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How Voice Search Will Forever Change SEO: GO SLANG!!!

SEO is the game which every organization plays to reach to the maximum number of people worldwide. SEO has proved to be a game changer for thousands of organizations, and same example has been followed by thousands of startup companies

.Search engine optimization:

Search Engines like google are responsible to show the relevant stuff which is typed in the text box. However, the race for getting the first position isn’t that simple. A lot of experimentation is to be done for the keywords, the loads of research done to obtain the relevant data about the subjects, the context like how the subjects has been presented, the innovation and what not!!!

Previously Search Engine Optimization and App Store Optimization was carried out by the mean of typing in the query and the results used to be generated. However, with the advancement made in technology SEO has been introduced with a more convenient technology, and that is VOICE SEARCH!!!

  • How Voice Search Will Forever Change SEO:

When the users would be just speaking out on their phones, or any other devices for searching purposes, wont the experience be smarter than before?

So below we would be discussing about how voice search in SEO would change the user experience:

  • No specific keywords, just go Slang!!!

The voice search has been designed in such a way that is far smarter than many other advancements made so far for searching purposes.

Here you would not be insisted to type in some unnatural keywords to obtain the stuff you are searching for.

Just say your query and tadaaa…your query has been resolved on the screen with a picture related to the stuff you were searching for!!!

Take for example you want to search for gold ornaments in India. So normally you would be typing GOLD JEWELLERY TRENDS INDIA, so when you would be speaking on the voice search you would be just saying WHAT KIND OF JEWELLRY TREND IS PREVAILING IN INDIA, and you are done!

  • Spellings correction:

So Search engines are surely an amazing platform to fetch unlimited knowledgeable stuff from, so why not to start improving right from the basics, that is spellings!!!

Just start by requesting a picture of the subject, and the screen would be flashed by the text and images related to the requested subject.

  • Previous searches:

Here if you start advancing your queries related to a subject you previously searched for, google would analyze your search records you searched for previously and would provide the stuff you requested for!


Initial search: Who is Akbar?

Second search: who son was Akbar?

Third search: when did he die?

  • Location based searches:

In case you want to search for a location from your current position, just speak the query in the voice search in the same manner you would ask a random person on the road, and you would be getting your desired results!

  • Menus:

In case you are seated in a restaurant and you started describing in on an instant messaging app like what’s app or Viber, just need to request google in the voice search to show the menu of the current restaurant and the whole menu would be immediately flashed one your screens!

So no more of waiting for the waiter to take your orders!

  • On-screen viewed content:

In case you were searching for someone like Dakota Johnson, you just need to make a request to show you the pictures of Dakota Johnson, and your screen would be occupied with the related content.

  • Your own content!

When your content becomes a question, therefore you will have to specify that who “MY” refers to. So in case you ask google about your house’s address, you would be just saying WHAT’S MY HOUSE’S ADDRESS? And tadaaa your query is solved!

Since technology has no limits therefore google has been trying to introduce some unbelievable features like conversational shopping!

For those who don’t have time to step out of their house for purchasing purposes, this can certainly prove to be a boon for you!

We hope we get to witness the wonders of technology soon!

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