of now, make responsive design your default SEO Plan, utilizing this basic instrument from Google.

5. Site Speed

Alongside versatile invitingness, site speed is another UX thought that influences SEO. Google punishes moderate destinations in their rankings, and guests are more averse to stick around if a page takes a couple of moments to stack. Google’s PageSpeed Insights device can reveal to you how quick your destinations are and what you can acclimate to make them quicker.

6. Titles, Headers, and Meta Descriptions

Titles, headers, and meta descriptions are essential parts of on-page SEO. Each page on a site ought to have exceptional substance in its <title> tag – at the end of the day, don’t reorder a similar title over your entire site. They’re essentially free promoting space, so put some idea into them, and incorporate your primary keywords to get searchers’ eyes.

7. Picture Enhancement

Web crawlers can’t ‘read’ and get pictures, yet you can disclose to them what your pictures are and what they allude to. Try not to utilize greater pictures that should be expected as this can moderate your site’s stacking time.

8. Utilization of Flash

By and large, avoid Flash except if it is significant. Web crawlers can’t see or process Flash substance, so for SEO plan, it doesn’t exist.

9. Organized Information

The jury is still out on whether organized information, for example, blueprint mark-up, gives locales a lift in web crawlers. Be that as it may, it can bring all the more amazing traffic by giving profitable data to human searchers.


Website design enhancement isn’t the specialty forte it used to be. Web indexes are assuming an inexorably critical job later on of the web, and it’s essential for individuals in other tech fields.

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