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Bringing in more traffic to their site is what everyone wants, but they fail to make the best use of the easiest way to get more traffic than what is expected. Image optimization is one of the Best SEO Services and strategies. Most website owners do not focus on the image optimization as they think no one will care about the images. If you think like that, you are mistaken. Optimizing the images is the simplest way to gain more traffic to your site. I know that, your next question would be how to enhance the visibility on Google images – right?

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Before moving to discussing about how to enhance the visibility on Google images, you should know how Google images work and how to optimize it to the point.

1. How Google Images Function?

Google does crawling, indexing and ranking to enhance the visibility of the images.

2. Crawling – Google crawls a ton of website pages to extract the available images. Especially, it searches for the <img> HTML tag. The “src” and “alt” attributes are as well as reckoned.

3. Indexing – In this phase, the crawled images are organized into specific and general categories.

4. Ranking – Google will show up the best possible and relevant images based on the search query of people.

Besides just showing up the images, Google as well as show up some addition information of the image using the metadata of the image.

1. How to Optimize the Images?

You should do the following things to optimize the images for the search results,

Create and optimize the content of the pages

Ensure search engine can age access to the pages and its contents

Add and optimize the metadata of the images

2. Tips for Optimizing the Images

Google always values the relevant images that can enhance the users’ experience. If you want to provide your users a stunning experience through your images, you need to follow the below mentioned tips,

It is not just about uploading different images related to your business and services. Instead, you should make sure to upload the images that are of good quality and appealing. Customers or readers all the time look for the good quality images rather than various images. Better pictures will definitely boost the clicks and boost the ranking of the images too.

You should consider the size of the image. As you all know that, the large size will demand more time to load. So, the size of the image should be reduced without compromising the quality of the image.

You need to focus on the image ratios declared by Google ahead uploading the images on Google. Also, do not upload the group images, whose size is reduced to thumbnail size.

Here is How to Improve the Visibility on Google Images

1. Your Images Should be Accessible to Googlebot

You should check the accessibility of your images to Googlebot using the free tools of Google, such as mobile-friendly test and search console’s URL inspection tool. You can include your few urls in the mobile-friendly test and check whether or not Googlebot can access your images. If not, it is because your robots.txt file blocks search engines’, or even just Google’s.

2. Assist Robots Explore the Images

Images that contain JavaScript delay the discovery of the said files. If you use sitemaps, you can easily avoid this delay. Your site contains a sitemap usually. You just need to add information to your existing sitemap about where the images of your each page are located.

Usually, Googlebot follows links, include images from the HTML of your page. But now, the website is friendlier to Javascript, so it depends on sitemaps to discover the images. If Googlebot discovers your images faster, your images can show up faster in Google images and hence you can get more traffic.

3. Add Descriptive Text Near the Image

You should include the relevant text about your image near to your image to let Google know what your image is showing. So that, Google can easily find your images.

4. Add An Alt Attribute to Accurately Describe the Image

The alt attribute describes exactly what your image is showing. This is the easiest way to optimize your image, but you should not use fake techniques.

5. Leverage Structured Data

If you add structured data to your images and pages, then your images will look standard and unique in the image search. If it is an ecommerce site, then you should reckon adding markup to your product pages to display detailed product information.

6. Add Relevant Metadata

Use HTML tags to explain what your image is about.

You can focus on other ways to enhance the image visibility such as,

Photo metadata – use photo metadata to display image credits

Lazy loading – use JavaScript to load your images

Image file name – include descriptive image name

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