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Apparently, we all have an opinion that Amazon is an Ecommerce website. It has ranked high in the search engine among the other online shopping sites. Today, it has become a big platform for all businessmen. Did you ever hear about the ‘Amazon optimization?’ Traders have found it to be more than just listing optimization. Are you engaged in optimizing your business through Google SEO? In such a case Amazon SEO won’t be intuitive. Also, the organic value in search result in both Google as well as Amazon will be quite different.

Factors associated with Amazon’s algorithm

Searching is the best way to have idea about products one is looking at. Customer can find their product by the way of search

As soon as customer enter the keyword in the search engine, the Amazon SEO search for the matches in the title, description, etc

Other factors that can bring the product in search results are price, category, availability, product range, etc.

It is possible to increase the sales with product visibility. The SEO Services do that with the complete info about products.

The latest SEO service of Amazon will pick that list with priority which has good chance of becoming a purchase. For a novice the fact will sound very simple. But, it is one of the major factors in getting up to the Top ranking on Amazon.

How to get Top ranking on Amazon?

SEO Services

1. Boosting highly relevant keywords as per the index

Do you know the meaning of ‘getting indexed for?’. It needs good understanding. If a word or a phrase is been indexed, it will come in the SERP for that particular search. If you are targeting a particular keyword, it is important to place in certain place of content so that it becomes visible to the crowd.  Some of the vital places where you can place the keywords are:

In the body of content



Caption of images

The Amazon SEO is different than Google technical SEO. You need not worry about the duplicate content, back links and schema markup.

The SEO Services comes with added advantage. This will bring the visitors easily to the website when you are promoting a product.  Also, Amazon has been making great effort to optimize the words in such a way that keyword ranking gets boosted.

2. Focus on buyers oriented keywords

Many people are not focused about the keyword research. Just targeting 5-10 keywords is not enough. The target must be much more. With the SEO Services you an easily go ahead with research of the keywords that relates to the brand, size, category and price of the product. Here the priority will be based on the following factors:

Keyword frequency

The product

Target customer profile

Estimated monthly search volume.

Also, other keywords in this situation will be based on the customer reviews, product packaging as well as the quality of each product.

3. Make sure your listing is ready for retail

You have a good collection of product and you want to sale on Amazon. Since there is good number of sellers who targets buyers in Amazon’s website, you must look for Top ranking on Amazon. One of the factor of getting it is to have your product listing in such a way that is ready for retail service. In this connection, you must have good customer view as well as conversion. The factors associated with it are:

You must put high quality images of your products that you wish to sell. Also, each product must come with proper size and measurement

Try to have more and more products that is prime eligible. The customers will target those products with such tag

The pricing must be not too high nor too low. People will always compare the price of same product in different Ecommerce website

4. Quick start sale

People are always targeting the products that are given in the sale. The terms like 50% sale, half price, offers, discounts are really a very good formula to get targeted audience. Also, you can take advantage of the Amazon SEO in this context. There are several occasions and festivals that is carried on throughout the year. Even the seasonal sales is one of the great idea to capture visitors. More and more traffic would visit the site and have a look at the product. The lucrative pricing and the clippable couples are one of the ideal ways to get the customers for your products.

In short, one must try new ways to get customers for their product range. SEO Services are always a good idea to win over the mind of new comers and the existing customers of the site. But, the guidelines changes over the period of time. One must stay updated to know more.

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