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How To Suppress Negative Reviews On Search Engines: HIDE IT, DON’T FIGHT IT !

Negative reviews can have a really bad effect on your business’s health. Obtaining bad reviews is a common phenomenon in this huge virtual world, however a negative one isn’t the end of an online business enterprise.

There are various means through which we can deal with this unfavorable situation.

To deal with this situation doesn’t means that we would be struggling to win a battle against all odds. Here we would be just redefining our work into a better shape so as to cover the negative reviews with the updated positive ones.

  • Public profiles on social media: creation and management:

Social networking is a huge helping hand when it comes to fixing things by reaching out to the people instantly!

All you have to do is to create a public profile (by public we mean that all your information should be accessible by the users).

You create the profile either by your own name or the company’s name (Company’s name is highly suggested)

Fill all possible details that you feel are necessary for the public to now along with some extra information related to the services.

The editing stuff is totally your job, however you need to be really precise about your work and make sure it doesn’t offends other people’s virtues, or else you would not even get time to regret upon it!

A few social networking sites are as follows:

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogger,, Myspace, Google+, Pinterest, Foursquare, Plixi, Yahoo Pulse, Photobucket, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Tumblr, Digg, Quora, Flikr etc.

  • Public comments:

These days expressing your ideas and experiences on various blogs have been quite mainstream and so the number of users who refer the comments as their only source of reliable knowledge has also increased, therefore it is highly advisable for you to become an active participant of commenting on various articles on several websites.

You can either log in using your own name or your company’s name, and start playing self-censorship. Here you can express your views in the smartest and literate way!

  • Linking the sites:

As a huge number of option as available to seek a path to the desired link, hence it is advisable to link all your possible social media accounts, to rank up yourself in the Google’s SEO. Here you need to connect two or more social networking accounts to Facebook, and then reconnect the whole lot to your main blog and do the Social Media Optimization. This is how your users would be redirected to the desired path and thus will raise your rank.

  • Withdraw negative keywords:

It is common when we enter a keyword in Google search we get a variety of results based on the suffixes and prefixes we use. In such a case the keyword which gives us the negative response should be push down by using Search Engine Optimization immediately and some new keyword should be frames to place it under the good reputation club.

  • Removing unwanted pages or the pages not owned by you:

There are some cases when people intentionally or unintentionally harm the reputation of your website, this is done through creating offensive websites, or maybe a copy of the content or the ideas of your blog.

In such a situation you need to contact the website owner, and request to take off the content that you feel is harming your website’s reputation through an email, or any other contact facility available on the blog.

  • Google and legal authorities:

In case if all your actions of building up your reputation goes in vain, you need to seek help from google and its legal authority, who are solely responsible to take care of each and every bloggers reputation. A brief analysis is don’t on the original blog holder and the fake blog holder and thus the most relevant action is don’t in the most justified manner!

  • The cached information:

Although you might have been successful in getting removed the irrelevant content from the search engines, however the internet is a place where no website is ever forgotten.

The website may disappear from the search results; however, the cached information is stored in the machines in various formats which can be later recovered.

Therefore emphasis is to be laid upon the quality of work you produce as an in depth researchers can even gain access to the cached information you don’t want to recover!

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