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Want To Use Google Voice? This Is What You Need To Know!

Want To Use Google Voice? This Is What You Need To Know!
Want To Use Google Voice? This Is What You Need To Know!

Want To Use Google Voice? This Is What You Need To Know!

There can arise many circumstances in which you don’t want to use your phone number. For instance, if you’re providing a contact number on your business website or need to share it with someone you don’t want to or have to make professional calls. You can use Google Voice (aka Voice) number for such purposes because it allows cross-border communication with data or Wi-Fi connection .

Voice works over a VoIP system that provides an alternate contact number to users that they can use for multiple devices. This multipurpose usage is the key reason why Voice is among one of the best VoIP services. An alternate number can be quite handy when you feel like going on vacation without any disturbances. Or if you don’t want to get into the chaos of mixing personal calls with others.

This is a detailed guide that will give you a walkthrough of Voice and its uses. So make sure to read it till the end.

What Is Google Voice?

Launched in 2009, Google Voice is a free service for Google Account/Google Workspace Account users using which they can call and chat without having to exchange their personal phone numbers.

Service Name: Google Voice
Also Known As: Voice
Launched In: 2009
Purpose: To provide VoIP services for Google Account/Google Workspace Account users
Device Compatibility: Android, iOS, and Web
Browser Compatibility: Chrome, Microsoft Office, Firefox and Safari
Services Offered: Voice call services, Text message services and Voicemail services over the internet

Before coming under Google’s holdings, Voice was renowned as GrandCentral and was launched to provide a free secondary contact number to users which serves all the expected functions of an actual number. It is noteworthy to know what you need to set up your Voice number:

  • First, you need a Google Account/Google Workspace Account.
  • Another thing that you’ll need is a US-based phone number. At present, Voice is only available in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) regions.

With a Google Account/Google Workspace Account (that almost everyone happens to have today), you can get a Voice number to facilitate calling over the internet. With Voice, you need not fret about carrying multiple phones and switching sims to make calls now and then. Read further to get detailed insights on Voice and how to set it up for personal and professional use.

Key Features Of Google Voice

Here are five key features of Voice that make it the right choice for businesses:

  • Call Forwarding: Voice allows call forwarding which enables you to transfer incoming calls to a different device. In addition, it allows creating your own set of rules regarding when and to which device a call should be forwarded. However, you must check the carrier rates applicable when linking the device for this feature.
  • Multi-Device Compatibility: Voice is a great way to connect a single number across multiple devices (laptop, desk phone, tablet, phones) and facilitates easy communication.
  • Spam Filtration: With Voice, users get a separate spam folder which includes messages and calls from known spam numbers and blocked numbers.
  • Multi-Level Auto Attendant: Businesses can choose this feature with Voice’s upgraded paid plans. This enables forwarding calls to the right extension to eliminate any misrouted communication. Furthermore, it also allows customizing greetings for the same.
  • Ring Groups: With Ring Groups, business owners can enable call ringing for the same Voice number at different extensions (or phones) simultaneously, thus distributing the workflow seamlessly.

The above-listed features of Voice are available as per the plan you’ve picked (more on that later).

How To Use Google Voice For Business Use?

Here is the detailed procedure for getting your Voice business number:

(i) Visit Voice Homepage

On the homepage of Google Voice, select For Business and you’ll be redirected to a new page.




(ii) Select A Plan

Then you’ll need to select a plan. Voice provides three distinct plans starting from 10 USD per user per month. Scroll down a little on your screen or simply click on Get Started to view pricing plans.

Bear in mind that your Google Workspace Account needs to be logged in for this purpose. When you click on Select to proceed with a plan, you’ll see a notification like this:


Google Voice


So, hit the Sign In option to log into your Google Workspace Account. In case you don’t have a Workspace account, you will have to create one and agree to the terms of use. Once you’re logged in, read the plan features thoroughly and then click on the Get Started option.

(iii) Continue & Give Area Code


Google Voice


After reading the terms and conditions of use, click on Continue. Afterward, enter your country code in the box.

(iv) Select A Number

Then Voice will show you a list of numbers available based on your location. Once you select a number, you’ll get a message displayed on your screen that reads- “You’ve selected (selected phone number).” Click on Verify to proceed.

(v) Verify Your Existing Number


Google Voice


Next, Google will send you the confirmation code which you can receive either via text or call. For this, you need to click on Verify, enter your existing phone number that you want to link and proceed to verify.

(vi) Claim Number & Finish The Set Up


Google Voice


When you’ll be assigned as a User of Google Voice after completion of the above steps, claim your Voice number. Click on Claim and proceed to finish your set up. You can add more users to the extent of users allowed as per the plan you selected earlier in Step 2.

(vii) Download The Voice App On Your Mobile

Lastly, you need to download the Voice app on your mobile and link it with the same Google Account. Now you’ll be able to receive and make calls, and send text messages to people from multiple devices that are connected to your Google Workspace account.

How To Use Google Voice For Personal Use?

In a new tab in Chrome or any other compatible search browser (refer to the table above), open this link- https://voice.google.com/. Bear in mind that your Google Account needs to be logged in for this purpose. So once the Voice site opens up, hit the Sign In. In case you don’t have a Google account, you will have to create one and agree to the terms of use.

1. For personal use, you’ll have to select a device from the given options: Android, iOS, or Web. Then you’ll be redirected to a new window from where you can download the Voice app; ensure that you use your smartphone for downloading the app on Android or iPhone. Then follow the on-screen instructions to proceed. You’ll be required to enter the area code to get a number based on your location.


Google Voice


2. Select one of the displayed numbers for yourself.

3. As you proceed to set up Google Voice, you’ll be asked to submit a verification code that will be sent to your existing number for verification. So follow the on-screen instructions.

4. Proceed to claim your number and finish setting up your Voice account. Note that you can only register once for Voice using a number; if an existing number is already claimed, you need a new number to sign in.


Now you can enable Call Forwarding on multiple devices connected to your G-mail account.

NOTE: Also, remember that your Voice number can get deactivated if you don’t use it for 30 days. So ensure you make at least one call or send one text message every 30 days using Voice.

How To Make Your First Google Voice Call?

  • To make a call using Voice, open the Voice app on your phone or visit the website homepage link- https://voice.google.com/.
  • Then go to the Calls tab and enter the number you want to dial or search for a saved number. Remember to enter the country code before the number for making international calls.




  • Allow the required permissions, for instance, microphone access or access to contacts to enable the calling.

Now you know which number to handover when you want to keep your personal number private.

How To Make Your First Video Call Using Google Voice Number?

Google Voice doesn’t support video calls as of now. However, anyone can use their Voice number with Google-integrated apps like Google Duo, Google Meet, or Google Chat to make video calls.

How To Send Your First Text Message Using Google Voice?

Google allows sending messages using the Voice service to individuals and groups of up to 7 recipients (plus the sender). Remember that if you send a message to a non-Google Voice number, the character limit must be less than or equal to 160 characters only. You can even send GIFs and images but if they’re larger than 2 MB you can expect to see their quality impacted. Here is how to send text over Voice number:

  • Open the Voice app on your mobile phone or click on this link- https://voice.google.com/.
  • Afterward, select the Message tab.
  • Select the Compose/Send New tab.
  • Choose a number from your contact list or enter a number manually.
  • Then type in your message.
  • Hit the Send option.

Is Google Voice Free?

You can set up Voice for free, however, certain features, like porting the number or changing it, are chargeable. In addition, if you’re using this service to connect with another US-based or Canadian-registered Voice number, it’s free. But, international calls are chargeable, continue reading to discover more about that.

Google Voice Prices

Normal calls and outbound calls are free in certain parts of the US and Canada with Voice. However, Google’s VoIP service, Voice, attracts certain costs for making international calls. In addition, Voice rates also depend on what device you’re using. For instance, in Argentina you will be charged as follows on per minute basis:

Country Name Mobile Charges (in USD) Landline Charges (in USD) Special Services Charges (in USD)
Argentina $0.11 $0.02 $1.10

For more details on country-wise Voice rates, refer to this table- https://voice.google.com/u/0/rates.

Furthermore, there are three different Voice price plans for businesses with contrasting features which are chargeable per user per month.




How Google Voice Works?

Voice works on Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system and allows users to make calls using an alternate number. Voice number works with laptops, desk phones, and mobile and also provides integration with:

  • Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari


You can use this alternate number with any carrier and phone (even the keypad phones which are supported by the internet). Voice also provides transcripts for messages and supports voicemail service if you aren’t available to pick up the call on any of your integrated devices. However, unlike many other VoIP services, Voice doesn’t support video calling unless used with an integrated service like Google Duo.

(a) Voice Calls:

We have already discussed how to make a phone call using Voice above in this article. Voice calling has features similar to a normal call. You can put the call on hold, mute your audio, make a conference call (group call), etc.




In addition, you can decide how you want to get notified about missed calls, put your phone on DND, and switch to a Voice number for making any calls directly from your device’s phone app. You can also use the Call Forwarding feature to make or receive calls across multiple devices including your website.

(b) Voicemail:

If you can’t take a call for any reason, it’ll automatically go to voicemail after a couple of seconds. However, if you want to put the call into voicemail yourself, press 2 and it’ll be done. The caller will hear “The Google subscriber you have called is not available. Please leave a message after the tone,” message, if you’ve not customized or recorded your voicemail greeting.




You can access voicemails from your dashboard later. Voice provides you an alternative to receive transcripts of your voicemails on your email.

(c) Text Messages:




The procedure of sending text messages using Voice has been discussed earlier in this article. You can check messages from your dashboard and use your contact list or punch in the number of the receiver. Remember that whenever you use any other app for sending messages (even Google messages), your actual number (not your Voice number) will be shown to the recipient. Nevertheless, using Google Hangouts with your Voice number will do the needful.

How To Use Google Voice In India?

Voice is not supported in India because if you try to Sign In, you’ll see a message stating- “Sorry, Google Voice isn’t supported in your country yet.” It means Voice is only available to use in a few selective countries for now, which include- Canada, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, and the contiguous United States, etc. However, if you want to use Voice in India or any other country where it is not available, you can try using Voice with a VPN service by setting the servers in the US. This change of IP address to a server located in the US will do the needful.

List Of Countries Supporting Voice

1 Belgium
2 Germany
3 Ireland
4 Italy
5 Sweden
6 Portugal
7 Spain
8 Switzerland
9 Netherlands
10 U.K.
11 U.S. (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, the US territories of American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Island, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands)
12 France
13 Denmark
14 Canada

Although Voice service isn’t currently available in India, you can call a person in India using a US-based Voice number. Alternatively, you can use Google Hangout for making international calls.

Different Google Voice Plans

Voice provides three different plans for businesses:

(I) Starter Plan- 10 USD per user/per month

This plan provides access to but isn’t limited to:

1 Adding up to 10 users (at country-specific domestic level)
2 Call Forwarding
3 Google Calendar Integration

(II) Standard Plan- 20 USD per user/per month

This plan provides the following features in addition to those in the Starter Plan:

1 Adding unlimited users (from Us-based domestic and regional locations)
2 SIP Link
3 Ring Groups
4 Desk phone and ATA support
5 Ad-hoc user call recording

(III) Premier Plan- 30 USD per user/per month

This plan provides the following features in addition to those in the Standard Plan:

1 Adding unlimited users (from Us-based domestic, regional as well as international locations)
2 Advanced reporting (BigQuery)
3 Automatic Ad-hoc user call recording

Alternatives To Google Voice

Voice isn’t the only VoIP service that has been there for quite some time. People have been juggling through different apps and services providing similar or better features. Some of the reasons people look for alternatives to Voice are:

  1. Non-availability of toll-free numbers.
  2. Limited team collaboration due to non-shared plans.
  3. Higher charges as compared to other VoIP services.
  4. Non-integration with third-party apps/services.
  5. International calls are only allowed with the Premier Plan.


If you want to try something different, then the below-listed alternatives to Voice can be your go-to option:

  • RingCentral
  • Ooma
  • Dialpad
  • Sideline
  • Nextiva
  • OpenPhone
  • Skype
  • Grasshopper
  • Ringblaze
  • Telzio

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#1 Can I Send Videos Using Google Voice?

No, Voice doesn’t support the exchange of certain MMS formats like videos.

#2 Which Operating Systems Does Voice Support?

Voice primarily supports three operating systems which are: Windows, ChromeOS, and MacOS. However, for smooth functioning ensure keeping your OS updated for the latest versions.

#3 What Types Of Calls Are Allowed With Google Voice Number?

Voice supports two types of voice calls: (i) PC To Phone Calls and (ii) PC To PC Calls.

#4 What Is A VoIP Phone Number?

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) number works on a technology that allows users to make phone calls over an internet connection.

#5 Which VoIP Service Is The Best?

There are plenty of VoIP services available with distinct features, device compatibility, and plans. So the best is none other than the one that fits appropriately to your requirements of usage.

Wrapping Up

Google Voice is a splendid way to connect with people over a voice call, text messages, and voicemail without sharing your personal mobile number. It helps people utilize a single contact number for various purposes without switching between the carriers and save their money. 

Voice is useful for both personal and professional reasons when you require it to connect via a Voice over IP (VoIP) protocol. This allows businesses to integrate various extensions and department lines without needing them to be sitting under the same roof. However, it shares close competition with other VoIP services including OpenPhone, RingCentral, Nextiva, etc.

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