Google Helpful Content Update 2023

A new roll out update from Google is coming in September 2023. It is helpful for the content system and also improves the ranking of the website.

Update Name

Google September 2023 Helpful Content System

Date & Time of Launch

14th September, 2023 and 4:20 PM (ET)


Google confirmed update will roll out in the next two weeks

Site-Wide Update

The update is subject to site-wide signals which means the overall site positioning will bear the impact


There isn’t any specific penalty but the sites which don’t fit the update guidelines will get a hit

Language Covered

The update works globally for all languages


Sites and web pages with low-quality content that don’t provide any valuable information to users will experience a sharp decline in discoverability, traffic and ranking.

Counter Measures

Improve your content quality and create user-oriented content

Recovery Methods

You have to remove or improve the contents for information purposes rather than ranking purpose.