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With almost 50% search ratio, mobile searches have become quite usual these days. However, there are still some queries making optimization of mobile stressful.

So here I am going to let you all know some of the vital points of mobile SEO that can ease your optimization.

Mobile SEO Optimization

What the need of the moment to provide your site with higher rankings on the mobile SERPs (search engine results page)?

Is it good to take benefit of AMP?

What AMP does to the speed?

What should be the modified keyword strategy for voice search?

Today, I am going to give you all the information related to the perfect optimization of mobile SEO. Here we will be looking at the fundamentals of mobile SEO optimization and the steps that can actually bring you the results you want:

What Your Search Engine Wants:

Ok before giving a kick start to any strategy you should know, what is the exact demand of your search engine or Google?

According to the stats:

People tend to search on mobile a lot more than computers.

Around 50% of the users leave the site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds.

Around 5 times people swipe the website if it is not mobile friendly.

Above stats cleared the points:

As users search on mobile more than computers you should a mobile-friendly website and that too with the one getting up quickly.

Because if your site will take more time to load the users will not even care to wait as they have many options.

Mobile First Index:

Ok now as I have mentioned the importance of mobile is on its verge, its special consideration is the key of optimization.

Apparently we have landed in the era of Mobiles. Google started giving the ranks not just based on the website’s desktop version search but also depending upon the mobile first index. It is important to make out the difference between mobile-index for relevance and mobile-friendly for ranking.

One should know that the credence of mobile-friendly may alter as it is a different concept then mobile friendly. Get in touch with mobile SEO services provider Mind Mingles serving affordable mobile SEO packages.

Mobile-Friendly Attitude:

Now when I have told you the importance of mobile-friendly website we will now discover who to achieve the one:

Mobile responsive web design.

Unique yet attractive content.

Separate URLs.

Let’s begin with the mobile, responsive website, Google strongly recommend mobile-friendly website as comforting the user’s browsing experience is the key. If you are taking it lightly you are in a mess.

Responsive design has become important though it has been there for a while. However, we still come across some outdated designs, technically responsive still not providing the users with great pleasure.

At the end, I can say a responsive website design is just a tiny part of mobile-friendly website creation.

Mobile Optimization:

Google has numerous tools for the mobile usability test and even search console providing the mobile usability report, detailing problem on a page level.

One can make use of these tools for website designing and console to keep the website lifelong up to the level.

Search console takes care of following issues:

Flash Usage: Many of the mobile users don’t care to go with the flash, so as to use the latest technologies.

Non-Configured Viewport: The Viewport meta tag helps browsers with page scaling in prepositions to the device.

Small font: One can achieve this with an on-screen pinch zoom.

Viewport having fixed-width: This is a normal issue with mobiles working on a fixed-width level however the implementation of mobile responsive designs can solve it.

Closely-held touch elements: Every element should be properly separated from the other to avoid the clicking inconvenience.

Viewport sized content: Here content doesn’t fit with the window. To achieve this, use relative instead of fixed-width.

Interstitial usage: A not to happening full-screen pop up which is Google trying to crack down.

These are most vital technical elements that Google considers and reporting on the webmasters.

You have to optimize your site and work on these features and Google will reward you with good grades.

Page Speed:

While searching on mobile we start expecting quick response and hence a website with good speed is every users demand. Google has a PageSpeed insight tools provide with the page speed details and also recommending the actions required.

If you want to see the page loading time as per Google analytics you have to go:

Behavioral > Site Speed Report.

Using this you can overview the time taken by your website for loading.

Selecting the faster loading partner can also result into an improved page loading speed.

Accelerated mobile pages aka AMP can take care of the slow and very frustrating mobile web and can make it load instantly anywhere.

Mobile User Experience:

We have seen two very important fundamentals of mobile website optimization i.e. page speed and mobile-friendly design, however, there is one more thing important than these.

To improve the users experience you have to put yourself in the shoes of users and consider what they exactly expect from your website. A not so know yet useful research was performed on how users with different mobile websites.

The report presented the 5 categories:

Site search

Site navigation and home page

Form entry

Conversions and commerce

Usability and form factor

You can even go with the classic user testing and achieve the user’s requirements.

Checklist for Mobile Optimization:

Here I am going to make a detailed checklist depending upon the above given fundamentals of mobile site designing:

Site search:

Visible site search

Relevant site search results

Filters for improved usability

User guidance for enhanced search results.

Site navigation and home page:

Short menus

In front calls to action

Easy getting back to the home page

No over promotions

Form entry:

Easy every task input method

Streamline form entry

Minimize form errors

Form labeling

Real-time form validation

Visual calendar for date selection

Design efficient forms

Conversions and commerce:

Let users explore

Maximize convenience by using existing information

Let the user purchase being a guest

Easily another device convertible

Add click-to-call buttons to make complex task easy.

Usability and form factor:

Make your Entire site mobile optimized.

Let your users know why you need an access to their location.

No full site labeling.

Less juggling between the windows.

Let them know which screen orientation can make their experience worthwhile.

Expandable product images.


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