7 Top SEOs Changes Will Happen in 2024

The Rise of Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE)

Google is going to introduce an AI-driven feature, SGE. It will provide direct answers to user’s queries.

AI Content Generation

Google is going to introduce more AI tools and update existing tools to make it more unique, quality-centric and cost-effective.

The Evolving Role of Backlinks

There is going to change, replace and improve Google’s algorithms but backlinks will remain an important part of ranking factor.

The Shift in Parasite SEO

Google is planning to make a good use of high-authority third-party sites to boost overall rankings of your site.

Navigating Google Updates

Google is planning to focus more on feedback loops to make it shorter and faster for better adjustments and recovery from various penalties.

Importance of Unique Insights

Adding unique insights and personal experiences to your page content will become more important especially for AI-generated contents.

Preparing for the Future

Focus more on understanding these trends and balance out your strategies for the better improvement and success of your site.