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Many resume editing services companies along with their resume writer Melisa Marzett who is currently working for resume services were waiting for 2020 and were already preparing for the inevitable changes. There is no doubt that they are coming – many marketing strategies and technologies that have been successfully used over the past years are already clearly outdated and do not fulfill their role with maximum efficiency.

Marketing companies strive to be aware of the latest innovations in the industry, successfully applied and already tested on the experience of one`s own. How will the trend of promotion in 2020 change and which of the well-known tools will still remain in the top list?

Recent Digital Marketing Trends 2020

It is worthwhile to understand that any marketing trends in 2020 are just a vector guiding the movement. Each of the tools must be correctly included in your company, repeatedly checked in different segments of activity, and tested. If the tool has become the central element of hype, it does not mean at all that it will work in this particular case.

Digital Marketing Services

Where to look for opportunities for marketing promotion? Where competitors have not yet reached and predecessors have not inherited. New trends are a great opportunity to prove yourself. What’s the point? To make full use of the capabilities of mobile Internet, social networks, search engines, instant messengers, video content and other areas that have successfully supplanted TV and radio advertising widely used in the past.

Hello Siri: Voice Search

The history of voice search cannot boast of large numbers. Widely use the ability to control their gadget using commands spoken out loud, users have started recently. Moreover, this innovation quickly gained momentum in popularity. Today, at every step you can hear requests to the popular helpers of Apple and Android – call the subscriber, send or read a message, find information.

voice search marketing

Your site is not yet optimized for voice search online? We’ll have to change the SEO strategy a bit, but competitors who have lost sight of this marketing trend will definitely be left behind.

So, the main approaches to optimizing the site for voice search:

  • the use of long colloquial phrases as keywords;
  • work on the creation and improvement of the mobile version of the site.

A voice from PC is not controlled. This is the prerogative of mobile device owners who want to see the search result in a format convenient for themselves.

The goal of the Google, Apple, Android voice search you have implemented is to work for you, taking the leading places in the search results. For this:

  • study products and services and select the most relevant list of questions that users can voice when searching for products from this segment;
  • analyze the site and determine which methods have the greatest impact on search results;
  • study Google trends and determine if it’s possible to implement popular search queries in your industry.

A huge amount of modern web traffic today comes from voice search. Marketing gurus have already attributed this tool to the Top Trends of Promotion 2020.

Not an ads but a hint: native product integration

In the search for new marketing trends, you will surely come across the concept of native integration on Instagram and Facebook. What it is? In brief, native advertising is soft dissemination of information about a product or service on third-party resources. Do not confuse the new trend and the familiar advertising post. Native content does not contain calls to action! This is a great way to talk about a brand to a large number of users without resorting to aggressive marketing methods, which few people today respond to.

online marketing company india

Native integration involves the use of information useful to the target audience of the resource, which organically fits into the site’s content. Among the most popular and effective options for “native” – memes, cartoons, comics. The repost corresponding to the theme of the page is closest in meaning to native advertising. The main difference is the lack of “Buy”, “Order” calls, information on price, delivery, points of sale, etc. Repost leads to the original page. Native integration does not mean switching to other resources.

How does this technology work if direct selling tools are not included in it? Native integration allows the use of a soft mention of a brand, an image of a product (service), an invitation to participate in a drawing, competition, event, without an appeal to subscribe, go or “read more …”. You can share a native publication, you can comment on it – the more interest a post on FB or Instagram causes, the more chances the seller has of success.

Add Virtuality: AR and VR Integration

Virtual reality is a relatively new trend of social interest, a trend in marketing. Yes, the very concept of AR and VR (augmented and virtual reality) technologies has been known to the world for a long time and attempts to introduce an alternative vision into life have been made repeatedly. In the field of promotion, this is a little-known and not yet widely used way to attract a huge segment of the target audience.

What is the difference between VR and AR technology? The second concept implies the use of only some elements of imaginary reality integrated into the picture of the real world (remember the well-known application that attracted the whole world to the pursuit of Pokemon). Virtual reality is more difficult to execute and requires a more serious approach to implement ideas. There is no virtual overlay on real. This is a completely imaginary world into which the user is immersed.

Where to see examples of VR and AR? The recently released Apple ARKit platform allows you to visually get in touch with the virtual world. Thanks to the application you can:

  • recognize the characteristics of surrounding objects;
  • read business cards;
  • recognize photos;
  • use a translator, etc.

The main task of VR and AR technology is the modeling of alternative reality through computer technology. These are Digital Marketing Services & technologies of the future, which show how this or that object (situation) may look with different input parameters. The interaction of the virtual world with the real in 2020 will be widely used in marketing. Already today, Instagram found a response from the audience with filters that allow you to try on real-time animal masks, change hair color or makeup, try on clothes. And one leads to another. Nowadays, AR technology in education allows you to use the surrounding space to visualize any content. The future is in the technology that makes it possible to go on a journey in the workspace.

As practice shows today, it is precisely the examples of the correct implementation of content using the native integration method (without mentioning the price, seller and other advertising chips) that become the most effective and successful tool for promoting products.

Real-time: Interactive Content

A huge flow of information that captured the Internet does not allow business representatives to stand out from competitors. No matter how good your advertisement is, it simply will not be noticed among thousands of similar offers. To carry on like this is not an option. Attracting customers quickly and for a long time is the first and key task of a marketer and should be tackled out of the box. Interactive content on social networks is trendy.

content marketing services

The first thing a specialist should do is determine the goals and pains of the target audience. This is the only way to create interactive content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other sites that will attract a potential client. The objective of the method is to engage the user in real-time communication. There are several ways to solve the problem.

What is interactive content? This is any content that implies the involvement of the user in the “game”, his active participation in the action on the page. The consumer does not just study the information. He is a member.

An example of interactive content is:

  • games and minigames;
  • contests;
  • calculators;
  • puzzles and puzzles;

The use of interactive video content is widespread. The user becomes an        active participant in the video being played on the screen. In such a situation, it is simply impossible to not see and remember information about the offered product or service.

Interactive content includes some e-books. Here, everything also works – the   consumer is included in the story, receiving a share of the co-author’s fame.

Smart ad campaign bidding strategies

Google is opening up increasingly broad perspectives in machine learning. What products to show, to whom, where, at what time – the decision is made not by the person, but by the program. In contrast to the regular shopping campaigns that marketers have long used to promote product groups, Google has proposed testing Adwords’ clever bidding strategy (now Google ADS).

Smart strategies (Smart Goals, Smart List, Smart Google Display Network, Smart Shopping) can process dozens of signals at the same time, analyzing them and highlighting those that can lead to the greatest conversions. The task of a specialist is to make the right choice of strategy.

When is it better to use automatic bidding? Only after a thorough analysis of the company. Depending on the results, one of the “smart” strategies will be chosen:

  1. Smart Goals is a machine-learning bidding strategy that takes into account parameters such as session time and the number of pages viewed during this period, the device, browser, and geolocation when searching for the most winning bids. Machine analysis of the signals that scored the most points allows you to create smart goals that are relevant in some cases. The first is for projects with a high cost of production and low conversion (for example, the sale of luxury real estate). The second – when you start a new project with no conversion statistics. In such situations, smart goals help you find the most profitable points of influence and direct the advertisement in the right direction.
  2. Smart List includes a remarketing audience – a list obtained by analyzing conversions and signals. Using machine learning, Google Analytics identifies users who are more likely to convert during the next session. With high traffic to the site and high conversion rates, the system analyzes the advertising campaign. If the information is not enough – Smart List is created on the basis of the analysis of similar companies that provided their activities for processing. But the most effective tool will still be for large projects whose traffic exceeds 5 thousand users per day.
  3. Smart Google Display Network eliminates the need to manually target, calculate bids, create ads. It is enough to upload brief information about the objects of promotion into the program and start it at work. Ads are created and sent out automatically. Smart media companies are created with pay per click or per conversion (the second option allows you to configure more flexible daily budget management and bidding).
  4. Smart Shopping uses bids that maximize the value of conversions within your daily budget. A smart shopping campaign can run in parallel with a regular shopping campaign and dynamic re-marketing. This is the best promotion option for creating simple and display ads.

Already proven but still relevant trends 2019

The emergence of new business promotion technologies does not mean at all that you should abandon already existing and still effective tools, completely replacing them with new solutions. Too narrow a marketing approach will not lead to the desired results. Promotion methods that are popular in the past and still working should be developed. Examine each specific proposal and think about how cost-effective its application will be in 2020. If there is at least one reason to consider the tool effectively, it is not worth giving up on it for the sake of new trends. What marketing things that were widely used in 2019 will still stay afloat and will also be relevant this year?

Virtual Assistants: Chat Bots

Chatbots in marketing are programs that imitate communication with a client. Such automated assistants are most often used for prompt dialogue when leaving an application on the site or as interactive participants in conversations in instant messengers, mobile applications, and when communicating by telephone.

The action of chatbots for business is based on machine learning. Constant interaction with real people helps the program to choose the most effective “live” methods of dialogue.

Opportunities for chatbots today are not limited to the offer of choosing one answer from several presented. Programs with artificial intelligence are constantly learning, mastering the multifaceted communication with users. They are easy to manage, ensure uninterrupted operation of the service 24/7, and help increase customer reach. The statistics obtained from the analysis of chatbot activity show:

  • using programs to communicate with users allows saving – bots do not need to get paid;
  • the best chatbots increase the effectiveness of interaction in a bunch of seller-buyer, without overloading users with unnecessary information, providing customers with exclusively relevant information;
  • chatbots help to track customer actions in detail, which makes it possible for the business owner to quickly optimize pages with the insufficient conversion.

Chatbots based on machine learning recognize not only teams but also the language. Thus, the user does not have to select keywords to obtain a relevant response to the request

Live Business Broadcasts

To increase sales and attract new customers, SMM specialists are increasingly using live video broadcasts. The so-called Stories, live streams, streaming is an effective method of attracting the Z generation. These guys will watch more and more, comment and repost. If this particular age segment is your target audience – there should be a lot of live broadcasts.

Those companies should be careful with the selection of content, which are focused on the millennials. In live mode, video broadcasts will attract representatives of the target audience only if they are really useful to them. If sales are aimed at older people – creating the air is inefficient. The older generation is unlikely to watch them.

Before organizing an online broadcast on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, think about the purpose of the broadcast. What do you want to get on the way out? The options are different:

  • informing potential customers about the service/product;
  • product quality demonstration;
  • a story about the stages of production;
  • acquaintance with company employees (most relevant for the media).

Live broadcasts for people interested in the proposed product can be presented in different forms. Think about whether your blogger will be on the screen or only his voice-overs will remain (as an option – the absence of a “human factor” at all). The shooting of YouTube broadcasts, as a rule, takes place in the moving mode, but for Instagram or Facebook both mobile and static videos are relevant (shooting from one point).

Live streaming is a real chance to quickly increase your reach. But in some cases, innovation can play against you, for example, having called off an outflow of customers. This is normal practice because not all users like informing about the start of the broadcast that comes to the gadget. As a result, those users will remain who are really interested in the product, and new ones will come, attracted by live broadcasts.


Is it worth rebuilding all the work of a marketing campaign for innovation? The practice of recent years shows that it is the novelties that provide sales. But only those that have been carefully analyzed and professionally applied.

What Trends of 2020 are already known? Advertising will no longer be universal; every day it becomes more and more personalized and tuned to a specific client. For promotion, it’s important to use interactive content, live broadcasts that enable the user to “get involved” in the process. Obsession is in the past. Native integration based on the effective action of light hints and half-whispers is trendy. 2020 is the year of virtual reality and machine learning, the use of instant messengers, and the simplification of working with networks thanks to voice search.

Do the technologies you use work? Excellent – do not give up on them. But you also cannot keep up with the times – combine approaches – this is also a trend.

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