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Taking up the responsibility of analysing your business’s social media implies that you will have so much to explain. For your business to thrive in social media, you must know how to derive and interpret social media useful data so that you remain better placed to answer any questions and convert customers. Social media analytics tools can help you with that.

Social media analytics tools illustrate to you the tactics plus strategies that are working and those which are not. This enables you to focus your energy, time, plus budget. To establish your business online, start designing your logo so that online consumers and clients can know more about your business. Apart from having a business logo, you should utilize the analytical tools to the advantage of your business. The following comprises the top 10 social media analytics tools for use in marketing.

1. Sprout Social

This is probably the best social media analytics tool for businesses requiring cross-channel social media analytics. Sprout Social works best if you are aiming at diving deeply into your one network performance, or relating results across numerous systems at the same time.

You can do so much from a single location, by operating through Sprout Social.

2. BuzzSumo

This instrument is employed in analysing social engagement or any particular content piece. If you are interested in viewing the quantity of shares your post attracted on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, you can easily attain the data from BuzzSumo.

Moreover, you can analyse and observe content that is competing for appropriate industry keywords, enabling you weigh in on how your content marketing promotions are performing in comparison to the competition.

Through the analysis of social shares, you can obtain information regarding the posts that attract the utmost engagements and utilize that to guide your content approach.

3. TapInfluence

TapInfluence is mainly designed to tackle the growing influencer campaigns. It operates by highlighting influencer marketing metrics like reach, engagement rate, in addition to possible price tag associated with a given influencer.By highlighting such metrics, brands are able to decide on whether it is worth reaching out to certain influencers or not.

4. HubSpot

Through HubSpot, it is possible to associate social media performance to business plus increase in revenue. By publishing your content through HubSpot, you can report on your social strategies’ success on every platform. The analytics tools of HubSpot provide extensive graphs plus visuals that disintegrate the quantities of particular platform characteristics such as audience, lengths of the sessions, plus impressions.

5. Snaplytics

Ephemeral content has huge popularity in the online space. For instance, Snapchat and Instagram stories are popular for some short time before others can outdo them. Snaplytics analytics instrument is vital in analysing such short lived content.

Snaplytics uses metrics like the open and ending frequency enabling brands to view where story engagement is the highest and same time the points where viewers reduce.

6. Curalate

This analytics tool is mainly utilized by companies involved in direct social selling. It serves as a mix of storefront plus analytics instrument for firms aiming at increasing their Instagram sales. Through Curalate, companies gain an understanding on the products that score best in terms of clicks plus sales.

That is essential as it influences your design of future campaigns plus product policy as you get to understand the products that auger well with most customers.

Also, Curalate keeps track of product’s tags plus mentions, easing the process of spotting and evaluating the performance of user-produced content campaigns.

7. Keyhole

Keyhole is mainly applicable with hashtag analytics. Hashtag analytics are vital as they aid in broadening your content’s reach.

Instruments like Keyhole generate real time industry’s performance analysis, plus hashtags intended for campaigning on social media platforms like Twitter plus Instagram. Through the use of Keyhole, brands stand a better chance of promoting their products in the peak seasons, in addition to understanding the tags that are most popular with their followers.

8. ShortStack

ShortStack is an effective analytical tool that is mainly utilized in contests and giveaways. It is a great contest analytics instrument that ensures that the most deserving are the ones rewarded.

The ShortStack analytical tool accesses everything including entry data plus the extended campaign performance so as to come up with the winners. The analysis of campaign performance enables you obtain and view engagement metrics, in addition to spotting the type of contests perfectly suited to your audience.

9. Google Analytics

Google analytics can be employed in tracking social media promotions, besides aiding in measuring social Return on Investment (ROI). You can set up google analytics on your website so that it monitors and analyses traffic to your website at all times. Moreover, you can generate and access reports, which will have explicit relation to social media following.

Through the use of google analytics, you can have a clear view of the quantity of traffic visiting your website from other social webs.

10. SHIELD App

This is a newly designed social media analytics tool that has been designed to track employees’ social media availability. It is mainly employed in examining the impact of the profiles plus posts of individual workers.

Through the use of SHIELD App, you can gather content analytics comprising the average likes, comments plus hashtags. These content analytics enable employees to enhance their posts before sharing, so that they can maximize their scope.


Employing the above marketing tools in analysing your social media presence can generate feedback, which you can use to optimize your business.

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