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Best Facebook Marketing Services Provider

Mind Mingles is a data-driven Facebook Marketing Company that offers reliable and flexible solutions for Facebook advertising.

Social media has become a promotional platform like no other and Facebook has specifically captured the attention of the majority of people. With Facebook, businesses have evolved their marketing strategies to a new level. Reaching out to the target audience was never as easy as with Facebook. The platform has become an online advertising channel for over a million businesses. Mind Mingles is a Facebook Marketing Agency that can help you at any level of your Facebook Advertising journey. We’ve years of experience in providing Facebook Marketing and Facebook Campaign Management Services.

Why Hire A Facebook Marketing Company?

Facebook is #1 top social media platform with more than 2.9 billion users and captures the attention of over 1.80 million users day in and day out. Talking of audience engagement the platform has a mass audience of every age group. The platform proffers highly advanced tools in the form of a Facebook Ads Manager dashboard that allows chatbot linking, managing creative sizes, and much more.

Generally, most startups and small business organizations are not aware of how to utilize Facebook optimally for business promotions. This happens because Facebook advertising is much more than creating a business page and uploading promotional posts once in a while. On the other hand, big corporations don’t have enough time to keep their prospects and audience engaged. Consequently, both end up missing on a large chunk of opportunities that come with Facebook Advertising.

With the help of a Facebook Marketing Company, many business organizations can reap over-the-top benefits from this platform. Outsourcing Facebook advertising reminds your audiences about your business and liberates you to focus better on other key business areas. Mind Mingles is an experienced and highly skilled Facebook Marketing Agency that knows where exactly to strike for generating splendid ROI from this platform.

Our Facebook Marketing Services

Business Page Creation

Just starting with Facebook Marketing? Let’s create a professional Facebook Business Page for you and introduce your business to an untapped audience base. We’ll create Facebook Groups to promote your products/services diligently and suggest to you which features will leverage your numbers on Facebook.

Account Management

Facebook is bringing in new updates on a regular basis. We’ll optimize your Facebook Business Account for these updates and keep it intact. Our team will set up your Facebook Ads Manager Account, look after your campaigns and follow a flexible approach for new updates with time.

Campaign Monitoring & Reporting

We keep track of your Facebook Analytics and submit timely reports to share the progress with you. Our experts utilize top-level tools for tracking campaign results and analyzing audience behavior. We are a trusted Facebook Marketing Agency in India and US that is acknowledged for its quality services.

Post/Copy Designing

We design splendid ad copies for your business promotions that will align well with Facebook Algorithms and engage your audience. With a well-built Facebook marketing calendar, our approach focuses on prior planning. We hold tight to trends, create Facebook Posts and send them to you for approval.

Audience Targeting

Positive results exist on Facebook only if you pick the right audience to promote your business. We’ve over eight years of experience in handling Facebook campaigns and have never let our clients down. Our Facebook marketing team segregates your audience based on their behavior, demographics, and interest.

Paid Campaign Management

We create and manage paid campaigns for several businesses on Facebook. Through our proactive Facebook Marketing Strategy, we promote your products/services among the selective and interested audience. We optimize your Facebook Ad Campaigns to create a long-term effect on your target audience as per their preferences.

Benefits Of Facebook Marketing Services

Brand Awareness

Facebook gives businesses exceptional promotional ways and tools to establish themselves as a unique brand. The vast audience base of Facebook brings enormous exposure and brand awareness for businesses.

Attract Local Traffic

Advertising on Facebook helps local businesses a lot in generating revenues through brand awareness and lead generation. Facebook allows targeting audiences based on different demographic areas to attract local audiences.

Achieve Multiple Objectives

Facebook Advertising allows one to pick from a number of campaign and advertising objectives. It provides businesses to fulfill several advertising goals including lead generation, brand awareness, reach, app installs, etc.

Increased CTR

Facebook provides countless opportunities to make the audience aware of your business. Through our effective marketing approach, you’ll be able to redirect traffic from Facebook to your desired landing page

Leverage Facebook Marketplace With Our Facebook Marketing Agency

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms. It is not at all a smart choice to overlook the potential of social media, especially Facebook for business promotions. It will take your sales and engagement to a whole another level.

Facebook Marketplace opens a hub of opportunities for promoting your business with a direct in-app store. To generate top-notch ROI from Facebook, you need a proper plan for targeting the specific audience based on their preferences, creating compelling content that motivates your audience to take the desired action, and forecasting what will work best for your business. This all happens when you have created a proper Facebook campaign and run it effectively for the right target audience. If you’re sure that your products and services will attract the audience, Facebook Marketplace can get you prospects over and above your expectations. If you are a total newbie to Facebook advertising, our years of experience in handling Facebook Marketplace can surely help you.

Already have a Facebook Business Profile, but can’t figure out how to start marketing your business? We’ll decode the Facebook algorithms for your business and formulate well-suited strategies. So ready to get started with our Facebook Marketing Company?

Best Facebook Marketing Services

Mind Mingles is a data-driven Facebook Marketing Company that offers reliable and flexible solutions for Facebook advertising.

Why Choose Our Facebook Marketing Company?


We pick appropriate goals as per the right audience selection and then go for Facebook marketing. Through the right audience and goal selection, we leverage Facebook geo-targeting to a whole another level.


Missed out on the Facebook audience that once came across your products/services online? Worry not, we’ll reach them again through customized Facebook marketing campaigns and email marketing strategies.

Tested Creatives

Impressive creatives aren’t designed in a hurry. We’ll create several creatives
for even a particular topic, and also run A/B Testing to see which one performs
the best.

Customized Plan

We provide Facebook marketing services for small businesses and big corporations as well. Our customized Facebook marketing plans cater to clients from varied industries and achieve their desired objectives.

Features Of Facebook Advertising

Mind Mingles- Facebook Advertising Agency For Small Businesses

Due to limited resources and capital, small businesses think that Facebook Advertising isn’t for them. But the reality is that Facebook Marketing is a radical investment. Several startups and small businesses have seen positive effects after they started promoting their products/services on Facebook. We know how to effectively unleash the potential of the Facebook Marketplace, tools, and features. With us, you’ll see how tremendously your ROI can grow through advertising your products/services on this platform. We have a competitive team of Facebook marketing experts who will dedicatedly work on your advertising campaigns and look after your profile creation, page setup, account management, copy design, campaign management, and monitoring. With us, startups and small businesses can expect-

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Growth on a social platform as competitive as Facebook is only possible with an effective and strategic approach. A Facebook Advertising Company brings in expertise, experience, tried and tested tools, and a plan of action to achieve the desired goals. We at Mind Mingles, bring exposure to advanced tools and plans of action for Facebook campaign management, content strategy, and account optimization. That means you get all the aspects covered in our Facebook Marketing Package.

We provide the following Facebook Marketing Services-

 Business Page Creation
 Account Management
 Post/Copy Designing
 Audience Targeting
 Paid Campaign Management
 Campaign Monitoring & Reporting

Facebook Ad placements can be done on Facebook Feed, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Right Column, Facebook Business Explore, Facebook Reels, Facebook Stories, Facebook Videos, Messenger Stories, and Inbox.
Yes, we do. We understand the effects of internal and external dynamic factors on a business and provide them with customized Facebook Advertising Plans that give desired attention to their products/services.
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