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Sources of traffic to the site are the channels through which visitors come to the web resource. It is known that the number of visitors is one of the main indicators of the success of the project. The more of them, the higher the probability of meeting the conversion goal. Of course, not every site can boast a steady stream of users. The knowledge of where to effectively attract clients, as well as a qualitative analysis of traffic sources will help to increase the index of visitors. Sources of traffic can be search engines (Google, Yandex), social networks (Facebook), video hosting (YouTube), email and many other platforms.

Google Search Engine + Google Ads

Search engine promotion allows you to increase brand awareness among potential consumers and increase the amount of organic traffic to the site. However, Google Ads makes it possible to achieve the desired results faster. And attract to the resource the target audience living in a particular locality or area. That allows you to increase the effectiveness of marketing activities and the return on investment in advertising.

Google Ads is the most famous and popular advertising platform, which allows to attract visitors to the site with the payment for clicks on advertisements. The conducted statistical studies show that Google processes about 4 million search queries per minute. And among them, there are necessarily those that are relevant to the products or services you are selling. So it would be silly to miss an opportunity to attract visitors from Google searches.

Google Ads platform allows you to get to the first positions in search results instantly, without wasting time on the long-term promotion of the site with the help of SEO. At the same time, such a marketing tool has a maximum return on every dollar invested.

Adds on Facebook

Advertising in social networks has been at the top of the ratings of the most effective ways to promote a product or service for a number of years now. Such advertising really works, particularly on Facebook. You will learn about what it is and how to configure everything in such a way as to attract the maximum number of customers in this article.

An advertising campaign on Facebook is considered one of the most effective in terms of attracting customers. Users like and comment on posts and publications, put geolocation tags under photos, and use their profile as a login to third-party services. This data is the basis upon which adverts are subsequently displayed on the page and news feed.

Once a group of ads has been created, Facebook’s self-learning algorithm will begin to search for the most converting audience to display ads. This happens from the last change and lasts until 50 conversions have been made. This period is very important because it will form the basis of the display strategy for the effective operation of your advertising campaign.

Media & Youtube

YouTube has accumulated more than 1 billion users – a third of the entire Internet world. Viewers watch hundreds of millions of hours of video every day, and it takes an average of 40 minutes to watch on a mobile device. YouTube allows you to put descriptions under each video, and it’s a great place to link to your landing page. If you want to attract a more paying audience, targeting users who watch YouTube content via smart TV, digital TV, gaming consoles and digital media players can help.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the activity of promoting products or services owned by another person or company for a fee. In other words, you find a product or service you are interested in, promote it to other people and get a share of the profits when you sell it. 

It often happens that an advertiser would be willing to promote a product or service on their own, but does not have sufficient skills to set up online advertising. In such situations, affiliate networks come to the rescue, where webmasters with experience will competently launch promotion and bring clients. In most cases, CPA networks are an additional means of attracting traffic by large customers along with the more common methods.

When it comes to making money from cpa ads and converting visitors, the first thing worth mentioning is paid cpa traffic sources, namely contextual networks. You can arbitrage traffic in such well-known advertising systems as Google AdWords, Yandex. Direct, also Begun and other services.

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