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You may not need complex solutions to all the SEO problems that you face with your eCommerce website. Today, we will focus on the five best ways that will help you quickly and address the issues instantly.

Quick fix SEO for Ecommerce Sites requires spending a few hours depending on the problems. Remember that solutions are available as quick fix, short-term, and long-term. Depending on the crisis that you face with the website, you must choose the right solution for an instant fix.

Quick Fix 1: Nav Links

Probably, navigation is the most sort out problem faced by all the leading eCommerce websites. A significant share of sites falls into two categories: mega menu and lack of direction.

Mega Menu

Mega menu will be a hurdle for customers who tend to search for products using the least clicks against the time consumed to complete a task. Putting everything under a single menu may seem incredible, but the link you generate will not even fit the screen! Plus, the structured data remains the same for all sub-categories, giving the same PageRank and internal link weightage to every single category.

Distributing the weight is essential to ensure that the product pages have higher page ranks. You must find the top categories or those that receive high traffic and divert the importance to those pages.

Lack Of Direction

In many cases, there is no logical structure available for navigation. For instance, the owner built a website to sell food products but with no links to the actual goods!

The reason is due to a rushed and poorly designed site with no understanding of SEO. Of course, he does not know about SEO, and the SEO professional lacks designing knowledge.

The Fix

You would help yourself if you considered what you want to sell, put them in order, and create a clear navigation path. It should also think about weightage and structured data that allows a user to head to the product page from the homepage quickly.

Quick Fix 2: Schema

The second in line for quick fix SEO for eCommerce websites is the schema, product, organization, or both schemas. The organization speaks about your company while the product schema talks about the products you sell. Adding schema to the site depends on your CMS functions. Setting apart is crucial for which you will need advanced functionality.

For organization schema, you can use the Schema Markup Generator and refine the content as much as possible as one can. Creating less confusion to search engines is the aim, which requires you to be more specific.

Product schema is different and tedious if you have more products to sell because it is a per-product thing. If you do not have a system, then you must work with your developers. It helps with increased visibility of the products, rankings, and more. It even supports a customer by telling that you are ready to clarify queries, sell the product, and goods are in stock. Using troubleshooting plugins for every product page helps improve to a serious degree. It may take a few minutes, but at the end of the product level, it will be a few seconds.

SEO for Ecommerce Sites

Quick Fix 3: Titles

It is one of the overlooked solutions that many eCommerce websites try fixing. Many of the sites come with a pre-configured setup, making it difficult to choose the appropriate title. For the setups that come with the configuration option, users can adjust the title in the code. For instance, “2021 Ford Shelby White, Silver, Red Now in Stock | Statham Car” is the title. It is not SEO friendly nor an attractive title for users to attract. The code for this will be: <vehicle><colors> Now in Stock | Statham Cars.

Altering the code to: <vehicle> in Stock | <company name> creates the previous title to: “2021 Ford Shelby in stock | Statham cars.” The switch will work for 90% of the titles as opposed to 50% before the switch. Altering the code makes it simple and comes with two benefits: better, clear, and readable titles that receive high click-throughs and improved rankings because of focused SEO and titles.

Quick Fix 4: Snippets

If you are not ranking wonderfully, it is time to consider featured snippets. It may not apply across the entire website, but it does to many of the products. In any case, you must look at the questions asked on page one for ranking but not the first three. And, consider if there is a snippet and, if not, then ask whether there is a requirement.

If a query has a 300-character answer and you can come up with a better one, then it is yours to take the position. Using it is a fast lane to the top position than the traditional link building. Remember that it is a shortcut and a quick fix. You must ensure and continue to function of link building for long-term profits.

Quick Fix 5: Google My Business Products

The favorite hidden gem of quick fix Local SEO for Small Business websites is the product listing in Google My Business. After signing, choose the “Products” category from the left pane to open the knowledge panel. Using UTM codes in the URLs is a plus if you want to keep an eye on the statistics. It helps you to look at the analytics and view the conversion rate. You can pick the product that you want to promote and start the campaign. It is the fastest area in fixing SEO for an eCommerce website and requires no technical knowledge.


Even if you do not have the coding skills and SEO knowledge, the quick fixes described here help you attend to your website’s immediate needs. With time running out, these methods are a better way to sell your products and reach the targeted audience. They do not end the crisis you are in but help you overcome before you pull together the resources for a long-term solution that works in favor of your site.

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