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What Is A Traditional Business?

Not all traditional companies that “have a local or office” know what my business is at Google and its importance in today’s digital world.

If you are one of these traditional companies, you lose the potential to inform your business’s potential customers.

First, define what a “traditional” business is. A business is a traditional one that has a material location. At the street level, products and services are usually sold directly by mail or by phone. Their clients are primarily in the area where they are active. In each case, the products and services of these companies are not sold digitally via platforms.

If your business fits the definition and you are looking to expand your business and create a broader customer base, you should consider doing business online.

The main reason your business is offline should have an online presence

Even if it is an eCommerce platform, a social media page, a website, or an amalgamation of all three, shifting your business online will offer you a great opening.

The main reasons why you need to be online are:

  • Establishing authority of the brand.
  • It makes it easy for your customers, existing and potential, to reach you.
  • Overcome the barriers that limit your business as a local business.
  • Stronger relations can be built with new as well as existing clients.
  • Better customer service is provided.
  • Reduce long-term operating costs.
  • Find competitors and improve your business strategy.

The Internet is a crucial tool for reaching more potential customers and turning them into sales. Take this opportunity to improve the experience and satisfaction of your existing customers.

Create A Business Identity With GMB

It is among the most powerful tools to increase your company’s online presence.

A brief description of Google My Business

As the name suggests, GMB enables a business to create listings on Google. This allows customers to provide the information they need to visit websites and physical stores, call the company, and make phone purchases.

Google is among the most popular search engines globally, boasting an amazing search market share of over 70%. Creating an account makes it effortless to endorse your business and provide vital information to your intended targets.

Where Do You See It?

Try searching for your work on Google. For example, search for Social Revolution. It is on the right side of search results. A lot of information is provided on the website, as it indexes the material it offers to be consistent across Google and its apps. 

Is It Free?

Yes, it is free. You can use your GMB account to communicate with customers on all Google platforms. Proper use of GMB can increase profits and provide valuable information about your customer base.

Why Do You Need Google Business Listings?

Not having a Google My Business account, you’re missing out on increasing traffic, creating jobs, and differentiating yourself in Google search results.

It lets you manage how your business looks in Google search results. For example, make sure you have information relevant to your business when a customer comes to your business through SERP or searching for terms related to your product or service.

Google My Business can help you:

  • Provide business visibility with a local package of Google search results.
  • You can get there and participate in target markets for free
  • Improve your image with a good business profile.
  • Amplify your sales and traffic.
  • You can increase your knowledge about your business

Meaning the intended audience depends on its results for goods and services. This is why creating an account on it is so significant.

Google My Busines

What Can You Do With GMB?

Google My Business offers traditional businesses a simple and effective way to attract customers through search. With GMB, you can:

  • The profile of the company can be updated at any time. 
  • Display products and services through pictures. We provide many attractive images and videos to display to attract users.
  • Customers can be attracted through encouragement to author some reviews. Companies with favorable profile reviews benefit from high click-through rates and conversion rates.
  • Find out more about what GMB has to offer for your business. Above all, you can track visits and calls to your site.
  • Share the latest offers from your company through text messages, photos or videos.
  • With all these advantages, there is no room for doubt that it can help you bring a large amount of traffic and opportunities for your business.

Why Is It Suspended Sometimes?

When we enter our Google My Business account and see that our business has been suspended, the first thing we ask ourselves is the reasons or the reason why this has happened. Contrary to what it may seem, suspensions are standard, and they do not always come from actions that we have done. The most common reasons a listing can be suspended are as follows.

  • The card has inappropriate content. Whether they are explicit photographs or misleading posts, a listing can be suspended for containing information that is not appropriate for all audiences.
  • The business itself does not exist. This type of suspension is common for those who try to perform spam actions. If the business does not exist, it will logically be suspended sooner or later. It also applies to businesses that are purely online, such as e-commerce, which cannot have a listing on Google My Business.
  • Keywords in the name of your file. Google wants the name of your listing to be precisely as it is in reality. If you put keywords in your listing name, they will probably apply a suspension at some point.
  • Google is not sure if your business exists. Sometimes Google needs to verify that a business is in the location the business indicates. It is not enough that you have verified your location through the PIN that Google sends you. If Google has doubts, it can suspend your business so that you can provide proof of its existence.
  • Unfair competition and conflict of interest. If you have dedicated yourself to writing negative reviews or reporting to your competition, Google may have suspended your listing and perhaps your accounts. It does not matter if you have created different emails and other devices; Google will link all your accounts sooner or later and apply for a suspension (well deserved).
  • Although your business offers different services, you can only verify a single listing at that location. If you have more than one listing, Google will consider it Spam and suspend all localizations.
  • If you have changed the category to a different one, your listing will probably be suspended automatically. The tabs in Google My Business are sensitive to these changes, and you consider them strange changes.
  • If you are a freelancer who travels to your clients’ location and you do not provide service in a physical location, you must configure your account as a service area. If you haven’t, your listing will be suspended sooner or later. Since 2020, these types of changes usually lead to a re-verification rather than a suspension.

Your Google account has been suspended. Sometimes Google stops or deactivates Google accounts and, with it, all associated services. 

How To Use GMB To Increase Customer Engagement On Google?

Guidelines have been put out by Google creating a Business account. You can only create a GMB account with a business or home service company with a physical location so that your customers can visit.

  • Apply consistent branding across all platforms
  • Explain your primary business exactly

Business information should include the following:

  • given names
  • contact number
  • Internet page address
  • Business content
  • category
  • Attributed

Google Search and Google Maps index this data, which is the basis of local SEO. Your business information must match what is displayed on your website; otherwise, it will negatively affect the search results ranking.

Conclusion: Take advantage of GMB to boost your business and attract potential clients. GMB is one of the most effective tools for improving your company’s online knowledge and improving local search engines. 

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