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Grow Your Channel: 9 Smart Ways To Double Youtube Subscribers

YouTube Advertising Cost
YouTube Advertising Cost

Grow Your Channel: 9 Smart Ways To Double Youtube Subscribers

It seems like nowadays, everyone and their mother has a YouTube channel. Being a YouTuber is such a famous life goal that more kids dream of becoming one someday. Even though it seems like there’s a low entry barrier, growing your presence there can be a lot harder than uploading videos on a website.

If you already have a YouTube channel but want to grow your subscriber base, read on. Here are nine smart ways you can double your YouTube subscribers.

1. Have A Main Theme

When you promote YouTube channel, you have to think of the channel as a brand. If you want to upgrade your channel and make it marketable, you need to be able to have something marketable in the first place. The key to that is to have something recognizable about the type of videos that you do.

Whether you’re a gaming channel or a business channel, you have to stick to the central theme. You’re free to dabble in other things here and there, but you need to have the central theme to follow if you want to develop a community. Once you establish that central theme, you can incorporate other types of content.

In business and in creating a YouTube channel, you can’t cater to everyone, or else you’re setting yourself up for failure. Being in a niche place will help you get a more substantial following behind you.

2. Launch A Channel Trailer

Create a channel trailer and post it on your channel if you still don’t have one. When people get to your channel, the channel trailer will serve as a way for others to understand your channel’s content. It’s a way to promote your YouTube channel to potential subscribers who are already interested in your content.

Your channel trailer should play every time someone who isn’t a subscriber goes to your YouTube channel for the first time. That brief moment where you have the attention of that potential subscriber is critical. You have to make sure that you’re able to catch their attention and make them stay.

Use this as an opportunity to show the different types of content that you offer. Compile all of your best videos in one place and edit it together in a cohesive manner to make your channel trailer.

3. Collaborate With Influencers

Much like with any other social media site, influencers’ help is one of the best ways you can promote YouTube channel. Of course, for YouTube, it’s a lot different. Since you’re also a YouTube channel, you aren’t going to pay influencers to talk about you. Instead, you’re going to expand your network by connecting and collaborating with these influencers in a video.

When choosing which influencer to collaborate with, it would be best to stick with influencers who have an audience composed of people you want to subscribe to you. Once you have more of a following, you need not be as discerning with your collaborations.

It would help if you also made collaboration as authentic as possible. Subscribers can feel when a collaboration between you and an influencer is not genuine. If they ever think that it’s ingenuine, this will drive them away from watching or subscribing. Thus, it would be best if you collaborated with people that you genuinely enjoy.

4. Use Annotations

If you’ve watched any video on YouTube, you’ve probably noticed some of the info cards that pop up depending on the prompt. For example, if the video talks about a video that they made before, they can use the info cards to link you to the video that they said.

When you talk about anything that you can link to in your video, consider adding some info card on it. You can make four kinds of info cards: Video, Channel, Link, and Playlist. Depending on what you want to link to, you can use these info cards to make it easy for your audience to check out whatever you’re referencing in the video.

Aside from info cards, YouTube also has an end screen template that you can use to promote other videos on the channel. There are different templates available. There are ones that link to your other videos and others that show the red Subscribe button at the end.

Check out your metrics to determine which end screen format or template could give you the best results.

5. Consistently Upload New Videos

You can’t learn how to promote a YouTube channel if you don’t have any content and don’t deliver your promises to your viewers. After all, no matter how much you spend on your advertising, you can’t make them subscribe if you don’t make the content. You have to be consistent in uploading new videos.

Of course, you don’t have to be posting every day. You don’t even have to post every week. If you have lapses sometimes, that’s fine too. However, you need to have some schedule and stick to that schedule. Your subscribers will adjust themselves accordingly.

It will also help you to work harder if you’ve committed to posting at specific times. If you’re serious about building your channel, you have to be consistent and generate great videos.

YouTube Advertising Cost

6. Implement Calls To Actions

One of the most basic strategies on how to promote a YouTube channel is to reiterate a call to action in your video. There’s a reason why you hear a lot of YouTubers say to “hit the subscribe button and press the like” on a lot of their videos. They even say it so much that it’s become a running joke on the Internet.

However, they won’t keep doing it if it weren’t for the fact that it does work. Aside from telling your subscribers in the video to subscribe, it would help if you also used graphics to emphasize this call to action. The end screen should again try and encourage watchers to subscribe.

7. Be Creative With Your Title

When creating a title for your video, make sure that it’s catchy and creative without being a clickbait. There are too many videos on YouTube that promise one thing but fail to fulfill that promise. Don’t be that stereotypical YouTuber. You can make it catchy, but make sure that your title can reflect the content.

Also, your thumbnail should reinforce whatever it is that’s in your title. If these two match, it’s going to entice people to click on your videos more.

Remember to keep the titles short. Don’t write an entire essay on there because it’s not going to make viewers want to click the videos anyway.

8. Complete Your Profile Section

The videos are the most crucial part of your YouTube channel, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t benefit from profile optimization. When you’re creating the profile section of your channel, make it more compelling. It’s still a great way to express what your channel is. At the same time, it’s also useful for SEO purposes.

9. Produce High-Quality Videos

Before you ask yourself how to promote a YouTube channel, you have to make sure that you have high-quality videos on the channel in the first place. The videos that you make are the heart and soul of your YouTube presence. There’s nothing that you can do in terms of marketing and advertising that will salvage nasty videos.

High-quality videos will make for a more effortless viewing experience, making people want to stay and finish your entire video.

Editing is also a crucial factor in determining your videos’ quality, so make sure you don’t go too overboard with the effects.

Having a YouTube channel is a lot easier than growing your presence there. It’s a tough job, but the rewards that come with it are why many people still try. With the help of these tips above, you should have a better chance of growing your subscribers at a significant rate. Try these out on your channel and watch your growth go faster.

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