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Google Word Coach is a fun and effective way to learn new words in English. Have you ever tried it? Google is on a mission to ease the pain of learning new English words in a fun and interactive way. It presents the users with choice-based questions when they search for a word’s meaning using the world’s most-used search platform.

Do you want to make learning English fun but you are short of time? Then try a word coach quiz from Google and you’ll look up to it every time you wish to expand your vocabulary. The best part?-It can be played anytime and requires the least amount of time to enrich your English vocabulary.

Google has a vast dictionary that returns a word’s meaning. The Word Coach is an additional feature available on Android devices that helps users tighten their grip over English. In this guide, we’ll talk about how to play the word coach quiz Google and its benefits.

What Is Google Word Coach?

Google Word Coach is a free quiz game/feature from Google for android device users to improve their English vocabulary. The game comes in a choice-based format with 2 options for every question to test the player’s language knowledge. Users get scores based on how many correct answers they get.

There are five questions in total. Based on the number of correct answers, the player gets the scores. The 5-question quiz game returns:

  • 1st question directly in relation to the search term
  • Then 3 more questions that are directly or indirectly related to (synonyms and/or antonyms) the search term.
  • Furthermore, it also asks 1 image-based question wherein the players are supposed to choose the answer that best fits the image shown.

With every passing round, the quiz level will get advanced, giving you a chance to learn atypical words. It’s a great and fun way to learn while playing. Google Word Coach also explains answers at the end of the game. So you have a win-win situation because you’ll get to learn the correct answer for every wrong answer.

The word coach from Google provides points for every correct answer and marks/highlights it in green color, whereas if the answer is incorrect, it marks/highlights it in red color and the player won’t get any score. It also gives remarks like excellent, very good, perfection, and many more at the end of each round. In addition, you’re free to share your scores with your friends on social sites.

Types Of Questions Google Word Coach Quiz

The word coach quiz from Google provides 3 kinds of questions:

  1. Synonyms Questions: Words having the same or similar meaning to the search term.
  2. Antonyms Questions: Words having the opposite meaning to the search term.
  3. Image-based Questions: Users will need to choose the term that best fits the image shown.

You can also choose to skip questions and your score will remain unaffected.

Google Word Coach

1 Launched On: February 2018
2 Available In: Only in countries with a native language other than English.
3 Game Format: Choice-based questions (including antonyms/synonyms and image-based questions) with two alternatives.
4 Scores: The player gets scores for every right answer.
5 Negative Marking: There is no negative marking in this game, so as a player you won’t lose your earned score for wrong answers or skipped questions.
6 Available In: Countries where English is not a native language

When Google launched the word coach quiz game, it clarified that this feature isn’t available for every country. “It launched this month in non-English speaking countries and also in India. It may come to other countries and languages in the future,” one of Google’s spokesperson said at the time of the launch of Word Coach.

Why Google Launched Google Word Coach Quiz

It is only available in countries that have a native language different from English including India. So countries like the USA, Ireland, Canada, Jersey, etc. do not have access to this feature because English is an official language there. Thus it makes sense to provide this game for countries where people often search for word meanings, synonyms, antonyms, etc.

How To Open Google Word Coach?

There are numerous ways to open the Google Word Coach game. However, remember that you can’t play this game on a computer or laptop, it is only available on smartphones and Android devices.

  • Open Chrome browser on your android phone. Then type in “google word coach,” and run the search query.


  • On your android phone, head to the Google app and search “Google Word Coach.”

How To Open Google Word Coach


  • Run a word-meaning search query on Google. For instance, “happy meaning.” When you search for it, the word coach quiz will get activated and you’ll be presented with a set of questions.

In this way, you can enhance your English vocabulary and use novel words in your day-to-day life.

Google Word Coach Shortcut

You can access Google Word Coach directly from your android device’s homescreen. Al

l you need to do is click on Next Round, keep playing rounds of the word coach quiz and you’ll see a pop-up notification asking to add a shortcut of the game to your start screen. After adding the shortcut, you’ll head straight to the word coach any time in just a single tap.

How To Download Google Word Coach?

There is no way to download Google Word Coach because it is not available on the Play Store or Apple Store. If you want to play it, you have to head straight to Google or Chrome browser, that too only on smartphones and other android devices.

Benefits of Google Word Coach

Some English terms seem complex to learn and understand. But using them can mark an impression and expand your word power.

How Good Is Google Word Coach Quiz

So, want to know how good the Word Coach feature is for this purpose? Then read about its below-stated benefits:

  • Expands Vocabulary In Stress-free Manner

We tend to learn more effectively when we aren’t stressed. The word coach quiz from Google is a fun game. Thus, while playing it you won’t be worried about getting judged while answering wrong.

  • Keeps Track Of Progress

Word Coach keeps track of the daily, weekly, and monthly reports. It will not only allow you to see how far you’ve come but will also raise your self-confidence.

  • Best For Language Learning

We either have no one to practice English with or we’re often too nervous to try this out of shyness. With the word coach by your side, you won’t have to think about any such issues. It’ll allow you to make mistakes, correct you, and won’t make fun of you at all. That’s the reason language learning/ielts students often rely on it for self-practice.

  • Hassle-free Learning Access

Using Word Coach from Google is not a biting a bullet kind of task. You can access it with a few clicks on your smartphone and android devices. Moreover, if you add a home screen shortcut for this game, you need not to search for it again.

  • Explains For Answers

One of the best features of Google Word Coach is that it provides explanations for every single answer. So if you’ve chosen a wrong answer, you’ll get to know the reason and learn the correct meanings. This further adds to your knowledge with the friendly interface that Word Coach comes with.

Apps Like Google Word Coach

There are a plethora of alternatives to the word coach available on Play Store:

1 WordList Visual Learning 4.8/5
2 AdmitEDGE Wordbot 4.8/5
3 Magoosh Vocabulary Builder 4.7/5
4 Word Of The Day 4.5/5
5 Next edu: Learn English Vocabulary, Words 4.5/5
6 Word Coach Vocabulary Builder 4.5/5
7 English Dictionary: Thesaurus 4.3/5
8 Vocabulary.com 4.2/5
9 IELTS Prep By LeapScholar 4.1/5
10 First Words For Baby 3.9/5
11 Word Up 3.7/5
12 My First 100 Words
13 Dictionary WordWeb 4.6

Wrapping Up

Google Word Coach is a special feature that assists people in learning new words and expanding their English vocabulary. It is designed for smartphone users and is available on Android devices only. When we search “define (word)” or “(word) meaning,” the Word Coach game automatically appears. It consists of 5 choice-based questions which are divided into synonyms, antonyms and an image-based question.

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