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Why Is Logo Design An Essential Part Of Brand Image?

Why Is Logo Design An Essential Part Of Brand Image?

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The logo is the bedrock of a brand’s identity in the aesthetic sense. It serves as a bookmark in the consumer’s mind to distinguish your brand from others. This bookmark is brand loyalty built up over time with positive experiences that the consumer has had with the brand and the products associated with the brand. This leads to a brand image forming in the consumers’ minds and the recall they need to patronize your brand and not your competition. 

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Purpose Of A logo

You already have a new business idea, but the right logo is still missing? There are plenty of logo creation services available. But before that, it is important that you understand the importance of a logo, because it is of great relevance for a positive result. Above all, it should ensure recognition and represent your idea, your product, or your company. 

As part of a successful corporate design appearance of a company, the logo is extremely important because it appears everywhere: on letterhead, on business cards, or in the signature as well as in advertising. It is precisely this that is always and everywhere present for the customer and thus shapes the visual appearance in public. 

A logo is essential for the success of an idea. A logo can be used to establish your own identity and serve as a marketing tool. In turn, the more established the logo, the more effective and ambitious the presence. 

The value of the logo is about the crowd recognizing the logo and associating it with something very specific. For this reason, the philosophy should be conveyed with the logo. The logo is the figurehead. One example is the hype surrounding the Apple brand and its bitten apple, which has long been associated with not just products, but a certain lifestyle.

At best, the logo is distinctive so that people can easily remember it. Various aspects can be taken into account in the design. For example, the meaning of the name of the product or company can be underlined. The logo should also address the desired target group. Who should be reached? In addition, certain properties, such as product quality, can be in the foreground. It is crucial, however, that the logo evokes associations with the customer.

A great brand is always associated with a logo in people’s minds. You might have come across logo quiz apps where users had to guess over hundreds of logos. This makes it clear how extreme the consumer’s perception actually is and thus what scope and meaning the logo has.

How Is Logo Linked To Brand Perception? 

Designing the logo is about the color theme and insignia itself. It is about the overall look that would suit your brand in the long run in terms of what the brand does. Some of the most recognized brands have always had their logo design remain the same. This may come as a variation of the original logo when rebranding for modern times, yet this demands keeping the continuity of perception. 

Any average person can recognize how long McDonald’s has been going for and what they represent. Whatever makeovers they receive in the years to come, they will always retain its Yellow M Insignia in each of their brand logo designs. 

So why is this? 

McDonald’s may not be at the very top anymore for some people. Still, it is definitely in the upper echelon of the food service industry. The Yellow M represents everything that McDonald’s has to offer to the marketplace, society as a whole, and the consumer. This can easily be referred to as the crown jewel of McDonald’s brand perception. 

In simple words, brand perception is the concept of how the consumer and marketplace perceive a brand and what it does. And all of this feeds into the larger concept of the brand image thanks to the logo.

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Difference Between A Brand And Product Or Service

Even though it is ideal for a brand to have the consumer think it is closely associated with its parent company or manufacturer. But it usually doesn’t work out that way in the consumer’s mind or the marketplace, for that matter. 

For example, Air Jordan’s will always be an accomplishment by Nike without being said out loud in conversation. Still, most other brands don’t have that same luxury. Other brands may have to state who their parent company is now and again for several possible reasons. Brand strategists and marketers are adept at this fact. As the brand progresses and keeps turning over profit for the product or service and maintains its corner in the marketplace, the knowledge of the consumer about which entity owns the brand makes no difference. But this does not mean that marketers and brand strategists do not try to inform the general public of the parent entity. Every once in a while, when any promotional events occur, it is always made clear for all to see under the umbrella of the parent company by way of sponsorship. That’s how important a logo is and what it means to brand image. The visibility of the brand in the company portfolio is what might bring in new business for their other brands and products. This is the sort of organic marketing that is sought after in the marketing world. This is brand recognition in its essence and has no equal. 

The quality of the brand’s performance is relevant when it comes to outshining your competition and the consistency with which it stands out in the consumers’ minds. This form of brand recognition is the quickest, simplest, and most effective way to distance yourself from your competition. This also brings the bonus of communicating with the consumer directly while remaining in the context of excellence and using the very platform that the brand’s success brings. This gives a brand the unique opportunity to take credit and announce what comes next and what it may be trying to accomplish in the bigger picture.

Why DO Some Make It And Others Don’t?

A company comparing itself to McDonald’s or any corporate giant of that size would not only be an irrelevant metric but also demoralizing. What you should focus on is branding. A well-thought-out logo design could mean the difference between the next game-changer and another failed start-up that no one would remember. Therefore, a smartly designed professional logo design could take a brand from just another thing to a household name in the consumer’s mind. 

Start small and keep it simple. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was any conglomerate that you might want your brand to become eventually. The way the logo represents the brand is only rivaled by the brand name — no need to state how important that is. You have obviously arrived at this point with your idea of a product or service; hence you certainly know how the name and logo in itself allow your brand the much-needed marketability. 

In Summary

Think of a good name for the company and the product. Make sure you make it relevant to what you do. And as clichéd as it is, you must try to come up with something stoic for the company name and yet not so much as to come across as generic and dull. 

Ensure that your idea is clear and succinct to make it all the more marketable. Pick a color theme and stick to that palette. This will serve you well in the future since the logo and name in a visual representation may not register all the same if the consumer sees it in different colors or fonts, for that matter. Imagine how momentarily off-putting or surreal it might be to see the McDonald’s logo in blue instead of its original yellow. 

Above all else, keep the quality high and consistent for customer retention and repeat business. These notes are not taken lightly because the basics are always paramount, no matter how big or small the brand.


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