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Accelerated Mobile Pages aka AMP has brought a crucial confusion in the technical field. I found many people blindly showing their trust in making the websites mobile-friendly; however, no sooner the term AMP enters they fell into a hesitation zone.

Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP for website

So, today I woke up with a thought to make this scene a little clearer in front of my readers.

Let’s begin with,

1. What Is AMP:

Accelerated mobile pages are the ghost website specially created for the mobile devices. You can even consider this as your website’s stripped down version. It got the name accelerated mobile pages as here the leaner website loads pretty faster.

When Google announced an AMP for the first time webmasters showed that it will do these things and will show respective results:

  • It will speed up the website on mobiles which are great for usability.
  • It will ultimately improve mobile ranking as it will make your website load faster.

When we started considering these factors it found out that the AMP pages are cached by Google. Which means AMP does not send page loading request to the server instead it will use its own cached.

Now did you get what did I meant by the word hesitation!

To make the scenario more clearly I have got pros and cons for you guys.

2. Pros And Cons of having AMP:

yes, there are certain pros and cons of letting Google pull your website from its own server. However, some of the obvious pros are:

  • Enhanced website speed.
  • If it true that Google gives higher priority to the AMP pages then it will eventually provide you with better ranking.
  • Fewer servers drain if you get most of the mobile traffic.

Now, let’s have a look at the cons of letting Google pull your website from its own server. So the obvious cons are:

  • No ad revenue as the advertisement would be stripped.
  • As your server would be trapped so there would be no analytics.
  • There would be a variation of content between mobile and desktop.

Now, these make the scene very much clear in front of me that either AMP ghost site will come up just the perfect for you or you have to try and make your site mobile responsive.

I have seen many of the SEO plans getting stuck with the responsive option.

As said by Doc Sheldon:

“If you are interested in going AMP on your website’s pages then, you have to go mobile first as responsive will not be your way. Personally, I would say no thanks to the AMP and will stick to responsive.”

Agreed by Micah Fisher-Kirshner:

“The basic point of responsive is not to have two code basis and hence AMP and responsive doesn’t go together.”

However, not all the experts are in opposition to AMP.

Stuart McHenry was just cautious on trying AMP and now he has made a decision of doing the same with his clients:

“We waited some long see how it will work. As a website user, I liked it.”

Jeff Hansen teaches mobile marketing and his thinking is towards the adoption of AMP:

“This makes the website faster and gives users great experience by keeping the bounce rate low. So here one can get higher customer satisfaction, better ranking and obviously more sale. A win-win situation.”

Ok, now I am going to show you some statistics that will let you analyze the importance of AMP.

AMP Impact on Sales

Here you can see a tenth of a second increased in page loading time can affect the sale by $1.3B/year. This proves a page speed can have direct speed on the revenue and the revenue is our ultimate demand.

I have one more thing to show you and that is what users say about AMP. ask users “what you prefer an AMP link or the regular one?” where 51.14 percent of the users said that they will prefer the AMP link.

Here you can see the compelling reasons to perform AMP for SEO not just to have a good ranking but to get more clicks. And more clicks means more on-site time and ultimately more conversions.

How the implementation of AMP can improve your results:

It is always a good idea to have knowledge of anything new before its implementation.

  • If your website has an AMP version of your website has an AMP version then that will be Google’s primary evaluation.
  • Google evaluates your website on mobile.
  • AMP have less content and sometimes less SEO value
  • The major advantage of AMP is it loads faster as compared to the other sites.
  • AMP can itself create a ranking signal.
  • The second index of Google pulls data from the mobile’s primary index.
  • You will have to perform SEO on the lighter version of your website as well.

For an AMP you can go to Mind Mingles a mobile SEO services provider. Mind Mingles provides their client with the best SEO Services in affordable mobile SEO packages.

3. Wrapping up:

AMP comes with some really effective benefits and that are enhanced site speed, improved user experience, and more revenue.

However, all of these benefits are just for those users that can gift their website with the time for AMP version implementation of the AMP site with dedication. They can also address the tracking tools to keep an eye on the true results.

I have realized AMP comes with a lot of pros and even some cons. However, I have also understood the importance of having AMP website. Speed is the demand of time and an AMP can bring it to you. For the implementation of AMP, you can take the help of mind mingles mobile SEO Services. I am surely going to implement AMP, let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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