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Content and SEO goes hand in hand. One is dependent on the other for successful result, and vice versa.It is not hard to understand that content and SEO dependency is an obvious thing. In fact they are two sides of the same coin. While one may feel on the surface that these two work differently on the surface, but with little understanding it is easy to know that they are actually inseparable, and both SEO and content are required to grow the traffic to the required numbers and beyond to your website. You need a good SEO Packages which delivers you this and more as you expect.

Earlier growing traffic to the website was achieved by simply changing around link structures, adding the keywords at different places, or simply by experimenting with your metas. This was easily achieved by SEO Services that you availed. Once you kept these elements in place, it was easy for you to start building more links on your website and after that you could just sit back and enjoy watchingthe growing traffic to your website.

However the scenario has changed today and the process to grow traffic has become a little more complicated. You might have heard or read about it that now Google prefers high quality content and not simply anything put as content.  This is why it is said that “Content is king”. This is phrase that everyone recognizes and it will never go probably. If your website does not have good or quality content, then it is difficult for you to rank very well, and this is a fact now. There are however good SEO companies India which understand this and focus on high quality content rather than just putting loads of content without making too much meaning.

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Now you understand that SEO needs content without a doubt. However you may not know why SEO needs so much content. Let us see some reasons why SEO needs so much content:

1. New pages get ranking with SEO and content –

SEO’s main objective is to ranking high on search indexes. This cannot happen unless you create a new and quality content. When you create new pages in your website, you have the opportunities to get new rankings and more reach. This, in turn, allows you to have more keywords which you can rank for. However without saying you need not forget that quality should never be compromised over quality. Better and required content will always get your web pages better rankings. You can expect this to get from your SEO services provider.

2. Optimizing keyword with your content is easy –

When you use keywords in your content then your web pages are allowed to reach better and more diverse audiences. This also includesniche audiences which gives you added advantage. However the key to this is that you use keywords naturally within your content rather than forcing it without making a meaning out of it and just for the sake of optimization. This will not serve any purpose. Your SEO package should focus on achieving this objective.

3. Quality content gives your web pages authority –

You always want high rankings on search engines. This relies on many different factors and this includes the content and quality of the content that you write within your web pages. When there is content to deliver keywords and reach audiences, your web pages will rank higher in search engines and this will also increase authority among the visitors visiting your website. Always ask about this from your SEO Company India.

SEO and content are both very important and content marketing is also equally as SEO because they bring important elements to the online marketing table for the advantage of your website which will lead to increase in traffic to your website. All these put together will lead to increase in sales. So, your SEO needs content to really grow your traffic and business. It is sometimes complex to understand the fuller picture as you need to have everything working together to deliver the best results for your website.

If a SEO service providing company simply thinks that they can focus on SEO marketing without content then they are wrong. You need content in every way possible. You should focus on writing blogs also which gives you huge benefit of adding quality content to your website and the visitors who come to your website once will feel engaged and would like to come again and again. Your SEO package provider will tell you this and will suggest you about adding as much quality content as possible .However you should also not make a mistake of focusing on something like blogging at the expense of SEO time, as this may lead to see a drop in overall rankings.

So, you now understand that SEO needs so much content because it wants ranking and growth in visitors to your website. Google doesn’t prefer pages which make stagnant and unchanging website. Google wants you to make a website that is strong, useful and it has relevant content so that your website it can deliver the best results for every search engine.

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