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Starting a business is a task full of ups and downs having responsibilities, troubles, gains, declines and even crisis. A good entrepreneur learns from the situation and comes up more strongly. With the advent of modern technology, people started getting more conscious about their online reputation.

Any business or organization wishes that their website is displayed at the foremost positions in Google Search rankings. This is effectively accomplished with the help of proper SEO Plan. We plan SEO strategies which are driven by a planned approach to making sure that your website is shown right on the first page of Google Search rankings. Moreover, we make sure that it shows up outstandingly among several other search engines based on the site of your business. Our SEO Company presents affordable seo plan, in different categories to suit your varying needs.

Highlights Of Our SEO Plan:

Businesses facing some difficulties in matching up with the SEO strategies and need to boost their marketing techniques. Let’s have a look at the SEO plan 8 to boost your website exposure:

Target Audience – We have identified 3 target audiences that have influence our overall SEO Plan. These target audiences have been identified via our email subscriber list, query page and past surveys that collected information.

  • Business Owners – The SME business owner includes the owner of a profitable start-up to a mature, medium enterprise and everything in between. These individuals highly value professionals, high quality design work that helps establish industry and authority and target market appeal.
  • Marketer/Copywriter – There are many Marketers/Copywriters who need visual content to complement their marketing and copywriting efforts. From the content that ranks well on page currently we know what kind of content to create and terms we need to rank high on to pull in this target audience.
  • Content Strategist – For smaller businesses, the content strategist is also the marketer, blog writer, the graphic design artist and more. These individuals require services like ours to boost the quality o their work but also ensure the consistency.

Keyword & Market Research – Strong keyword and market research assist to guide SEO strategy to our clients. This facilitates us to provide practical projections as well as forecasts of prospect inside the market. We incorporate seo plan to carry out thorough keyword and market research; we do not make unpractical evaluations or promises which we cannot keep.

Onsite SEO – This stage of the seo Plan consists of several parts that will be ongoing and it includes optimization of seo titles, descriptions, h1, alt-text, etc, auditing of existing content for keyword density/proof future content.We also work carefully to assess your website’s structure, inside architecture and several other crucial elements that are subjective into the search engines algorithms. These tasks are incorporated in our seo plan to provide recommendations for alignment in targeting the keywords. Also, we advise on every aspect of SEO, right from site migrations, to schema and many more.

Link Building – Effective link building is the primary focus of the seo plan and will utilize multiple strategies to ensure a consistent addition of backlinks per week. The bulk of the work involved in the seo plan can be found in these various activities/strategies.

  • Social Profiles- Build up social properties on Facebook | Twitter| Instagram and other authority properties. This signifies you are an actual brand. Get as many as of these you can. These will provide as brand links as well as diversified links.
  • Press Releases-Acquire press release for each site, we will balance between no follow links and do-follow links to maintain link diversity.
  • Get In-content Diversity links.

Many SEO Companies regards link Building as obsolete terminology for purpose of marketing online. We consider this as an essential aspect and spare proper time and after it. Our SEO Company takes into account link building as the primary signal utilized within scoring. The SEO strategies applied by us incorporate this aspect to get people talking about your brand.

Content Marketing – The backbone of most of the marketing campaign is engaging content. Considering this point, our team of creative professionals, including designers, developers, and writers have assisted many brands get talked about into the mainstream media, to topmost publications and blogs of industry. We incorporate content marketing in our seo strategy to market the brand/product through content.

Social Media Promotion – The search engines are yet in their infancy in comprehending and utilizing social signals methodologically in scoring. Therefore, we our seo plan targets to reach your audience over every social media channel. Moreover, our strategy works to strengthen your content and valuable message. Apart from covering major social media for promotions, we cover several other as well.

Outreach – It is possible that even the most outstanding content can be lost on the web nowadays. In order to suit seo plan as intended, our Blogger outreach team functions to connect your brand and then curate content with major online influencers. This is accomplished to get people talking about you and to share your message.

Authority and Trust – The last and final important point of seo plan is trust and authority. Google just needs to check your site as to whether it is authoritative and trustworthy. Since it will be using an absolute algorithm to calculate this metric, the step should be taken to improve search engines to see your site and reach rank 1 on Google.

Measuring Results – With the use of Google analytics we will track the number of visitors, level of online engagement and rate of conversions on our website. We will analyse the keywords rankings compared to the baseline ranking. We expect to build backlinks, traffic and conversions each following month.

Reporting & Analysis – Appropriate reporting and thorough analysis of data facilitates precise evaluation of SEO results. We extensively focus on data and offer monthly reporting on analytics, visibility, conversions and revenue (or value). Hence, the performance of the SEO campaign can be pointed back to the SEO investment and thing that matters the most to clients.

What Makes Our Seo Plan The Best One For Your Business?



We offer a comprehensive internet marketing services with sound knowledge to discreetly do an SEO for any business’ or company’s website.


There is no point of compromise on our service quality for clients because we are known as ISO 9001:2008 Certified SEO Company.


We own the right capability to prepare result-driven SEO strategies which can draw organic traffic to the websites of clients.


We have effectively implemented SEO for different small and large clients belonging to different industries.

How Can We Bring A Positive Difference To Your Business?

For well-known businesses, their online presence will entice new customers to their services and also make their website conveniently discover able for their prevailing customers. We work on the idea to let your website be displayed wherever your target audience is searching for you. Our aim is to make more and more people know your company name. Doing this will indirectly boost the odds of development. Our team of expert professionals aptly knows how SEO can be tactically done to enhance your search engine rankings.


Why Our Seo Plans Are Affordable?

We understand that every business is different and therefore, we have carefully designed different seo plan in order to suit every client’s need and budget. We present 4 different pricing plans –bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Depending upon the keywords requirements and other needs, you can choose any one of them. All of these plans offer a sufficient number of keywords, in-depth site analysis, keyword research, google penalty check, competitive analysis, etc. The plans from us are affordable and help you transit from one level to the next easily.

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An SEO Plan is essential to help generate organic ranking, increased traffic and ROI to your website.

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