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60 Search Engine Submission Sites 2023 | Mind Mingles

60 Search Engine Submission Sites 2023 | Mind Mingles

60 Search Engine Submission Sites 2023 | Mind Mingles

Google is the top priority of marketers when it comes to search engine marketing. And that makes sense because the Alphabet Inc.-owned platform is used by more than 90 percent of the global population. Nevertheless, it isn’t a smart choice to neglect other search engine submission sites. That’s why  in this article, we’ll talk about the list of search engine submission sites.

Although search engines don’t rely on manual submissions, it ensures speedy indexing. Search engines use their bots to crawl and index the websites (more on that later). However, when you submit your site on web submission sites and create designated webmasters, your site isn’t at risk of getting lost in the online competition. Furthermore, notifying search engines with these submission sites also ensures:

  • Your site is in sight of search engines
  • Your site gets indexed faster
  • Your site receives more organic traffic

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

What Is Search Engine Submission?

Search engine submission is the process of submitting your site link or blog URL to search engines and third-party free web submission sites. It is a splendid technique to index your website or a new blog and acquire organic traffic.

Search engines are no less than databases and are thus an important target for marketers for online promotions.

Some of the key search engines are: Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, and Yandex. In addition, there are more alternatives that marketers and SEO experts must be aware of. So read further to discover the list of search engines.

How Search Engines Work?

Search engines like Google rely on a 3-step mechanism to index and rank results. There are over 200 factors that Google assesses a site for while allotting ranking. Let’s see what process search engines use once you submit your website/blog URL:

  • Crawling: In this step, search engines send their bots (also known as spiders or web crawlers) to the submitted URL. These bots go through the contents of the site and the links that are added to it. After completing the procedure, the next step is initiated.
  • Indexing: If the search engine bots find the data useful, relevant, and well-organized for the users, it proceeds to index the URL. Indexing involves storing the submitted and crawled URL into the search engine database which is further referred to while allotting the ranks.
  • Ranking: The final step is distributing ranks to the indexed results based on their utility and a plethora of parameters that search engines consider important. Every result is evaluated and those that pass in the search engine’s test, get top rankings.

How Search Engines Work

When a person runs their search query on a search engine, it displays the relevant and quality results on top positions. Today, every business organization wants to improve its site rankings. No wonder, they invest in digital marketing because they simply want to increase their business’ discoverability and acquire conversions. Mind Mingles is a professional and certified internet marketing services provider with a decade of experience in handling SEM, SEO, SMM, ORM, and Content Marketing for clients in diverse industries. 

List Of Search Engine Submission Sites: Top 6

S. NO. Search Engines URL DA PA
1 Google https://developers.google.com/search 95 73
2 Bing https://www.bing.com/webmasters/about 93 72
3 DuckDuckGo https://duckduckgo.com//about 93 72
4 Yandex https://webmaster.yandex.com/welcome/ 93 69
5 Yahoo! https://help.yahoo.com/kb/SLN2217.html 54 88
6 Baidu https://ziyuan.baidu.com/login/index?u=/site/siteadd 11 41

NOTE: Manual submission is not possible for Yahoo! and DuckDuckGo. This is so because their search results are drawn from Bing, so if you’ve submitted your site link on Bing, you need not submit it on Yahoo! and DuckDuckGo.

Search Engine List

S. NO. Search Engines URL DA PA
1 creative commons (CC Search) https://search.creativecommons.org/ 95 81
2 Internet Archive https://archive.org/ 94 84
3 Naver https://www.naver.com/ 93 77
4 Aol. https://www.aol.com/ 93 79
5 LYCOS https://www.lycos.com/ 92 82
6 WolframAlpha https://www.wolframalpha.com/ 90 74
7 Ask.com https://www.ask.com/ 89 75
8 Elastic https://www.elastic.co/elasticsearch/ 86 61
9 Ecosia https://www.ecosia.org/ 86 68
10 Brave Search https://search.brave.com/ 83 64
11 Qwant https://www.qwant.com/ 83 65
12 SEZNAM.CZ https://www.seznam.cz/ 83 57
13 info.com https://info.com/ 80 56
14 Startpage https://www.startpage.com/ 75 65
15 DISCONNECT Search https://search.disconnect.me/ 71 55
16 dogpile https://www.dogpile.com/ 79 61
17 excite https://www.excite.com/ 79 36
18 Sogou https://www.sogou.com/ 78 89
19 HotBot https://www.hotbot.com/ 62 67
20 Youdao https://www.youdao.com/ 60 79
21 meta crawler https://www.metacrawler.com/ 60 63
22 You.com https://you.com/ 58 59
23 OpenSearch https://www.opensearch.org/ 54 55
24 WebWiki https://www.webwiki.com/info/add-website.html 53 52
25 SWISSCOWS https://swisscows.com/en 53 50
26 Wiki.com https://www.wiki.com/ 50 55
27 Mojeek https://www.mojeek.com/ 47 55
28 Openverse https://openverse.org/en-gb 47 34
29 Million Short https://millionshort.com/submit-site 47 27
30 Carrot https://search.carrot2.org/#/search/web 45 48
31 Yep https://yep.com/ 44 53
32 Search Encrypt https://www.searchencrypt.com/home 44 46
33 Gibiru https://gibiru.com/ 42 54
34 SearX https://searx.space/ 39 54
35 metager https://metager.org/ 39 52
36 iseek https://www.iseek.com/#/web 38 50
37 Oscobo https://www.oscobo.com/ 37 47
38 yippy https://yippyinc.com/ 34 36
39 Lukol https://www.lukol.com/s 33 25

Free Web Submission Sites List

These free website submission sites can help you acquire backlinks:

S. NO. Search Engines URL DA PA
1 entire web https://www.entireweb.com/free_submission/ 59 59
2 ebusiness pages https://ebusinesspages.com/AddCompany.aspx 56 53
3 Exact Seek https://www.exactseek.com/add.html 41 58
4 Exalead https://www.exalead.com/search/web/submit/ 56 52
5 JAYDE https://jayde.com/submit.html 42 41
6 what U seek https://www.whatuseek.com/addurl.shtml 41 52
7 Active Search Results (ASR) https://www.activesearchresults.com/addwebsite.php 38 56
8 1-HiT https://www.1-hit.com/free-search-engine-submit.php 36 45
9 SoMuch.com https://somuch.com/submit-links/ 35 46
10 websquash https://www.websquash.com/submit.php 35 38
11 splatserach.com https://www.splatsearch.com/submit.html 31 49
12 LOOK SEEK https://lookseek.com/cgi-bin/submit/addurl.cgi 30 46
13 Official Web Submission https://www.official.my/addurl.php 29 50
14 SONIC RUN https://www.sonicrun.com/freelisting.html 27 44
15 Add URL Free https://www.addurlfree.com/ 19 47

Benefits Of Search Engine Submission

Getting a site discovered on search engines is thus a major goal that every marketer wants to achieve today. It not only helps generate traffic and conversions but also creates a distinct identity for a business. Here is what you can expect when you go to submit your site on search engines:

  • Better Discoverability: More than 50% of the websites on the internet have experienced problems getting discovered because they weren’t indexed. With search engines and web submissions, your site will not face this risk. Search engine submission makes it much easier and makes the indexing process faster.
  • More Traffic: Attracting web traffic is the main goal of website owners. But it isn’t a walk in the park. Out of all SEO techniques, site submission on search engines is the basic and integral. It keeps search engines posted about newly added pages and updated pages of your site. As a consequence, it helps attract organic traffic.

Benefits Of Search Engine Submissions

  • Brand Awareness: Every business wants to be in the limelight today, but the internet is full of ‘n’ numbers of results. That’s why to stand out from the rest, free website submission is a must. It makes approaching your target audience a lot easier. Furthermore, it assists in establishing brand authority in your niche.
  • Backlink Generation: Free web submission is a simple way of generating backlinks from third-party websites. It elevates the chances of getting discovered by search engines and also increases credibility. In addition, acquiring links from high DA web submission sites can also improve your website’s SEO score.

How To Do Search Engine Submission?

Follow the below-stated 5 steps to submit your site/blog URL on search engine submission sites:

  • Go to any of the sites listed above and go through its terms and conditions.
  • Then enter your website or blog URL, title, description, etc. and select a suitable category. Some sites might require you to sign up before proceeding with this step.
  • Provide the necessary contact information.
  • Click on ‘Add Your Site/Submit’ to submit your site.
  • Check later if your site is indexed or not (scroll down to know how to check if your site is indexed or not).

How To Check If Your Site Is Indexed?

All your efforts in making your site/blog discoverable will reap benefits only if they are indexed. This makes it inevitable to know how to check whether your site/blog URL is indexed or not. To check this follow the following steps:

  • Open a new tab in Google or any search engine.
  • Now type in the search box- site:yourwebsite.com and press Enter.

If your website appears in the search results, it means it is indexed. Otherwise, learn 10 ways to index your website faster on Google.


Free web submissions and search engine submissions are an inevitable part of SEO. They provide website owners leverage by getting their site indexed and make it discoverable among the target audience. No wonder, these sites play a crucial role in enhancing search marketing plans. The above article enlists 60+ such sites that can help you in search engine marketing.

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