Saas Content Marketing

What Is SaaS Content Marketing And Why Does It Matter?

Generating unique content is absolutely key when establishing a successful SaaS marketing strategy. Content marketing saves you time and money when engaging customers, converting leads, and building a trusted brand. Wonder how it will benefit you and where to get started? This article will shed light on why you should care enough about SaaS content marketing to put in the time and effort. What Is SaaS Content Marketing? So, what actually is SaaS content marketing? It’s a powerful marketing strategy that helps your audience understand the benefits of your service by creating consistent and unique content. Examples of this content include: Blog posts Infographics FAQs Webinars YouTube videos Looking for tips on creating the right kind of content? Check out this SaaS content marketing guide. 6 Reasons why Content Marketing Matters In SaaS Content not only attracts and helps convert leads but also works wonders for customer retention. When playing the SaaS marketing field, your target audience is more limited than a standard business. New, exciting, and engaging content for your audience will keep them close and help you grow. People are hungry for content and news. That’s why 85% of large SaaS businesses own a blog and 18% host podcasts—a unique and uninterrupted way to share information and market services. Let’s get into six reasons why content marketing matters for SaaS. 1. It Helps To Build A Brand When creating content for marketing strategies, it’s important to include information about your product, company, and brand story. Keeping it consistent gives your brand a unique voice that will naturally come across confidently throughout your content marketing. Make sure you understand your target audience and then use your content to connect with them. Produce content regularly and you could increase revenue by up to 33%. However, what goes hand in hand with consistency? Alignment. Consistent content is great but it’s only powerful when it aligns with your mission and vision. Check out Salesforce who releases current and desired content catered to their audience. Their recent blogs include discussions on CRMs, the impacts of ecommerce on retail, and the importance of teamwork. Source Relevant content keeps your customers or leads engaged, fuelling a desire for them to be part of your brand story. 2. It Helps To Build An Audience  By remaining consistent, relevant, and confident with your content marketing and branding, you’ll attract a relevant audience. 72% of marketers believe that content marketing increases engagement and the number of leads. Assuming you’ve done your market research, tailor your content for those who need it. The type of content will, of course, vary depending on your customer’s pain points and their unique buyer’s journey. Helpful content that answers your readers’ questions is more likely to be remembered and shared amongst peers. Knowing that 77% of internet users read blogs and that those including an image every 75-100 words are shared twice as often, a blog post is a great starting block in your SaaS content marketing journey and to build your audience. However, 40% of people search only from smartphones. Before publishing your gripping reads, make sure they’re compatible for mobile users to keep rankings high. Source Again, Salesforce does a great job at this. They go one step further and encourage you to subscribe so that their weekly content is sent directly to you. Source This is a perfect example of how to ensure that interested readers can continually access your content—and you’re top of their minds. 3. Content Is key For An Inbound Marketing Strategy  40% of internet users worldwide use ad blockers and people are turning ‘banner-blind’. When it comes to SaaS, abandon all flashy, outbound marketing strategies and instead welcome inbound ones. Not only would this cost you 62% less than what you’d spend on outbound marketing strategies but, inbound leads have higher conversion rates at 14.6% compared to a mere 1.7% from outbound rates. Sounds too good to be true, right? Knowing that 61% of consumers’ buying decisions are influenced by content, it’s clear that with a more subtle and attractive marketing strategy, you’ll see a boost in sales. “In the SaaS environment…inbound marketing methodology is not a luxury, but a necessity.”—Mike Khorev, SEO Consultant. Creating a trustworthy resource of important content means you’ll be there, ready for when they need you. When readers come across your page, they’re likely to be looking for answers. Nurture and dazzle your MQLs with your high-quality content, show off your expertise in your field, and solve customer problems. This will help your SEO and drive more traffic to your site. 4. It Builds Trust Within Your Niche Creating content that is transparent, concisely explains what your product or service offers, and answers your readers’ questions will help differentiate you within your niche. 67% of B2B buyers say they rely more on content than they used to in terms of informing purchase decisions. When readers find your content helpful, your SaaS business gains credibility. Credibility will lead to recognition as an expert among potential customers. This is the type of status and authority you want. Keep your helpful content consistent and build trust. People will repeatedly come to you when they need something because they remember how you’d helped them in the past. Other ways to build trust include: Testimonials Product reviews Social media Show your awards Honest descriptions of your product or service Free trials Source Source Naturally, trust leads to loyalty. This B2C relationship is particularly important within SaaS as you’re looking to increase customer lifetime value (CLTV)  and want to keep them happy. Consistency > Credibility > Trust > Loyalty 5. It Retains Current Customers  SaaS content marketing isn’t just about generating and converting leads. It’s also important for your current customers. Taking care of current customers and maintaining their trust will help attract new ones because 60% of loyal and happy customers discuss their favorite brands with friends. What’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to make sure your customers stick around? You guessed it. High-quality