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You might have been through many blog posts or article emphasizing on PPC. Well, I have seen many and found that instead of answering your questions on what you should do with your existing PPC CAMPAIGNS they tell you the whole Story about the futuristic trends, AR/VR and only helps to train your imagination.

PPC Trends

After coming across such piece of work I had a thought of writing something that one can actually practice. So here I am presenting some of the vital fundamentals of PPC campaigns that can help you to stay a step ahead of the 2018 trend:

1 Implementation of the AMP version:

I can’t say that the concept of AMP is new; we can rather call it less popular. But no sooner Google officially introduced AMP landing pages for the text ads in September 2017 it started gaining all the attention.

The most terrific advantage of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is it loads four times faster as compared with the regular pages.

Stats say if a page takes more than 3 sec to load it losses 53% of its site visitors. Also, slow page loading by a second can reduce the conversion rate by 7%. And lastly, as we all know you have to pay every time someone clicks on your advertisement, slow landing pages comes out to be disastrous.

So, the stats ultimately shout that every second matter. And with the implementation of AMP for you Pay per click pages you can save numerous seconds and hence can increase the conversion ratio.

2 Take the perfect benefit of new ad extensions:

Ad extensions were introduced in the year 2015 and since then it has become the cherry on the cake for marketers.

What makes ad extensions so efficient? They make your ad look more noticeable on-screen, they are very easy to implement, and through physical ad extension they allow you to attract the user’s attention.

In the 2017, we saw many new extensions, specially designed for the targeting mobile users:

  • Callout extensions, location extensions and if a mobile phone call is your business’s targeted action then you should have a trip of structured snippets for call only ads.
  • New price extensions- with this one can set separate mobile URLs for the landing pages. From 2017, they are accessible from all types of devices.
  • Click to text messages extensions- use this one to streamline callback request or to add a personal touch.
  • Promotion extensions (desktop and mobile) – you can use this extension to highlight your every new promotions instead of all the way creating new ads.

I have got a good news straight from the new AdWords interface, and that is now you can preview your ads both on your desktop and mobile, along with all the available extensions.

3  Assign every ad group with 3 ad variations:

Creating 3 ad variations for every ad group is a sign of good PPC team.

Why are 3 ad variations so important?

It is important as it eventually signals Google that you are concern about your conversions and CRT.

A small rotation in an ad can increase your conversions and CRT up to 70% and this is something experienced by everyone who has implemented this.

Google is ready to surprise you with its autopilot move where you just have to submit your ad and let Google handle the rest. So it is a good idea to be prepared for the coming changes and get ready for your ad variations in case you don’t have.

Note: if you are receiving more than 50 clicks per month or let’s say you have enough traffic then you have to go for “optimize for conversion” type of ad rotation and if you have some less than select “optimize for click”.

4 Go with experiments in optimize:

We all know that experiments are the foundation stone of CRO. Actually, you have to consider many expect here like creating a different version of a landing page or an ad, chooses a nice hypothesis for testing, make sure you have got enough data to work, setting experiment in AdWords and correct interpretation.

It also happens sometimes you have numerous ideas and you test very few of them and that too with a modest progress. Google says that it’s all new optimizing solution holds the capacity to streamline this process. Being the one integrated with Google analytics it allows you to run different types of experiments. However, what I love but this is its editorial feature.

The visual editor called WYSIWYG let’s you change the landing page without messing up with the page’s code. It is the one that can save you from hours of hard work on designing. With just a matter of click, you can change the text, move the CTA block, and alter the button’s color.

Mind Mingles a PPC agency can help you with optimization in great PPC packages.

5 Google Attribution Testing Sign Up:

Last but very important one is to get signed up with Google Attribution Testing. Every change implemented by you should be properly measured. Here you have to adopt a habit of PPC performance analysis, as in year 2018 Google will come out with Google Attribution.

It will be an all-new solution to help you count on more precisions based on machine learning, telling you how every cent you spend pays off.

  • It is a cross-device and cross-channel: This will bring together the data present across the channels like email, mobile, desktop etc; so as to provide you with a clear picture.
  • It belongs to everyone: For now, the data-driven attribution has a limitation of 600 conversions and 15,000 clicks per 30 days, which means it is good for small and medium business. In the year 2018, the limit will be going to extend so as to grab the attention of big business.
  • It is integrated: Here you need not to take the help of external tools; it is able to gather the data from AdWords, GA and Doubleclick and hence, let you concentrate on some other actionable task.

Conclusion: PPC is going to extend in the year 2018 assembling lots of business opportunities. Mind Mingles is a PPC agency providing their clients with best PPC packages and letting them take the best advantage of PPC.

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