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Trusted Link Building Company In India

We are a professional SEO link building company with a passion for helping businesses grow. We specialize in helping our clients rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Link building is a crucial technique that uplifts the search engine ranking of a website. Every website owner wants to make their website credible and authoritative for better discoverability and ranking. Mind Mingles is a trusted link building agency that offers quality backlinks for every niche. Attract more website traffic with our SEO link building services. We understand the importance of organic link building and are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality content and links from the most relevant and authoritative sources.

We take pride in our comprehensive approach to link building, which includes manual outreach, link building campaigns, and content marketing strategies.

Our team is experienced in identifying high-quality link opportunities and creating content that drives targeted traffic to your website.

With our link building services, you can trust that your website will experience improved visibility and increased organic search traffic.

What Are Backlinks In SEO?

A backlink in SEO refers to a link that is earned from other websites for your own website. They play a vital role in determining the search engine ranking of a website or web page. Backlinks help search engines in crawling, indexing and determining the ranking of a site or web page. They build around a network for your web pages and affect their influence on its SEO Score. That’s why backlinks must be relevant and not spammy otherwise they will degrade your overall SEO Strategy.

How Do We Determine The Quality Of A Backlink?

Backlink quality is a matter of concern for website owners. Since link quality is a crucial SEO parameter, it affects search engine rankings. Google Penguin was one such major update that focused on uplifting the rankings of websites with a natural link profile. The Google 2022 Link Spam Update became another step in this direction. It not only nullifies the effect of spam links on rankings but also identifies paid links and PBN sites.

For a backlink to be qualitative several factors are taken into consideration which includes-

We at Mind Mingles, deliver high-quality backlinks from niche-specific websites that level up your website rankings and organic traffic. Our clients get 100% natural links from the relevant website and blog owners that don’t result in the downfall of their rankings.

Our SEO Link Building Services

Backlink Audit

We utilize highly advanced tools to audit your backlink profile and prepare separate lists for harmful and quality links. To filter your backlinks, we first assess them and submit disavow requests for removing the bad ones. Refining your website’s backlinks will allow you to plan for improvements and safeguard your website from search engine penalties and their adverse effects.

Broken Links Fixation

Broken links take a toll on a website’s authority, traffic, and ranking. We analyze your website’s backlinks and then implement strategies to optimize the existing ones and fix the broken links. Our broken link fixation strategy focuses on optimizing and developing quality content and pitching genuine and relevant site and blog owners to fetch backlinks for such pages.

Outreach Program

We lay focus on analyzing the right spot to get backlinks for your website. With our strategic approach, we give you the leverage of our existing relations with genuine publishers, website owners, and bloggers. We provide link building services to a wide range of industries. Our editorial update outreach services undertake a proactive approach to get quality backlinks for you.

Directory Submissions

Let’s make your business more discoverable through online directory submissions. We utilize the power of local and prominent web directories to showcase your business. With a strategic approach, we build your business authority on general and niche-based online directories. We’ll mark a distinct presence for your business on highly trusted web directories with your site URL, title, description, and profile information.

Social Bookmarking

We believe in getting social and increasing ROI. Social bookmarking sites play a pivotal role in bringing web traffic, leads, and conversions. The majority of the population turns to social bookmarking sites with shopping intent, and we’ll tell them about your business. We’ll submit unique and SEO-optimized content on industry-specific and performance-oriented social bookmarking sites that link back to your website.

Classified Submissions

Our link building agency works on link generation and promotions through classified submissions. We make compelling and informative ads copy and distribute them across high DA and high PA sites and platforms. Our classifieds will prove to be an all-in-one potent tool to increase your link count, web traffic, quality leads, and conversions from high DA and high PA sites.

Web 2.0 Submission

We’ll leverage the power of high DA Web 2.0 sites for you to acquire quality backlinks. These platforms allow users to interact better with businesses and foster a rich user experience. We focus on better discoverability through Web 2.0 sites like Quora, Tumblr, Blogger, etc. to redirect readers to your website and engage and connect them more profoundly.

Keyword Mapping

Link building has a strong connection with keyword research. Keywords become anchor text for the particular link that has to be attached to it. We prepare a proper keyword mapping sheet to target different web pages for specific keyword groups. Our keyword strategy is centered on creating SEO-optimized content, optimizing previously created pages, and eliminating the chances of cannibalization.

Content Creation & Marketing

Quality content and link building go hand-in-hand. Along with our SEO link building services, we also provide content writing and marketing services. We provide perfectly curated and optimized content for guest posts, articles, blogs, web pages, press releases, quora answers, etc. with natural in-content link placements. With quality content, pitching high DA sites for backlinks becomes easier than expected.

Guest Posting

Have readily available content but can’t find the right platform? Or need both? Mind Mingles can provide you with SEO-optimized content pieces to deliver on niche-specific guest posting sites. Our content will be designed to motivate people to visit your desired landing pages. We’ve established strong connections with genuine industry sources to deliver your content and generate 100% natural backlinks.

Types Of Links Our Link Building Agency Offers

  • Business Profile Backlinks

    We establish your business profile in local directories and leave behind the link to your website in that mention. This helps search engines in crawling and users in discovering your website or web page. We utilize this strategy to redirect more traffic to your site from social networking sites, review sites, and NAP listings also.

  • Inbound Links

    We provide high-quality inbound links from other websites that redirect a user to your site to improve its ranking. Such links are attached to Anchor Text (a clickable phrase or keyword that is differently highlighted in the content). Guest posts are most profoundly used for providing redirect links to your site or web page

  • Do-Follow Links

    Links that are provided in the content are naturally do-follow links. We provide relevant outbound do-follow links in your content that act as a supporting element to your content and show some relevant information to the users. Do-follow internal and external links are the two-way street of link building strategy.

  • No-Follow Links

    At times, content pieces have to include certain links as a mandatory requirement for the ease of readers. However, these links don’t actually serve any basis for a search engine optimization strategy. That’s why we apply no-follow code to them so that search engines (web crawlers) don’t consider them while indexing a web page.

Benefits Of Our Link Building Services

Earn New Referral Traffic

Link building services leverage your website mentions across your industry and bring new referral traffic. You can get exposure to a totally fresh audience base that has a high chance of turning into actual clients. It’ll help you secure a higher search engine ranking, attract more referral traffic and improve your website’s SEO Score.

Improve Website Rankings

The brand mentions, blogging, technical improvements, enhanced user experience, and SEO score optimization is to fetch a higher SERP rank. We can get you improved search engine rankings with our legit link building strategies. With our manual link building efforts and advanced tools integration, we deliver high-quality backlinks that foster your search engine rankings.

Establish Brand Authority

Whether you are a startup, SMB, or a large business organization, link building techniques can establish your thought leadership. We have ties with genuine website and blog owners across varied niches. Our data-driven strategies are designed to increase web traffic, leads, and conversions that will make your business seen among the target right audience.

Upgrade Website Metrics

Website metrics have a direct effect on search engine ranking. White hat link building techniques upgrade a website for meeting the benchmarks of search engine optimization. It makes establishing credibility and authority of a website through improved DA, PA, SEO Score, increased number of relevant links, and decreased spam score percentage becomes much simpler.

Trusted Link Building Company In India

We are a professional SEO link building company with a passion for helping businesses grow. We specialize in helping our clients rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

How Link Building Services Help SEO?

Backlinks are one of the key determinants of how your website is recognized among search engines and your audience. Surely, you want to be regarded as a trusted name in your industry. But that doesn’t happen by merely wishing. You need to build a credible and reputable business identity for that, which requires a quality network. Link building services will help you establish a strong and trustworthy brand image before the search engines and your audiences.

When search engines find links to your website on relevant and high-authority sites, they tend to perceive you as a trusted and useful source. This increases the chances of getting featured among top-ranking results on the SERP. It also brings organic traffic to your site and improves the overall website to stand well on SEO benchmarks.

SEO focuses on improving on-page, off-page, and technical aspects of a website or web page for better ranking and discoverability. Link building highly affects all these three aspects. It helps achieve the end goals of SEO directly as well as indirectly. That’s why the demand for SEO link building services is going upward.

Why Choose Mind Mingles For Link Building Services?

White Hat Strategies

Our link building agency follows white hat strategies that align with search engine algorithms to deliver long-term benefits.

Skyscraper Technique

To acquire quality links for our clients, we analyze the latest industry trends and craft content around them.

Transparent Reporting

We follow a transparent and frequent reporting mechanism so that you can track the progress of your project.

Rank Higher With Our White Hat SEO Link Building Services

Gone are the days when link exchanges used to work. Search engines are evolving to get better at nullifying the effect of spam links. As always Google, the most used search engine has been deploying several measures for a very long time. Google aims to give credit to natural link building techniques and identify shady practices that try to get high rankings by creating a delusional image.

Mind Mingles is a link building company that strictly implements only white hat link building strategies that encompass alignment with search engine algorithms and of course, Google remains our top-most priority. We lay focus on strengthening content optimization strategy, outreach program, and backlink profile with genuine and reliable methods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Key factors that affect the quality of a backlink are-

 Link Relevancy
 Domain Authority
 Spam Score
 Page Authority

We provide the following Link Building Services-

Backlink Audit
Broken Link Fixation
Outreach Programme
Directory Submission
Social Bookmarking
Classified Submissions
Web 2.0 Submissions
Keyword Mapping
Content Creation & Marketing
Guest Posting

Spammy links are links acquired by activities that breach search engine algorithms. Google penalizes the websites that use any such practice for building links with the intent to rank higher. These activities include- purchasing links against link exchanges, excessive link distribution in header and footer in ads, unnatural comment link distribution, etc.
Not necessarily. In fact, no-follow links are an optimum choice for links that don’t serve any SEO basis but have to be contextually placed in the content. These links make it easy for the readers to find content relevancy. Qualitative no-follow links do not degrade your website ranking.
Link building is not an overnight process. It takes continuous efforts and extensive research to build a qualitative backlink profile with white hat techniques. Even then, we assure you that our link building techniques will start paying off with rewarding results within 4 to 6 months. This length might increase depending on your project requirements.

We serve a wide range of industries with our SEO Link Building Services that include but are not limited to the following-

Home Decor
Digital Marketing
Real Estate

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