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With the increased use of smart phones, more and more developers are into developing new applications. But just developing an application is not enough to get people attracted towards the application. Also just simple SEO tricks will not be really helpful in gaining visibility. To gain more amount of visibility for your application you need to use the tricks of ASO or App Store Optimization. Similar to search engine optimization, App Stores also use a kind of algorithm in order to maintain the ranking of the applications in the list. Thus, focusing on some of the areas can get you a good ranking and hence can get you a good visibility in the App Store.

Researching Keywords

Similar to search engine optimization, even ASO has keywords as the first factor of visibility. You need to research on keywords properly so that you can have a good name searched for the application. A good mobile app marketing expert can help you in getting the right keywords for your application. But some of the tricks that you can still use are to get the keywords that are being used the most by people to search the particular application that you are developing. Some of the tricks that the app store optimization services use for keyword search are:

  • The keyword should not be difficult in terms of search,
  • The name of the application should be very much relevant to the services to be provided,
  • It depends highly on the amount of searches it can get on a weekly basis.

Description Of The Application

After keyword, one of the most important factors for visibility claimed by App store SEO Services is the app description. It is said that the application description adds a value to the application so that it can gain a high amount of visibility. For making the description such strong, you need to add the well researched keywords in the description. Also the description should contain details of the services that the user will be enjoying on installing the application on their smart phones.

The Title Of The Application

As per Google Play Search head, it is said that the app title is an important part of the metadata. An application that has a title of 25 characters and is attractive catches a lot of visibility as per the App store optimization. Now again for different app stores, there are different marked character limits. For example, if you are creating an application in IOS, then you can have a title with a maximum of 255 characters, but in case of an android application, a title of about 30 characters can be said to be an ideal one. The best idea is to hire a mobile app marketing expert who can understand all these tricks and can provide you the best that is needed for your application.

Application Icons And Videos

Well, it is a universal fact that images and videos are the most important factors that can make anything much visual. The icon should be such that can attract a huge number of visitors on your application. It has to be unique and something that can be remembered for a longer time. Many of the app store optimization services suggest providing screenshots from the application working so that the users can understand the application well and can confidently install it.

Rating And Ratings

Again another factor that can determine the visibility of your application is the rating and the review of the application. App marketing packages often consist of reviews and ratings of the applications for this particular reason. Just getting reviews is not the only aim here. The reviews have to be filtered well so that the positive reviews of the application can be highlighted. The rating of the application should be good in the listing because now a maximum of the users click on the application after viewing its ratings.

Regular Updates

To increase the visibility of the application, again another factor is the regular updates. Change is the rule of the world today. Each day a new application comes up that is better than the older ones. Hence, updating the application on a regular basis as per the new applications is very important. It is a great idea again to get this service in the app store optimization packages so that you do not have to think about it after a few months of the application’s release.

Apart from these most important factors, there are also some other factors that can be used for increasing the visibility of an application such as localization, permissions, prices, tools and others. Often today maximum of the developers hire an expert with app store optimization packages. Depending upon the package that you have taken and the services that you wish to have, the app store optimization cost will be determined.

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