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Do you want your product offerings to achieve high ranks in the search results of Amazon? If yes, you should optimize the product listing to improve your Amazon SEO ranks while increasing sales and traffic.

Overview of Amazon List Optimization

Amazon listing optimization refers to the process to upgrade product pages to bring improvements in the click-through rate, search visibility, and conversion rate. Each of these activities thus generates higher numbers of sales. The process consists of everything need to enhance SEO ranks in Amazon. These are the identification of keywords, optimization of listing image content and text, and increase in positive reviews.

Various Approaches to Optimize the Elements in the Amazon Listing

The complete method of Amazon listing optimization involves adopting different approaches to optimize each of the elements, which belongs to the Amazon Listing.

Inclusion of Relevant Keywords based on Keyword Research

If you are willing to make your product appear in the search results of Amazon, your product list should essentially contain the searched keyword or keywords. Without this, your prospects and customers cannot see your product. Hence, the rule of thumb is keyword optimization or inclusion of relevant keywords on the product page.

For this, you have to dedicate enough time for conducting thorough research work for finding relevant keywords. Once you complete the task of keyword research, you should add keywords in various strategic places associated with your products.

Key Considerations after Keyword Research

Once you complete the keyword research, you have to consider a few of the points, which include-

  • Product Title

Place the top 5 keywords present in your product title. However, you should make sure of not including any keyword forcefully. Instead, you have to focus on creating a readable and descriptive title.

  • Backend Keywords

You should add a maximum of 249bytes of other relevant keywords in your search term, which are generic. However, you should make sure that the limit does not exceed 249bytes in the backend keywords, as Amazon will not index them.

  • Product Description and Bullet Points

You may place large numbers of keywords here. However, keyword placement should never create any disruption in the information clarity of your chosen product texts.

  • Other Types of Keywords

A few of the products allow you to include other types of keywords, like Target Audience. Amazon filters such keywords in the search result and hence, you should make sure of adding them in it.

  • Additional Details

You should include additional details in the product information, like the material type and shape of your product. Sellers should fill this information thoroughly to allow customers to access it with the help of specific product finders and filter navigation.

Optimization of Contents to Accomplish Amazon List Optimization

Content optimization associated with Amazon listing optimization may increase the search results’ click-through rate and conversion rate on the product page. Both will contribute to an increase in product sales and high rank.

Product Texts Optimization for Machines and Humans to Get the Best Results

  • You have to follow the below-mentioned principles while creating product texts, such as bullet points, title, product description, content, and EBC/A as well as other descriptions.
  • You should give each of the valuable pieces of information to come up with a strong buying decision.
  • You have to communicate or highlight the USPs and the benefits of your products in the description box. Accordingly, you have to explain the way, in which the features of a product help your potential buyers and the way your products may benefit your customers.
  • You should always present your information appealingly to allow your customers to get it easy and quick.

Amazon sellers may get additional content options with EBC i.e. Enhanced Brand Content via Amazon Brand Registry and Amazon vendors with A+ Content. For instance, you may use integrated modular systems to combine the images and texts to a high quality of product description.

Hence, you get drastically improved options to display your brands and products while using cross selling. Whenever you optimize the product list content on Amazon, you should check the list display on any mobile device. Product description and bullet points should be short so that you list the most relevant information at the first to achieve Amazon listing optimization.

Optimization of Product Images for Amazon Listing

Before reading any description, features, benefits, and specifications, customers look at your product images. In other words, customers always keep CR and CTR as the priority. Hence, your main image and additional images of the product should be relevant for CR and CTR both.

  • Main Image

The main image of your product highlights the core product and complies perfectly with the minimum Amazon requirements. Particularly, the main image should contain a white background and fill 85percent of the total image frame. Moreover, the product should be appealing, well lit, and easily recognizable.

  • Additional Images

In the case of additional images, you get large numbers of flexible design options. You only have to use them for highlighting the distinguishing features present in your product. Common examples are uses, angles, benefits, environmentally friendly, social interaction and lifestyle, benefits and special features, proportions, packaging, and details.

Key Tips to Highlight Product Features for Amazon Listing Optimization

Amazon provides you 1,000 characters to mention your main product features. You should use them for persuading potential customers to justify that your products are better than the ones of your competitors. For this, you should explain the benefits and uses of your product in detail. Before writing anything, you should think like customers and assist them in visualizing the experience to use your products and the respective benefits they give. You may choose for any of the available options-

  • Attention-Grabbing Information

You should include a short phrase to grab the attention of a shopper and share information.

  • Benefit at the First

You should state the benefits of a product and later on its specifications.

  • Feature at the First

You should state the product’s physical features first and then its benefits.

  • Informational

You should list the answers to your customers’ queries so that they convince you and purchase your products.

Key Tips to Highlight Product Descriptions for Amazon Listing Optimization

The product description section allows you to demonstrate the superior features of your products while customers compare them with various other similar products. Amazon provides you a maximum of 2,000 characters to highlight your product and its functions to your potential customers. To make the most, you should elaborate on the prime features of your product in the 2,000 characters.

If possible, use short but attractive sentences to allow your potential buyers to read and highlight the key information. You may even include important details about your company and products. According to the experts imparting knowledge on Amazon listing optimization, you should include the following things in your product description-

  • Expand the Bullets

If you do not get enough chance to mention your product earlier, you should expand the bullets to explain each of the details of your product. This may be anything whether it is the use, benefit, feature, or anything else of your product. In simple words, the description section is the best way to explain any product in detail.

  • Highlight the Real-life Product Uses in Detail

In some cases, your customers fail to understand the benefits or influence of your products on their life even though you put the best possible efforts to list the benefits and features. In this situation, you should highlight the real-life uses of your product with the help of a copy they choose to read.

  • Give Support to Your Claims

When you mention something exciting about the products you offer, it becomes subjective. Indeed, you may think that your product works well but when any other industrial professional gives positive feedback on the same, it becomes proof.

  • Considerations for Customer Reviews

Other than product details and images, you have to focus on customer reviews to accomplish your goal of Amazon listing optimization. The logic here is that reviews are critical to both CR and CTR of your product offerings. For this, you should consider both the numbers of stars in your review and the number of positive reviews.

Quick Tips to Increase the Customer Reviews

  • Quality Customer Service

The willingness of a customer to submit positive reviews related to your product increases with the top quality of customer service. You may even use parcel inserts to prompt your customers to submit reviews or advertise or any of your product test platforms.

  • Follow the Review Guidelines Strictly

Whether you are a seller or vendor at Amazon, you need to stay within the Amazon review guidelines. Accordingly, you may use Early Reviewer and Amazon Vine fee-based programs available for Amazon sellers and vendors respectively.

  • Consistent Review Management

You should implement a consistent review management program for maintaining a high score related to product reviews. Particularly, you should comment on any of the negative reviews you get from your customers. Moreover, as the manufacturer or seller of your product, you should add your perspective and throw light on the customer reviews. This will highlight your good customer service and may persuade your buyer to remove or amend the negative review.

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