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Mind Mingles- A Trusted Name For Blogger Outreach Services

We provide affordable blogger outreach services for our clients and design customized packages to assist them in the best ways possible.

What Are Blogger Outreach Services And Why Should You Invest In Them?

To understand blogger outreach, you need to answer the following questions-

  1. Do you want people to know about your products/services?
  2. Do you need quality do-follow backlinks to your site?
  3. Do you need a smart content marketing strategy to make people talk about your brand name?
  4. Do you want to reach out to the audience of professional bloggers BUT don’t have an association with any?

Worry not! Because Our Blogger Outreach Program will give you all of this.

Blogger Outreach is an exceptional white hat technique that has the potential to generate high profits for a business. It benefits businesses through enhanced reach and drives exposure to a new untapped audience.

Any business organization in any industry can generate over-the-top benefits from outreach services. It not only gives you exposure to an untapped audience base but also provides quality do-follow backlinks to your website.

Genuine Guest Post Outreach Practices

Product/Service Reviews

Bloggers usually have a community that trusts them for suggesting products/services. Asking these bloggers to provide reviews in exchange for free products/services can elevate ROI for your business.

Product/Service Features

Some bloggers provide a detailed overview of a specific product/service. It helps in highlighting the specialties or benefits of your product/services with a general mention in the blog.

Sponsored Blogs

Sponsored blogs are the most typical and important in blogger outreach. Bloggers are paid to write blog posts for your product/service.

Guest Blogging

When your subject matter experts write for your business and reach out to bloggers for publishing that content on their site, it is called guest blogging. If you have guest posts, we can help you outreach to authority site owners.

Benefits Of Blogger Outreach

Provides exposure to new audiences.

Creates a strong backlink profile.

Promotes your product/service.

Boosts your brand image

Builds relations with high-quality & high authority sites.

But if you find it troublesome to reach out to influential bloggers, we are happy to help you. With our guest post outreach services, you’ll reach a fresh audience base, get backlinks from high DA sites, and will be able to feature your brand on different sites. 

Our Blogger Outreach Services

We are an experienced digital marketing agency that has professional connections with influencers, marketers and bloggers across different industries. The best part is our result-driven strategy that incorporates-

Quora Promotions

We build a strong presence for your business through Quora because of its unbeatable potential to get organic traffic.

Infographics Link Building

We target high-DA sites for infographic submissions because it is a crucial part of link building strategy.

Broken Link Fixations

We fix broken links for your site to boost its ranking because such backlink profiles are unlikely to perform.

Skyscraper Technique

We create an effective content marketing strategy for your business that gives you a competitive edge.

Guest Post Outreach Services

We provide you with strong connections with bloggers to get your content featured on genuine sites.

100% Manual Outreach

Our in-house team checks the sites for quality and benchmarks with adherence to search engine guidelines.

Online PR

We utilize promotional strategies to foster your brand’s presence through social media channels and content marketing.

Brand Mentions

We ensure your brand is being talked about on social media sites, social forums and online directories.

Why Choose Us For Blogger Outreach Program?

Get 100% Natural Links

We don’t deal with any kind of fraudulent activities or PBN sites and provide 100% natural links. There is no falsified statement in this because our client retention rate speaks for itself.

Affordable Packages

Our packages are the best in the industry both quality-wise and as per rates also. You’ll get proper value for your money and get vast knowledge and expertise from experienced professionals.

High Authority Sites

We have been working in the digital marketing industry for 10 years and are a reputable link building agency. Thus, be assured of getting quality backlinks for your site from us.

Diverse Niche Coverage

Working in the digital marketing industry for 10 years we have more than 6000 blogger connections to secure backlinks for your websites. We can provide you with publishers in healthcare, fashion, celebrity life, finance, etc.

SEO Optimized Content

We use high search volume keywords that have low competition levels so that your brand name gets highlighted when a user searches for that particular query/keyword and ensure you get a boost in organic traffic.

How Our Blogger Outreach Program Works?

Requirement Analysis

When you turn to us for blogger outreach services, we start right off by analyzing your requirements. Based on the anchor text, link and your product/service, we suggest the most relevant topics for your niche.

Find Relevant Placement Websites

Our team checks real-time data and authoritative metrics of the sites. We have collaborative partnerships with proficient bloggers and site owners. We share the list of domains that share relevancy with your area of business.

Keyword Research

Once you approve sites, we deploy advanced and reliable tools to come up with the most suitable keywords for your niche. Our expert team chooses appropriate keywords/anchor text with high search volumes and least competition.

Provide Optimized Content

Our team of content writers craft enticing, engaging, and seo-optimized content for your products/services. If you are in search of platforms that can feature your brand, our guest post outreach services will be a great choice.

Share The Live Link

We share the live link and indexation report with you in —hrs./days. You’ll get access to the secured links right from your dashboard to track, white-label report, and all the metrics details with CSV export support.

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Our Strategic Approach For Blogger Outreach


Our team identifies the best prospects for your product/service after running a proper background metric check of the chosen domains and provides you with real-time data insights.


We take your outreach process ahead through e-mail campaigns. Our team connects with the bloggers to check out their proposals and convey about your offerings to them.

Content Creation & Link Integration

Our team diligently highlights features and USPs of your product/service and provide you with in-content links. All you need to do is send us the anchor text and URL.


We take care of the publishing, provide you with the live link and indexation report. Our team monitors the backlinks and provides you white-label reports at regular intervals.

No PBN Risk

We fetch links through genuine, trusted and relevant sites to provide you with 100% natural links and don't rely on any Private Blog Networks (PBNs) for outreach services.

White-Label Reporting

We provide white-label reports to our clients so that you can take all the credit. Our quality work has got us a 96% customer retention rate in this field.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Not at all. In fact, blogger outreach is a white-hat link-building technique. We are a certified digital marketing agency that specialized in link building services and generate do-follow links through manual outreach. None of our acquired links are generated from a PBN site because we adhere to search engine algorithms.

Our expert team of writers provides the content based on your specifications. We send the content to you for review before it gets published. So be assured that you’ll only pay for what you want.

Yes, sure. You can provide your own content and we will help you to reach out to genuine bloggers who have authorized sites. We will suggest to you the most relevant domains that comply with Moz Standards.

We use advanced tools for analyzing the following website metrics- DA, DR, PA, spam score, number and quality of backlinks, organic traffic, ranking keywords and many others.

We provide do-follow link placements for 1 year. If any link gets deactivated within that time frame due to any site issue, we will replace it.

Blogger outreach and guest posts are done with the same aim to foster the backlink profile and strengthen the business’ online presence. But both are different processes. Through blogger outreach, you can reach out to influential and professional bloggers asking them to write about your product/service. In guest posting, you provide the blog to the guest posting agency to get it published on another site. Both are splendid techniques to get backlinks and drive people to your site and deliver your content to a new audience.

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