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45+ Guest Posting Sites For Backlinks & Enormous Traffic

Looking for guest posting sites? Then look no further because in this post, you’ll discover sites for guest posting that cover a wide range of categories ranging from finance to health to movies, and whatnot. Bloggers and/or writers are always in search of best techniques to reach out to a wide section of audience to broaden their readership. Guest posting has a long way to go for them and also lifts website traffic, credibility and engagement rate. Those who are familiar with boons of guest posting know how impactful it is. However, if you’re just starting with this SEO technique you must be well-versed with its advantages and how it works. So before we proceed to discover the list of guest posting sites, let’s have a look at what guest posting is and what benefits it offers to bloggers and publishers. What Is Guest Posting In SEO? Guest Posting is an off-page SEO technique in which one creates blogs/articles to publish them on third-party sites (known as guest posting sites) in order to reach a wider audience base. It is done to drive traffic to your site and increase website authority. Benefits Of Guest Posting In SEO Guest Posting offers the following benefits for SEO: 1. Wider Audience Reach With guest posting you can reach the new untapped audience for exposure and improve brand awareness. It offers multiple avenues to target and drive traffic from authoritative, niche-oriented and influential sites to boost your brand visibility. 2. Generate Quality Backlinks Guest posting sites can offer splendid opportunities to generate backlinks from high-authority sites which helps in improving website ranking. With quality backlinks from reputable and genuine sites you can also be assured of improving website credibility. 3. Networking & Collaboration Opportunities Guest posting helps build strong relations with reputable publishers/site owners in your niche. Instead of relying on traditional methods of marketing, this can help you establish a distinguished position in your industry with trusted collaborations. 4. Improved Website Rankings Guest posting also helps in boosting website ranking by generating quality backlinks which in turn improves the quality of traffic and overall website SEO score. In addition, it makes crawling and indexing faster which lifts search visibility. Guest Posting Sites S. NO. WEBSITE URL DA PA 1 tasteful space 56 50 2 Wake Posts 53 43 3 GeniusUpdates 53 46 4 SERIES MAZA 53 37 5 TERRACE HOUSE FUN 56 42 6 NetWorthScape 54 38 7 TechWiki 49 49 8 CITY GOLDMEDIA 50 48 9 BIOGRAPHY TALK 50 44 10 LATEST PHONE ZONE 54 48 11 Colorfy 54 50 12 Trends We 54 34 13 EDITORIAL MASH 32 31 14 ZOMG! CANDY 54 46 15 Espbr 53 47 16 CelebrityNews 54 44 17 all sim code 51 40 18 How to Guide Wiki 53 38 19 Dresses Khazana 73 51 20 52 39 21 STYLE VANITY 57 54 22 PLAYCAST MEDIA.COM 52 45 23 THE TECHY INFO 51 46 24 tattoo MAGZ 56 54 25 Born2Gamer 53 44 26 THE RICH NET WORTH 54 45 27 SCOOPIFY 48 50 28 BANKING SUPPORT 54 44 29 INTEREST LIBRARY 52 44 30 BUFFALO CHRISTIAN 63 46 31 Wedding 37 32 32 DOCTOR XIAOMI 62 38 33 FREE MOD APK 57 42 34 HEALTH TIPS LIVE 47 50 35 all about GOA 57 37 36 Lost Virtual Tour 52 44 37 DESIGN DARE 56 41 38 CIRCLE PLUS 56 42 39 urdu nama 58 42 40 MOD APK DOWNLOAD 54 41 41 CIVIL CONSTRUCTION 51 42 42 GET ME WP 51 41 43 T20 World Cup LiveScore 48 46 44 SMARTEST COMPUTING 57 49 For more sites refer here: More Guest Posting Sites How To Do Guest Posting For SEO? Here is the easy process to start with guest posting: 1. Search For Guest Posting Sites The first and foremost step to get started with guest posting is finding appropriate sites. Now you can do this by searching on Google or refer to the list of guest posting sites discussed above. 2. Review Sites & Read Guidelines Afterwards, you need to go through the site’s guidelines to know if they serve your audience and what requirements they want in the content. In addition, you must check how many and what type of links they offer. You must also review whether the site serves only one niche or different kinds of industries. In addition, check the site’s domain authority, domain rating, spam score, and other relevant metrics. You must not pick a site with DA less than 20 because it can harm your site’s authority and SEO score. 3. Create Content Next, you can create content as per the specifications of the website you’ve chosen, for instance, content length, and quality adherence. Your content should be informative and not promotional so that it offers value to the readers. 4. Pitch For Guest Posting Then you need to draft an email to reach out to the guest post blogging site owner for which you need to research the site for contact information. The mail should be professional so maintain a formal tone to introduce your proposal and how you think the site you’ve chosen can serve mutual benefits. You might also need to submit a few of your published blogs or suggest new ideas that can be of interest to the guest post site owner/publisher. 5. Wait & Get Your Blog Published After submitting the pitch mail, you must wait for 1 to 2 days for the reply. Once you get the approval from the site owner, you might get your post published or an author account to publish the blog yourself based on site guidelines and discussions. You’ll receive the link of your published blog after publishing and

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100+ Blog Submission Sites To Get Instant Approval

Do you know what blog submission is and why is it important? If you’re willing to solidify your off-page SEO strategy, blog submission can do wonders for you. But are you aware of which blog submission sites are the best for acquiring traffic and top search engine rankings? Today, you’ll get answers to all such questions. Blog submission acts like a pillar for off-page SEO that emphasizes building thought leadership by acquiring a new audience. No wonder, till date, over 600 Million blogs have been published online. So are you too willing to improve your site’s SEO Score, earn more web traffic, and establish thought leadership in your niche category? Then be ready with your fresh content as you’re about to discover 100+ blog submission sites in this article. What’s more? You’ll also get to know how blog submission sites differ from blog directory submission sites. So let’s start….. What Is Blog Submission? Blog Submission involves crafting a well-researched blog and then submitting it to a third-party blog submission site. It is an excellent way to attract traffic and increase your website’s visibility in online searches. Search engines take a plethora of facets into consideration while allotting the ranks to blogs, one of these crucial factors is backlinks, an essential aspect of link building. For those looking for expert assistance on blog submissions, there are professional link building services in the UK that provide expert strategies to enhance your online presence and open a hub of opportunities to garner high-quality backlinks. But the scope of its benefits is not just limited to that, so read further to explore more. Bright Side Of Blog Submission As per a report published by Hubspot, business organizations that opt for blog submissions have attracted 67% more leads than those which don’t. That is to say, blog submission proffers splendid benefits: (i) Generates Quality Backlinks: Submitting blogs on niche-specific sites helps in generating quality backlinks which are an invincible search engine ranking factor. (ii) Increases Domain Authority (DA): When you submit your blog on high-DA sites to generate backlinks, the DA of your website also increases. (iii) Boosts Networking: Blogging proffers a wide network of publishers and web traffic and establishes a distinguished name in the industry. (iv) Improves Ranking: Since blog submission allows the generation of quality backlinks, it can increase the search engine ranking of your website. (v) Attracts Target Audience: Blog submission is a quintessential technique to deliver your content to a specific target audience and spend wisely. How To Pick The Right Blog Submission Site? You’ll find a plethora of blog submission sites on the internet. But you need to make a diligent choice, otherwise, your website can stand in deep water. Now the question is how will you know that a particular site is good for you or not? Here are 2 key aspects that you must consider while selecting a blog submission site: (a) Domain Authority: First of all, you must check the Domain Authority (DA) of the site you’re willing to submit your blog to. DA is an SEO score metric between 1 to 100 that signifies how authoritative a site is. So you must submit your blogs on sites with DA 20 or higher. Moz is a splendid and reliable DA checker tool that can help you with this. (b) Niche: It has been seen that blogs that are submitted on niche-specific sites generate relatively higher returns. That’s why you must publish your blog on sites that are relevant to your niche. Submitting blogs on sites that don’t cater to your audience will not even get approval, let alone returns. Instant Approval Blog Submission Sites There are zillions of paid and free blog submission sites. The table below comprises a list of top blog submission sites based on DA: S. NO. BLOG SUBMISSION SITES WEBSITE URL DA PA 1 Blogger 100 100 2 LinkedIn 99 86 3 Github 96 92 4 Live Journal 93 99 5 OverBlog 93 90 6 Instructables 93 76 7 Academia 93 75 8 Wattpad 92 75 9 92 75 10 ehow 92 75 11 Patreon 92 76 12 Bored Panda 91 71 13 Patch 91 70 14 Seeking Alpha 91 72 15 Boing Boing 89 56 16 Your Story 87 63 17 Tumblr 86 100 18 DZone 84 66 19 HubPages 82 57 20 The Free Library 80 67 21 APSense 80 62 22 bcz 76 59 23 buzzle 77 61 24 penzu 76 68 25 My Trending Stories 75 53 26 70 61 27 e27 71 58 28 wakelet 71 68 29 Vocal 70 59 30 Blog Directory Submission 70 48 31 Let’s Diskuss 62 49 32 Nouw 65 58 33 Blog Engage 68 53 34 TeLeType 61 59 35 62 44 36 MindsMag 54 36 37 WriteOnWall 57 29 38 News To Buzz 54 33 39 News Ethnic 53 42 40 56 58 41 AbiLogic 57 52 42 busika 56 52 43 MarketBusiness Times 53 43 44 LifeUnited 55 41 45 Apkevents 54 45 46 The Publishing Herald 53 44 47 Mega Mind Magazines 54 26 48 Easy Business Tricks 54 43 49 Today Story 53 37 50 Experts Advices 51 51 51 Know World 52 45 52 Mcnezu 51 43 53 TechFoodTrip 53 39 54 Technolf 53 39 55 HitUponViews 52 33 56 CANVASLOCK 49 46 57 Articleinon 52 43 58 ✔ARTICLE 52 43 59 Articles Need 52 41 60 Tiago Martinho 52 27 61 The Mega News 51 37 62 SooperArticles 51 60 63 Freelively 51 41 64 TECHNOLOS 52 42 65 Amazines 49 59 66 Fabsswing 48 44 67

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Guest Blogging: How Should it Be Done?

Anyone who has written a blog post knows how much time and effort it takes to develop it. No wonder some can be privy of their content and would instead publish it on their website. That is if they decide to publish it at all. But whether you decide to publish your content or not, keep in mind doing so can help your brand grow. And one way to do that is through guest blogging. The process of publishing relevant content on another website is one of the most effective marketing strategies that you can do. For one, it allows you to introduce your content to an audience outside of your website. Second, it enables you to showcase your knowledge and expertise. Third, it lets you drive referral traffic to your website. If you want to rip these benefits, let us walk you through these seven practical tips to do guest blogging properly. Know Your Goals Just like any marketing strategy, you need to know where you’re headed before going there. There are also two main questions that you need to answer: Why do you want to get into guest blogging? How many resources do you currently have, onhand? Every effective guest blogging strategy starts with knowing what your goals are. Know Your Target Audience Before jumping right in, there are a couple of things that you ought to consider. Will you be writing a blog post about a specific niche or industry? Or do you want to write a blog that most of your customers will read? Let’s say you own a marketing software that targets small business owners. You can either come up with marketing blogs online or pitch to small business blogs out there. Find the Right Website Try to focus on topics that resonate with your audience. From there, seek out blogs, sites, and publishers who dedicated their time to these topics. Ideally, it would be best to look for sites that genuinely talk and cover topics that your audience will most probably read. There are several ways you can look for sites and publishers: Ask your target audience where they get online information. Ask your paid search or media team where they advertise and which particular domain gets quality traffic. Look for sites that rank well for informational queries, which are often related to your products and services. Utilize Ahref’s Content Explorer to look up authors and publishers who write about your topic. Then, sort out which ones get the highest traffic to look up for the best opportunities. Note that none of these usually use automation or scraping, as these are seen as quite deliberate. You can do manual research to search for blogs as these are traditionally one of the best ways to be relevant in what you do. Build Your Network Guest posting allows you to build your network and relationship with other website owners within your niche. That’s because you need to scour the internet for websites that cater to the same audience as yours. You also need to reach out to the content editor or website owner and ask if they accept guest posts. That said, do not take it personally, should someone said no to you. It can be because they are not accepting guest posts at the moment, or you are reaching out to the wrong website. But other than that, building a list of relevant websites that accepts guest posting can be straightforward. And they are likely to accept your offer because they are getting new content for free. Meanwhile, you get to expand your audience reach. In our opinion, the key to a successful guest post outreach is ensuring that you are pitching a relevant content idea. When we say “relevant,” it means a content idea that will resonate with their audience but is angled to your brand. Craft a Good Pitch The next thing that you need to do is to pitch your article. Before crafting your pitch, there are some things that you need to know. This has something to do with the content of your email and your recipient. Stalk them if you want but in the right way. That way, you’ll be able to adjust your tone of voice according to their content. Here are also some things that you’ll want to keep in mind: Warning number 1: Avoid guessing. Don’t think whether the recipient is a she or a he. Warning number 2: Don’t ever address them with, “Dear webmaster.” As much as possible, take the time to personalize your pitch. Try to call the person by their name, bring up some personalized stuff that will catch their attention, or congratulate them on a job well done. Introduce yourself, but make the introduction short and sweet. Then, the next thing that you need to do is to get to your main point. Sometimes, it’s quite practical to develop a short topic or overview of what you’re planning to write and how readers will benefit from it. Finally, don’t forget to say thank you, as well. Keep your emails short, direct to the point, and credible at the same time. Write A Killer Content Back then, 400-500 words of generic content are already enough for an average guest post. As long as the link is there, the content’s quality didn’t seem to matter that much. No wonder many would opt to buy guest posts instead of crafting high-quality content. But the thing is, it’s not the approach that we use now- it’s the exact opposite. Although not perfect, Google’s algorithm is getting better at determining quality content. If you wanted to project the best possible representation of your brand, the content you put out there should be the best representation of you. Assuming that you’ve followed the abovementioned tips, your content should rank well and drive referral traffic to your website. And this referral traffic can become your loyal readers and potential clients. Nonetheless, you should make a great impression as

guest post services
guest posting Services

Amplify Your Brand Awareness And Build Reputable Links By Guest Post

It is undeniable that link building is integral in improving your website’s search engine ranking. Hence, many businesses would stick to any tactic to acquire links. This includes building links through guest posting. Should You Guest Post To Build Links? In our opinion, guest posting is one of the excellent ways to build links and drive traffic for your website. However, it can be a double-edged sword. For one, some businesses would settle for crappy content for the sake of getting it published and acquiring links. Another is that brands would publish their content on irrelevant and under-performing websites. So, before you use guest posting as a vehicle to build links for your website, here are three things you need to know: 1. It’s Not About Link Building Guest posting is meant to expand your audience reach and establish your brand as an industry thought leader. That’s because the content you publish helps build your reputation. Hence, you should not settle for less when guest posting services. 2. They Don’t Really Bring Referral Traffic Back in 2016, Tim Soulo did an experiment to measure the ROI of guest posting. After collecting traffic data from 239 guest posts published on 78 blogs, it was revealed that such content brings an average of 56 referral visits. Not impressive. This explains why you should not rely on guest posting alone to drive website traffic. 3. It Doesn’t Bring Immediate Result If you want quick results, guest blogging is not for you. That’s because you need to build your reputation first before you can convince more prominent publications to accept your guest post. 5 Steps To Use Guest Posts For Link Building Now that we have set your expectations about guest posting for links, it is time to learn how you can do it effectively. 1. Look For Relevant Opportunities Looking for relevant websites is the key to an effective link building campaign. These websites cover similar topics, cater to the same audience as yours, and where your competitors are likely to contribute. So, how can you find relevant opportunities? Google Search There are search formulas that you can use to look for guest posting opportunities. For example, if you are in the travel niche, it can be as simple as typing “travel + guest post” on Google. That way, you can create a list of websites that publish guest posts. Competitive Analysis Another way to know where you can guest post to check where your competitors are getting their links. Using our previous example, that would mean knowing whether your fellow travel bloggers are contributing to other websites. Check whether those websites are travel websites. If not, determine what the content they contributed is all about. That way, you can figure out how you can make a robust link building campaign. 2. Refine Your Target List Once you have a list of target websites where you can guest post, the next step is to refine your list. And you can do that by considering the following factors: Relevance. Of course, your target website should be in the same niche as yours but is not necessarily a competitor. Domain Authority. Look for websites with DA higher than yours. Moz Rank. This indicates the importance of a page (i.e., pillar content vs. a news article). Follow vs. Nofollow. You should get a do-follow link, as this pass-on link juice to your website. Spam Score. The higher the spam score, the farther you should stay away from it. Inbound Link. You should check whether your target website is acquiring links from gambling or porn sites. These are just some of the factors you need to consider. And the metrics that matter to you may vary depending on the nature of your website. 3. Pitch Your Content Ideas After refining your target websites’ list, the next thing you should do is pitch your content idea. The key here is familiarizing yourself with your target website. That’s because some websites require that you only pitch a title. Some would want a draft, while some will ask for submissions. Hence, it is better to check their guest posting requirements before searching for an editor’s name and email. Doing so will make you efficient in acquiring guest posting opportunities. Because the quicker you provide guest posts, the faster you can build links. 4. Submit Your Content Regardless of guest posting requirements, you will need to craft content that will adhere to your target website’s guidelines. We are talking about word count, the acceptable number of external links, and topical relevance. But more than that, you craft content that can fulfil two conditions: Establishes your brand as a key opinion leader in your industry. Resonates with your target website’s audience. For instance, you are a travel blogger and were given an opportunity to guest post on a hotel comparison website. Writing a list of travel tips may not resonate with their audience. Instead, you can write about how their readers can book a hotel suite without breaking the bank. 5. Measure Your Progress No digital marketing campaign is complete without tracking its progress. So, what can you measure in the case of guest posting? Here are the basic ones: Number of guest posts published within a month Number of links acquired within a month Improvement in keyword ranking (if you used your target keywords as anchor text) That said, you need a tracking system. It can be a spreadsheet that lists down all your target websites and the guest posts you made for them. It should also include the status of the guest post (i.e., scheduled or published). And other than the improvement in keyword ranking, you can also measure the number of referral traffic you got from your guest posts. Final Thoughts It goes without saying that guest posting can help you acquire and build links. But keep in mind that there is more to it than link building. Instead, use guest posting as an opportunity to build awareness

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