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Every brand on the world wide web has plenty of things they share in common, but if there is ever one specific point on top of the list, that would be the conversion rate.

We’re all looking to get a quantifiable turnout from all the content we put out for our brand. And most of the time, we go through a lot of trial and error runs before developing an effective strategy. 

But that’s completely normal. People in the business know that this is how the system works. The challenges and the risks are part of the company’s growth, and no shortcut is available for you to reach the goal.

There are, however, a couple of time-saving hacks that could help shoot up your conversion rate. Read through the list we’ve made and see how you can apply them to your strategy.

Clear And Coherent Writing

When you let your thoughts flow clearly, you would be able to focus on what you want your readers to comprehend. The same goes for when your writing is coherent. It sends off the message without a hint of a doubt as to what you want them to know. 

Make sure to catch their attention on the first few sentences because that’s where the magic happens. Shoot for the message right away, and you’ll get the audience’s attention in about eight seconds or so.

It’s good to play around with words sometimes but if you want an actual conversion rate in an instant, then go straight to the point.

Strengthen Call To Action

Like we’ve said, when you’re clear about your intentions, you know exactly what to put on your landing page. A call to action has to be apparent on your site. And one of the most effective ways to execute this is to strategically position it in a way that your visitors will easily see it.

Whether it be collecting e-mail addresses for the mailing list, or actual sales for your brand, make sure it’s visible for first-time visitors.

A/B Testing

You will need to go through a lot of testing before you can put up the actual links. It has to work correctly before publishing it not to make an impression to your audience that you didn’t think the process through. 

You have to craft a process that isn’t intimidating for potential customers, so by testing it, you learn how you can improve it and what phases you need to change entirely.

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Use live Chat Support

Don’t leave your customers hanging. When they inquire about the product or your services, make sure you can answer as quickly as possible. Letting them wait for a couple of hours might result in an unsuccessful conversion rate. No one wants that.

What you can do is to create a live chat feature on your site so they can feel that you can be there anytime they need your help.

It’s been shown that at least 59% of customers are most likely to purchase from you if you answer their inquiry in under a minute. A live chat helps you achieve that, thus giving you better conversion rate optimization services

Simplify Your Forms

Don’t put much effort into unnecessary fields on the form. If you don’t need it, then don’t put it. It’s as easy as that.

By simplifying your forms, you allow your customers to follow through the whole process without abandoning it midway when they feel that the sections are getting more and more complicated.

This tactic will give you a high conversion rate, that’s for sure.

Speed Up Your Website

It’s also essential to take a look at how your website fares when it comes to speed. Does it take a minute to load the home page? Worse, does it freeze when you open an external link?

These are just some of the factors that you need to ask yourself before you publish your site. Again, it will all come down to testing the site over and over before letting the market know that you exist.

Even a one-second delay can hurt your site, so be sure to test it.

Create A Sense Of Urgency

If you think this will only scare potential customers away, then you’re thinking wrong. This sense of urgency isn’t about overreaching to your market. It’s about exciting them up and increasing your conversion rate.

This tactic is somehow psychological as it plays on the people’s fear that they might miss out on something good. They will likely purchase from you right away when they’re aware that the deal lasts for only a week or two.

It’s not about fooling them; it’s a really effective tactic that you should try on your site. 

Make Your Site Trustworthy

You have to establish that you are a trustworthy site and that anything that the visitors put on your site won’t be available to anyone else but you. It’s a matter of providing a sense of security among your customers so that they’ll be able to shop around your site without sensing suspicious activities.

Display your verified badge or any verification tags to make them feel that they’re browsing a safe space on the internet.

Consider Mobile Users

Not everyone uses a laptop or a desktop to browse the internet. If they happen to come across your site while on their phone and discover that it is not mobile-friendly, they will likely abandon it and never return.

Remember that times have changed now. Most of us have migrated from laptops to phones and tablets. Consider optimizing your site for mobile users so that they won’t feel intimidated by your site.

Many mobile users make up 56% of website traffic, so it’s only wise to create an easy-to-navigate site for them if you’re serious about your target conversion rate.

You can craft your techniques to increase your conversion rate, but you can start with the tips we have listed above. You don’t need a shortcut when you know how to navigate the world of link building and sales conversion.

All you have to do is execute them and ensure that the site will run as smoothly as possible. Now, if you’re unsure of the process and you want someone to guide you through, you can check out several conversion rate optimization services so they can hit the right numbers for you.

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