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Top 10 Social Networking Sites To Promote Product Offerings For Brands

Top 10 Social Networking Sites To Promote Product Offerings For Brands

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Social media or social networking sites are excellent ways to approach a large number of the target audience. When you use such platforms effectively, you will expect to increase the visibility of your online business, generate plenty of new leads, promote your product and service offerings, and drive many new sales. 

Only you have to provide quality content and follow other essential practices to promote your business at its highest possible efficiency. In this blog post, we discuss the speciality of the top 10 social networking sites to promote an online business. 

Top 10 Most Popular Social Networking Sites


YouTube is one of the video-sharing platforms, which has approximately 2billion monthly active users and the speciality is that users watch tons of videos daily. To start your business promotion via YouTube, you have to create a channel for your company/brand, where you should upload videos to get subscribers to like, view, share, and comment on them. 

Other than one of the top social networking sites, YouTube is a product of Google and is the second largest search engine. Hence, it allows companies to promote their brands on YouTube by following a few of the rules mentioned under YouTube SEO. 

Along with this, YouTube gives access to the advertisement platform for Google. Business owners may take benefits of this while running YouTube advertisements. Today, most of the brands create their YouTube videos and include searched keywords in the video description, video title, and list of keywords by using a keyword tool to get high search ranks on YouTube. 


LinkedIn has now become much more than simply a job searching and resume-uploading site. It has recently evolved as a professional social networking site, where experts of different industries share their contents, create networks with other experts, and create their brands. LinkedIn has even become a place for companies to set up their authority and thought leadership in the competitive industry and to entice talents to their companies. 

The best thing about this social media site for business is that people get a chance to include accurate information about their job positions, employers, work email addresses, and others. Therefore, LinkedIn gives a pool of advertisement opportunities, like sending personalized advertisements to LinkedIn inboxes, boosting contents, and display of ads from the site. 


Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites for the promotion of a brand or an individual business. It has approximately 2billions of users every month. Moreover, if you check the statistics, you will find that about 65millions of companies or businesses use Facebook Pages while 6millions of advertisements promote their business actively, because of which Facebook is a preferable platform for all who want to achieve their presence on social media. 

Whether you want to create awareness of your brand, gain website traffic, generate leads, or perform online conversions, Facebook will create a notable difference by assisting you in achieving your goals by applying different strategies properly. As a business owner, you may easily start your promotion on Facebook, as almost every type of content, like videos, texts, stories, and live videos work great here. 

Facebook has a wide user base and a huge user demographics, because of which everyone may easily find his/her target audience on the platform. Other than this, Facebook lets you find your target audience based on his/her age, employment, gender, purchasing behaviours, interests, and relationship status. This lets you find the right audience and place your advertisements in the newsfeeds, where Facebook users usually scroll. 

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger comes with a few of the additional features and it allows Facebook users to send messages directly to other people. This functionality extends to your business pages as well. 

Facebook incorporates advertisement campaigns developed specifically to operate Facebook Messenger. Whenever any individual clicks on an advertisement, he or she will promote to start any Facebook message with the business page of your company. 

On the other side, your business page may take follow up in point on messages. Along with Facebook Messenger advertisement, you may set up automated messages for your brand or business page. 

Facebook Messenger has now become a standalone app on its own and expanded its features significantly. Businesses and companies may now advertise, send newsletters while creating chatbots, and many more on Messenger. Each of these features has provided a myriad of innovative ways to connect and engage with the customers.

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Twitter is one of the top 10 social networking sites for entertainment, news, politics, sports, and many more. However, the factor that makes Twitter unique from any other social media site is that it gives a strong emphasis on information available in real-time and things, which take place right now. 

Twitter lets you use hashtags and hence, becomes the perfect social media platform to engage many new potential customers. Accordingly, it allows you to search hashtags and find other posts from businesses and customers, who have already used hashtags. In this way, you may easily find prospects and consumers looking for something offered by your company. 


Instagram is a leading photo and video sharing type of social media application. It lets businesses share varieties of content. These are videos, live videos, stories, and photos. Furthermore, if you want to share long-form videos, you may use the feature of IGTV launched by the Instagram social media platform. If this is not enough, Instagram allows a brand to establish its business profile to get rich analytics of your posts and profile with the necessary third-party tools to schedule your posts on it. 


If your business or company categorizes under any type of creative industry, you should consider Pinterest as one of the most popular social networking sites to promote your product offerings. The social networking site has approximately 300millions of active users in a month and has various top searches, like lifestyle, food recipes, wedding inspiration, outfits, and how-to articles.  

Today, most businesses use paid ads on Pinterest to increase their posts’ reach and keep track of online conversions with the help of Pinterest advertisements. Besides, the social networking site comes with a few of the organic abilities, which allows companies or businesses a chance to plan their content strategically based on frequently searched keywords on Pinterest. 

QQ Message Platform

QQ is one of the instant messaging platforms used in 80 different countries and is available in multiple languages. It not only possesses instant message features but also allows users to decorate avatars, play online games, watch movies, make a payment, shop online, and write online blogs. 


Telegram is more or less similar to any other social messaging app available for business. Other than one of the top social networking sites, Telegram is a secure messaging application. Whether you are a brand or a company, you are available with a variety of ways to use Telegram. 

One of the prime applications of Telegram is to provide a one-to-one type of customer support. For instance, your brand may create a chatbot to operate on a Telegram platform. Alternatively, you may use the channel feature of the Telegram message app to broadcast your company’s messages to unlimited numbers of your subscribers. 

Besides, you may use Telegram for both external and internal communications. In the case of internal communication, you may give updates to your employees. On the other side, you may approach your customers and prospects in any type of controversial marketing perspective as an important part of your company’s external communication. Telegram also lets you view and enter chats from multiple devices, as it is cloud-based and allows instant synchronization. 


Tumblr is a type of micro-blogging and social networking platform for the sharing of texts, links, photos, audios, videos, and many more. Whether it is related to fashion, art, or funny cat photos, you may share almost everything via Tumblr. If we talk about the surface, Tumblr blogs appear similar to any other type of website. Hence, most of the blogs, which we come across over the internet, may use Tumblr. Other than this, marketers of a company or brand may advertise their product offerings on Tumblr in many ways. These include-

Sponsored Posts

These posts appear and function similarly to regular Tumblr posts. Hence, your users may like as well as re-blog the posts but they cannot follow you to view the posts. 

Sponsored Day

Sponsored day option lets advertisers overtake the top portion of any user’s dashboard for 1day or 24hours. It displays advertisements just above a Tumblr post on its dashboard and lets users click through a page consists of posts and brand-related content. 

Sponsored Video Posts 

Sponsored video posts display in the Tumblr dashboard with other posts and they consist of autoplay and loop-based videos instead of GIFs and photos. 


Based on the features of different social networking sites used for brands and companies, we should say that the selection of a social networking site varies among businesses. Simultaneously, the selection depends on the offered products and services, platform visibility, and a group of the target audience. 


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