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Before Social Media  Services made its impact in marketing, only the privy people attended fashion shows and events. Today, everyone can have the front row! Thanks to social platforms like:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter and
  • Other Livestreams.

Now they do not have to wait for the newspapers read about it the next day. Instagram, in fact, has a great potential to increase engagement of people by as much as 300%.

  • This platform not only enabled the fashion brands to showcase their products most creatively, but also to stay connected to the users all over the world.
  • It also enhances the accessibility of the fashion brands to users and the users to the fashion brands. This surpasses the restraints of the brick-and-mortar stores.

Fashion labels, as such, use different social media platforms, but Instagram happens to be the most popular platform. This is because the incredible power of the visuals allows the brand to present their product in the best ways by telling a story. It is this feature and ability of this that has driven this platform into the fashion vanguard.

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In this Monday, July 30, 2019 photo, the social media application, Instagram is displayed on Apple’s App Store. (AP Photo/Amr Alfiky)

According to a study conducted by market researcher Nielsen NV, it is found that the monthly active users of Instagram have more than doubled, especially in the fashion forefront which is the primary reason that motivates the fashion brands to use Instagram.

Planning your fashion content strategy

In order to use Instagram for your fashion business and drive more traffic to your site, you will need to design the best Instagram for fashion content strategy. This strategy will ensure that you have more flexibility and creativity. Ideally, your strategy should focus on selling a lifestyle and not just the ‘look.’

Since the shoppers now are no longer content with websites to choose an outfit from the huge display of studio photos, most of the fashion brands now focus on creating their own shop on Instagram! This is a specific section on their website that enables the feed and the influencers pose as a look book that is perfectly curated.

Research says that, more than 75% of all Instagram users purchase a fashion item, clothing or anything else, after they see it on this platform. Therefore, it is important that you make sure that you are reaching out to your target audience. This you can achieve only when you post the most popular types of content for your fashion brand. These are:

  • Product features
  • Product updates
  • User-generated content or UGC
  • Brand mission
  • Lifestyle content and
  • Behind-the-scenes.

The role of the influencer

Another useful way and reason that fashion brands should use Instagram to drive more traffic to their site is the role of influencers on this platform. The influencers will generate a wider conversation with the users about your brand.

Mixing influencer marketing into your digital marketing strategies of Instagram is also the right move because the economy of Instagram is huge. According to research it is found that:

  • It stands at $1 billion as of now and
  • More than 94% of brands admit that influencer marketing is an effective strategy of their campaign.

Influencer marketing is the process in which you work with influential personas such as a blogger. It can also be a user who has a high social following. This process helps brands to:

  • Increase awareness
  • Create a higher level of engagement and
  • Influence the buying patterns of the target audience.

This partnership will expressively increase your social reach as well as your position in front of your younger fashion followers.

The growth of Instagram brands

Over the years there has been a significant rise in the number of Instagram fashion brands. This is due to the fact that this visual platform is enabling the brands to compete and sustain at the same time in a much better way. It has actually levelled the playing field of the fashion brands.

This is an important platform for the fashion brands to launch their new fashion product or a brand when most of the traditional business models fail to do so and are continuing to crumble.

However, in order to make it more sustainable you will need to have two specific things:

  • A high-resolution photo of the product and
  • Reasonable price point.

This will lend your brand to Instagram it. Make sure that apart from being photogenic and distinctive, the product also appeals to the users so that they feel compelled to make a purchase.

The platform produces results that are awesome and fun. All you have to do is pump and push a lot and that too on a continual basis. This will ensure that people make a far more choices that are bolder and more relevant.

The concluding thoughts

Instagram is highly influential in the fashion industry. There seems to be a highly noticeable and undeniable love between the fashion brands and Instagram. Look at the most liked Instagram images related to fashion products and brands for the past five years and you will get to know about its effects and popularity.

There are lots of influencers on this platform as well who are endorsing different fashion brands. This sums up everything. The influencers help the fashion brands to gain millions of likes by using a relevant and popular hashtag among their followers, which amounts to more than 10,000, if you are using a macro-influencer.

You may also use micro influencers if you have a limited budget and get the same results, of course within a small number of followers.

  • Instagram is the only social platform that promises a reach to more than 44 million unique and highly engaged accounts related to fashion.
  • This will in turn result in more than 360 million interactions!

These are the figures of a 2016 research. Therefore, imagine the usefulness and effectiveness of Instagram for fashion brands to increase their site traffic in 2019, and beyond.

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