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If you want to hire a Search Engine Optimization company, you will realize that you have plenty of options to choose from. So, before deciding which company you want to work with, there are nine factors that you should consider.

Keep in mind that SEO is constantly evolving. That’s because search engine algorithms regularly update to create a much better user experience. However, you could be busy running your business. So much so that you don’t have much time worrying about things like keywords, organic traffic, and search engine rankings.

Fortunately, choosing the right SEO company does not have to be complicated. You need to know what factors to consider before deciding which SEO company to hire.

1. Knowledge Of SEO

Ideally, you want to work with a company that employs pros that specialize in search engine optimization.

Choose to work with a company that focuses on mastering a couple of SEO areas rather than trying to master everything.

Also, see to it that you check with their past SEO campaigns to better understand the service they offer and their skill.

Ideally, they should have a history of enhancing traffic and good rankings for their clients. The key here is to ask questions. That’s because the best SEO company in India can answer straight to the point instead of using big words.

Do not work with companies who make exaggerations or false claims about their success.

2. Business Experience

Business experience does not necessarily mean being in the industry for years. It could also mean that they have experience working with brands like yours.

Doing so ensures that they know what campaigns to implement to help you achieve your goals.

That said, consider asking for a relevant case study. This should give you an insight into the success of their SEO campaigns for brands similar to yours.

3. Turnaround Time

Crafting an effective SEO strategy takes time. However, that should not prevent the SEO agency you are working with from giving you a specific timeframe for results.

Ideally, you should start expecting to see results from legitimate SEO strategies at least six months of getting started.

Also, the possibility of getting results a lot earlier than expected will depend on the health of your site.

For example, correcting some critical technical errors or oversights can eventually lead to quick SEO gains. When your site is well-structured and free from technical errors, you will have to wait a lot longer to see any significant changes.

If the SEO company you work with will promise you quick results, always ask why. If they bring up technical factors that needed to be fixed, then great. If not, you should be wary as they might be using outdated or spammy strategies that might cause your site to get penalized.

4. Pricing And Budget

Some SEO agencies are upfront about their pricing, while others are not.

But before working with them, you need to ask about the initial outlay, as well as the ongoing fees. See to it that you inquire about any extra charges as well.

For instance, how much will you be expected to pay for the initial evaluation and strategy document? Are the fees waived once you choose to work with them?

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It also helps that you reach out to at least three SEO companies first and compare the costs.

See if the cheapest provides the same quality of service as the others. Also, can you claim penalties in case they don’t deliver?

5. Current and Past Clients

The prospective SEO company you are planning to work with should also be open to sharing a list of former and current clients. It can be in the form of a portfolio, complete with their website, contact details, and campaign results.

Usually, these references will gauge how effective an SEO company is. It is also an excellent way to know whether they are good at what they do.

Although some clients might be unable to provide you with specifics, they can at least tell you whether they saw a positive impact on their search rankings.

This is true, especially regarding conversions or expanding market reach brought about by a robust SEO campaign.

6. Existing SEO Strategies

It would be best if you also stayed clear from SEO companies who are not open to discussing their methods and strategies in detail.

They should have no qualms in discussing the strategies they’re using to drive up your site’s search engine rankings. They should also give you a rough estimate of how long it will take to achieve the SEO campaign goals that you’ve managed to agree on.

See to it that their proposal offers a technical review of your site to weed out any site problems. Otherwise, these issues like broken links and error pages can affect your search engine rankings.

They should also provide you with an on-page optimization process that will make your website as search-friendly as possible.

This involves enhancing the URL and internal linking structure of your site and enhancing web page titles, tags, and headings.

Similarly, you should also ask if they also provide off-page SEO strategies that help build online awareness for your brand. It can be through guest blogging, organic social media marketing, influencer marketing, and more.

7. Realistic Promises

This is often a general rule that you need to go with. If an SEO agency promises results that are too good to be true, they probably are.

Some shady companies will promise you with first-page Google rankings for highly competitive keywords within two weeks. What you do not know is that they practice black hat link building tactics. Instead, get your money back and use it to run a white hat SEO campaign with a legit digital marketing company.

8. Reporting Process

A reputable SEO company will be sending you regular reports. The most common frequency is at least once per month, but it’s also a bonus if they’ll be sending you quick weekly updates.

You also have to be aware that you’ll be providing the SEO company access to your site. Hence, it makes sense that you work with a reputable SEO company.

If you want to mitigate the risks, ask whether the SEO agency also provides web development services. That way, they can send you the handover documents all in one go. Otherwise, let them work with your in-house web developer, although this could mean the implementation of changes will be slower than usual.

Any reputable SEO company will be prepared to send you a detailed log of any site changes they’ve made. So, see to it that you maintain open and regular communication with your site developer and SEO company.

9. SEO Best Practices

You have to play it fair with Google to avoid being penalized. Otherwise, your site may disappear on search engines, hindering your online success.

Ideally, your SEO service provider should give you tips on how you can ensure that search engines will not penalize your website.

Remember that SEO is a continuous process. If you want your business to rise to the top, then working with the right SEO agency is an essential step that you need to take. And you can do that if you consider the factors mentioned above in mind.

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