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In today’s highly competitive world, many businesses reach their target audience and prospects via search engines.

In the same way, people get to access this information with the same search engine.

There’s no doubt that online spaces have become an effective medium in relaying information and doing business online with this kind of duality.

So, to have a broader reach and get ahead of your competitors, you have to invest in search engine optimization (SEO.)

This is no different from people who offer services online, like legal services.

In this post, we’ll walk you through everything that you need to know with law firm SEO:

Keyword Research

SEO is largely built on keywords. So, choosing the right keywords is choosing the right stocks. But this can be a double sword as well.

By choosing the wrong keywords, you’ll significantly hurt your Law seo strategy.

Also, note that lead-enhancing keywords tend to get higher competition at a much higher cost. That’s why you need to pick your keywords carefully.

Ideally, you should pick keywords based on:

  • Your target audience: What does your target audience usually search for? How do they speak?
  • The volume of your keywords: Tools like Google Keyword planner allow you to find your keywords’ monthly search volume.
  • The implicated search intent of your keywords: Keywords like “lawyer reviews” have a much more commercial intent than “do I need a lawyer?” For the most significant impact, pick commercially inclined keywords which indicate that the user is ready for a conversation.
  • Competition of keywords: The more people who optimize for a particular keyword, the harder it is to rank. So, if you have trouble ranking for your keywords, use Google Keyword Planner. Your competition use tools are often paid tools, but Moz and SEMRush are the most common.

Content Production

If ever you’ve searched a local business on Google, then you’ve probably come across the results on the top page, with listings of local businesses together with their phone numbers, map location, and websites.

Usually, these are the first businesses that customers will contact, so this should be where you need to be.

The data that shows up will come from your Google My Business page.

Therefore, making sure that this is filled up should be part of your local SEO strategy. Check out the best Seo services India here.

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Here are some helpful tips on how you can optimize the listing of your law

firm on Google:

  • Come up with a long, keyword-rich description of your law practice and all the different types of keywords that you provide.
  • Upload many photos.
  • Pick the correct categories for your law practice.
  • Choose a local phone number
  • Place a link to your website
  • Place your complete address in the exact format you’ve listed on your site.
  • Ensure that the info you’ve listed is accurate and always up to date.

Once you’ve created your Google listing, Google will then provide you with helpful stats on your site on how many web visits you get per day, how many people who called you on the phone number you’ve provided, the reviews you’re getting, and a lot more.

On-Page Optimization

On each page of your website, you should include important information in your site, showing up on search engine results pages telling users and search engines what your page is all about.

There are two primary components:

Title tags: Tells users and search engines what your page is all about, why it’s vital to use your keywords, and locations.

Meta descriptions: A synopsis of what is included on the page allowing including keywords and your location.

With the use of a content management system like WordPress, you can quickly optimize the title tags and meta descriptions of every page of your site.

Page Speed Optimization

Most online customers will leave a competitor’s website, especially if they have to put up with loading delays.

A majority of online consumers will unlikely return to a site after a bad experience. But if you optimize your mobile speed, your bounce rates will significantly drop.

To check your site’s speed, you can use a tool like Google’s Page Speed Insights. There are also various things that you need to do to improve your site speed.

First, you need to decrease your images’ size, plug your photos as JPGs as much as you can, and update the plug-ins in your content management system.

It would help if you also got rid of anything that you no longer use and get rid of HTTP requests that you no longer need to download to download various aspects of web pages in your site like graphics, images, and scripts.

Email Marketing

Another great way to drive traffic to your site and turn prospects into customers is through email. There are various types of emails that you can use in the legal industry:

New Lead Follows Up Campaign

Guide a client or a prospect on what the next steps should be. You can send them a video or explain to them what it takes to be a lawyer.

Lead Magnet

Send them an ebook or premium content. Great examples of this include 10 Surefire Ways to Win a Personal Injury Case, How to Hire a Real Estate Lawyer, etc.

Reviews From Previous Clients

As soon as a case gets settled, you can proceed to the third email campaign, and that’s asking for a review or a short survey about your services.

Like we mentioned in the previous point, positive reviews add more traffic to your site.

Ethical Link Building

One of the best ways you can go with link building is to use simple methods like internal linking. Usually, this is a process wherein you link one page of your site to another.

If you want to influence your placement on search engine results positively, you can focus on building backlinks. Usually, these are links that are formed when one links one site with another.

Apart from creating content, there are also quite several ways that you can build links. One of the best ways to do that is to use white hat techniques so that you can avoid any prospective penalties on Google.

Also, note that although black hat techniques tend to exploit search engine rules by offering short-term gains, these can cause problems that you need to resolve later on.

Here are some great ways in which you can build a strong backlink portfolio:

  • Directories: This is a cataloging system that stores link to relevant sources. Popular examples of directories include Yelp, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Quora: This is a question-and-answer website and a great way to gain significant exposure. You can look up legal questions here and offer answers as you link your site for more in-depth information.
  • Image Link Building: Images that usually break down complicated information are extremely popular these days. So if you can come up with images that help resolve these legal issues, the better.

Ultimately, how you use your links will be entirely up to you. Just see to it that you’re providing relevant and useful information to your site.

Over To You

The legal market can be extremely competitive, with law firms competing for the top spot on search engine results.

For you to compete and stand out from the rest of the pack, apply the following tips to drive traffic to your site and gain potential clients. Good luck!

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