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Are you enthusiastic about creating your brand reputation in the International market? Do you want to target customers across the globe? Mind Mingles gives you the opportunity to reach your end customers all around the world. Being a reputed global SEO company, we promise to provide you with high quality internet marketing solutions.

International SEO – Build A Global Footprint

Does your website attract visitors from different countries than where are you are located? Or does your target audience speak different languages? If the answer is yes to any/both of these two, it’s high time to create a solid brand reputation in the international market. Although the term might seem to be new to you, but you are quite familiar with the concept – it’s nothing but optimizing your website for audience from different countries.

Mind Mingles understands the importance of making your business global, and hence, gives you the opportunity to reach your end customers all around the world. Being a reputed global SEO company, we promise to provide you with an internationalized business website.

With highly skilled professionals on board, we promise to deliver top notch International SEO services. Our team takes the initiative to improve the SERP ranking of your website, globally. It goes without saying that global SEO is one of the most effective methods to reach your target audience, across the world. Being concerned about broadening the reach of our customers and to help you create a strong global customer base.

We follow a few must-to-dos. –

  • Country Targeting – We specify the target region or country using a user-friendly URL structure.
  • Language Targeting – We identify and establish languages that your business is targeting, using relevant language tags.
  • Content Creation – Lastly, we try to create as well as maintain content in your target audiences’ language.

Our Improved International SEO Services


Mind Mingles is a leading International SEO agency that keeps customers’ satisfaction above everything.  We take the initiative to build up your brand internationally and improve your sales. There are certain specific international SEO practices that we follow –


Creating Suitable URL Structure

In order to target a particular destination, it’s essential to follow a set of URL structures. These include using a sub-domain, a subfolder, and a country-code top level domain (ccTLD), etc. While each of these techniques has its own pros and cons, our global SEO professionals can come up with the most effective strategy for your business.

Customizing Content For The Target Audience

While approaching the audience of a particular state/country, make sure the content you offer is suitable for them. Consider using the local currency, language, and contact information like phone numbers and addresses. Make sure you convey the fact that your page is particularly for them, as this will ensure a positive experience for them.

Language-Targeting A Website

Use language Meta tags to make search engines understand which language you’re targeting. Ensure that right from the content and the site navigation to the help desk – reflects the primary language of the targeted region. Don’t depend on machine translations.

Why Choose Us For International SEO?

Mind Mingles has a highly proficient and skilled SEO team that has in-depth understanding of SEO. We do thorough research on the ongoing market trends and adopt the best practices for International SEO. The SEO experts adopt a simple process when it comes to global SEO solution:

  • Strategize: We perform an audit of the client website and observe the current scenario closely. Based on the insights, we define customized International SEO strategies.
  • Implementation: Our technology and development team works together to come up with an excellent implementation plan. Our experts also offer content recommendation that helps make the site multi-lingual.
  • Optimization: We join hands with the marketing team so that the content can be optimized. This helps us manage the multi-lingual website efficiently.


Benefits Achieved Through Our International SEO Strategy

  • Being an International SEO agency, we are concerned about optimizing multilingual content, and hence, perform various SEM campaigns that are supported with relevant keywords for targeted countries.
  • We try to improve the website traffic while targeting more qualified visitors, which helps enhance the conversion rate of client’s website.
  • We ensure improved user-experience by making the search results highly relevant.

We follow strategies to improve brand awareness and drive more traffic to your website. We make recommendations for further improvements only after monitoring the website performance closely.

So How You Can Create A Global Presence?

Our International SEO agency adopts proven strategies that can help meet up the global goals. Partner with us and witness the growth! Speak to our team today and get tailor-made solutions for your business!

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